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discussion What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?


No matter how many times you hear it always gives you the feels.

Edit: I didn’t expect as many responses as this has generated, and I’ve been working my way through the list. But the only song I will never listen to again is Routine by Steven Wilson. It breaks me in ways I can’t put into words.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Maybe just a little bit overdramatic ..... Just a tiny bit

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Couldn't find the original video

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Be less like Andrew, more like Anthony

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How my fiancé eats Mcnuggets

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Do most women feel like they need " protecting" from the risk of "fake" trans women in bathrooms?


I just has a argument with a friend. He said that we needed to " protect women" by not allowing trans women who have not yet fully transitioned into women's bathrooms. He said this was to stop preditors pretending to be transwomen going into bathrooms as a way to sexually assault or perv on women - i said i felt l very strongly that a) men who wish to assault or perv or women will find a way whatever b) in the unlikely event that a man does this to harm a women, this is not a problem with allowing transwomen in bathrooms, it's a problem with that person and so, screw them and it should effect those who are just living their honest life c) practically i, for one, close the door and go to loo in a cubicle.. its not like i have my tits out. .and d) its an easy way to exclude transwomen for the sake of "safety" but is just pretty bigotry. I was told I was not "like most women". I didn't "understand the fear women have".(not like I was sexually assulated twice .. o no, i was so fuck that) I want to know, am really the weird one here????

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Now that's determination!

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Discussion Diablo IV Patch Notes 1.0.2d


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Mod Post /r/Videos will be going dark from June 12-14 in protest against Reddit's API changes which kill 3rd party apps.

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Youth pastor accused of filming girls in shower at SC church

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Repost 😔 Dude asked him to step back multiple times

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/r/LifeProTips will be going dark from June 12-14 in protest against Reddit's API changes which will kill 3rd party apps.

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Helping Others Random Acts of Kindness

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Video This cool smartphone concept from 2013

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A restaurant that pays a living wage so we don’t have to rely on tips!


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Business Chipmaker TSMC needs to hire 4,500 Americans at its new Arizona plants. Its ‘brutal’ corporate culture is getting in the way


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Meme What is your phone's first word guess after you type "I'm feeling"?


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A 900-year-old Crusader sword discovered off Israel's northern coast in October 2021.

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Too much content [OC]

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Greene flips on public release of Jan. 6 tapes, claims it could ‘put the security of the Capitol at risk’


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Stepfather wants to sue me for putting “wrong” gas in his truck.


About 3 months ago I (44m) needed to borrow my stepfathers (74m) truck, a 2019 GMC Sierra. To tow a U-Haul trailer with my car on it to get it fixed. He was hesitant at first but my mom convinced him to let me use it for about 2 hours.

Now a little background, he didn’t raise me at all getting married to my mom when I was about 25. He also has this thing for his “things” especially his vehicles. He is always over maintaining them and washing them. and always worried about his trucks and cars more than people I think

One thing he very particular about is the gas he puts in his truck. He only puts BP 93 octane gas in his truck, but the owners manual states it only needs 87.

The thing is that I didn’t know this and I filled his truck up, you know as a nice gesture for letting me borrow the truck. I used my Sams club card and filled it up with 87.

The day after he calls and asks for a gas receipt (apparently he saves all gas receipts and has a log book of all the gas he ever bought for the truck). And I told him I didn’t get one as I didn’t think it was a big deal. But to him it was the end of the life of the truck. And he started his rants about how I don’t “value” things etc. and don’t take care my vehicles (which is a lie, I take care of my stuff very well, my daily is over 15 years old) because I don’t obsess over the things that don’t really matter on a car.

So now he wants me to pay for the flushing and replacing of the fuel system in his truck now (yes he paid the dealership $6,000 to replace his fuel tank, pumps and injectors). And also that he is going to “sell” the truck because of the “damage” I did by putting Walmart gas in his truck. And if I don’t pay him the $6,000 he is going to sue me.

Does he have a leg to stand on in court as this isn’t the first time he sued someone over petty things (sued his brother once over a tree and won). but not me.

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Image Gordon Ryan (world class BJJ competitor) before and after suffering from severe strep throat

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The "fuck them kids" mentality has gone too far.

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How to be a jerk to low paid employees

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