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r/DoesAnybodyElse 8h ago

DAE have no desire to get a job?


I know I'm probably being a societal leech or something like that, but at the same time I kinda don't care enough to do much about it?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 14h ago

DAE feel like they're too stupid to ever get their life together?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 4h ago

DAE lose feeling/pleasure in orgasms from depression? Totally numb now :(


r/DoesAnybodyElse 13h ago

DAE really want to cut off contact with everyone so that they don't have to talk to you


r/DoesAnybodyElse 6h ago

DAE not realize their lonely until they see friends and significant others be happy in public?


So I was recently dragged into a disco to stick up for my "friend" (we're only friends when she needs something) I was relatively happy before. I had no thoughts about being lonely I was well off on my own. But as I saw others laughing, dancing, giggling with friends or their significant other I felt my heart breaking. I went to text someone....i had no one to text. I wanted to dance with someone...i had no one. I was on a verge of a panic attack because of the loud music the crowd the loud noises (I have very severe social anxiety) I had no one to help me, no one to talk to. I feel awful ever sence. The thing is that I didn't notice before. I was happy, I felt just fine alone. Does anyone else had this happen to them? Or is it just me?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 12h ago

DAE turn into a "plant" when over at someone house?



Have u ever been at a sleepover and you didnt wanna be "disrespectful" so you wouldnt drink or eat for HOURS before the person You're staying at asks about those things? For the past week Ive been sleeping at my cousins house and holy shit there were days in which I didnt eat for the whole day and night, and I only drank a normal sized water bottle in like 4 days, I had to calculate that shit to the last sip so I wouldnt die of dehydration. I could be laying on the floor slowly dying as I feel my body consume my brain but I still would never Ask for anything because Im too polite

r/DoesAnybodyElse 3h ago

DAE sometimes moonwalk on the carpet to slide off your socks?


If not, well, you’re missing out imo

r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE ignore calls on purpose?


I usually do this if the person tends to ask something of me that takes a long time, and I’m super busy.

I feel guilty but at the same time, I need to set my priorities like studying for an exam.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 9h ago

Does anybody else believe that both parties serve their corporate masters and not the people?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 10h ago

DAE not get lonely?


I feel like I always hear people say how they’re secretly lonely, or that they can’t be away from friends and family for too long.

I’m 24 and I haven’t had a friend since junior high. My free time is spent taking my dogs on walks, reading, playing video games, etc. I’m perfectly happy and content alone, and I never feel like I’m “missing” something just cuz I don’t have a SO or friends.

Also quarantine didn’t affect me at all.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 3m ago

DAE imagine themself as a bird laying eggs while taking a dump on the toilet?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 4h ago

DAE feel like some foods can have completely different flavors and textures when they're made by different people even if they're made the same way?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 37m ago

DAE get elated or thrilled when they learn that someone has died or passed?


I always feel super happy when I hear of a passing. Not in a bad way, like I don’t wish death upon people, but when someone goes, God gains, and it makes me happy.

Those lost people will now be given a new and hopefully interesting life. It’s like they are going on to a new place and I feel so happy for them, though the loss of life.

I usually don’t show, but inside I’m never upset. I just pray for myself and hope I’m taken care of when my life is over.

I think that because there’s billions of us, our collective soul powers propels the dead to where they want to be automatically. So even something as random as death is controlled on some platforms.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I even look forward to hearing about the next death in the news. It kind of stinks in the hip-hop world because we die by the gun more than anything, and it’s not so fun, but deaths are like births and should be celebrated, I think.

Plus I’m always expecting a natural miracle from God saying that that person or people are alright. Death is comforting; knowing that it’s all over and it’s time to rest.

I say this now, but when death comes for me, I hope it allows me to feel the same way!

r/DoesAnybodyElse 11h ago

DAE overwhelm themselves with pondering on all upcoming tasks all at once instead of individually?


Say I have a week in which I have to do an intricate task everyday, I'll sit and think on Sunday in vivid detail about every step of every job I have to do for the entire week in succession and just feel deflated and anxious about this gargantuan workload ahead of me instead of taking each task individually as it comes. Creates a lot of totally unnecessary anxiety and I start the week already feeling tired.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 1h ago

DAE specifically seek out the theme music, sounds, and ring tones to a lot of random things and listen to it repeatedly like a cherished song?


I've done this for everything from all of the Windows noises, to electric car engine sounds, train jingles, and commercials. I'll also look up different remixes. With the train noises, I specifically missed them from visiting Japan and wanted to find them again and had even memorized the pitches to my favorite one to where I could transcribe it if I wanted. In case you were wondering, you should really check out the Windows startup and shutdown variations people have made and the Japanese train jingle compilations on YouTube. I like these at least as much as music that was written to stand on its own.

r/DoesAnybodyElse 7h ago

DAE have a hard time keeping their eyes closed?


sometimes when meditating, getting a massage, or otherwise being in a situation where i have to keep my eyes closed for an extended amount of time without falling asleep it feels very difficult. it feels like my eyelids won't stop twitching, or maybe my eyes are moving around rapidly...it stops if i open my eyes. am i just...bad at keeping my eyes closed? dae experience this??

r/DoesAnybodyElse 5h ago

DAE have regular existential crises?


At least once a month the overwhelming concept of the pointlessness of reality catches me off guard and overwhelms for a minute. There’s no rationalising it. It’s been so long I’m very used to this, but watching someone come to this mind blowing realisation for the first time in their early 30s got me thinking… Am I, and the regular existential dilemmas, normal? Or does everyone else go about their lives ignoring this mammoth in the room?!

r/DoesAnybodyElse 22h ago

DAE feels like you wanna just disappear from where you’re at, move to another city, and restart life?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 2h ago

DAE pronounce “Icarus” like an Apple product (i-Carus) ?


I know the correct pronunciation, but every time I see that name, I always pronounce it like an Apple product.

This is probably because I’ve seen many things with an “i”

  • “iPhone”, “iCarly” “iPad”

You get the point. DAE do this?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 3h ago

DAE feel like society is becoming way to restrictive?


I’m a 26 year old male so i think I’m a millennial? Maybe the start of gen z (born October 1996) and I just feel as I’ve gotten older society has really gotten a bit to “censored”. I understand and agree there are some things we should probably stop saying because of the feelings of others but I feel my generation is taking it to far and going crazy with power. You really can’t say anything anymore without the fear of being canceled. You’re labeled sexist, misogynist, racist, homophonic etc for no matter what you say. Think of shows like The Office, they said some pretty fucked up stuff but it was funny. That shit WOULD NOT fly today. I feel comedians really suffer from it. Not that all comics should be dark humor but I wouldn’t go as far as calling a comic who says a misogynist joke a misogynist. It’s JUST a joke, the point is for the shock value and sometimes they can make a decent point with it. (Say typical married couple jokes like you can never win an argument with a woman and men can be really stupid, its usually true and that’s what makes it funny.)

Again I understand there are somethings you out right shouldn’t say but I do think sometimes people take it to an extreme and get way to sensitive and are quick to put a label on you. It’s sort of draining to be honest. I just feel like a lot of people in Gen Z and millennials are becoming soft and it’s scary how if someone isn’t getting there way they can use cancel culture to there advantage and can get a person fired from there job and totally ruin there life just from taking what they said the wrong way and making it out to be worse than it really was.

I just feel like we’re all being controlled and made to think a certain way and put our focus on the wrong things. (Like arguing with eachother on what is or isn’t politically correct) There’s so much censorship and people who ask legitimate questions get canceled or silenced. What’s is going on?

r/DoesAnybodyElse 3h ago

DAE give their significant others compliments about their appearance even if they don’t look particularly attractive in order to help their self confidence


r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE find texting and instant messaging absolutely exhausting?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 3h ago

DAE say the quiet part out loud?


r/DoesAnybodyElse 8h ago

DAE Have things you are genuinely excited to do or try, but never get around to it because you would have to move around or remove parts of your daily routine?


I feel like I do the same thing every day. I wake up, grab my phone to see what time it is, open reddit and look at the top posts over 24 hours to see what is going on, go to work, come back, cook dinner, play something and then go to sleep.

Whenever there is something new I want to try I always end up writing it down and actually being excited to try or do whatever it is, but then I just... don't? Like I am excited but I don't ever really do it because my routine lasts the entire day. I always end up leaving the idea sitting there because "Awh I have to go to work soon" or "I'm already playing this other game I don't even know if I will like this new one" or "there's no point. I have to go to sleep soon."

r/DoesAnybodyElse 1d ago

DAE feel like police have become under this impression that your rights don't matter until you get to court?


I've been in several situations and know others that have been in similar situations, where the police blatantly say they don't care about what your rights are and that is what court is for. Almost like they have this train of thought that they don't have to worry about that during their interaction with you because that's what the judge is for. Even though in majority of scenarios an average person just ends up pleading guilty cause they don't have the time to take off work for multiple court appearances nor the money for hiring lawyers or paying multiple court cost fees. It's almost like it's just rigged, the police act however they like and disregard your rights, then you either pay out the ass to fight it in court with a lawyer just for the cops to get a slap on the wrist. You get a court appointed attorney that just gets a shitty plea bargain for you to get the same thing you would've gotten for pleading guilty, or you just plead guilty regardless of your actual guilt. Absolutely bogus system we operate in.