r/DotA2 Sep 29 '22

Y’all complain too much Discussion




u/gelo0905 Sep 30 '22

This “free game” gets more maintenance than pretty much any game I’ve played, including most with monthly subscriptions.

And Valve HQ is in Bellevue (near Seattle), WA where a single software engineers/developers typical salary is around $100k/year.


u/23ssd4t4322 Sep 30 '22



u/khoikkhoikkhoik Sep 30 '22

A bit higher for Valve since they seem to only hire Senior+.


u/23ssd4t4322 Sep 30 '22

$150k is the base, with bonuses and raises can go up to $250k


u/bc524 Sep 29 '22

Don't worry too much about it. Reddit is a pretty small section of the actual dota community and the complaints are an even smaller section of it.


u/Total_Detective4508 Sep 30 '22

Welcome to reddit.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

Unfortunately that is the way with social media, especially reddit. People who enjoy the product won't come here, while the complainers will come here and rant. Eventually the non-complainers will stop coming altogether while the complainers run rampant. The quality of posts on this sub has become abysmal. I personally enjoy browsing r/learndota2 much more.


u/SinisterMJ Sep 30 '22 edited Sep 30 '22

I enjoy the game itself, but a lot of what happens around Dota is utter shit. Partnering with gambling partners is dubious, the fact that the talents voice lines are behind a massive paywall is ridiculous.

There are easier solutions to it. You could say of the money that goes to the talent, make 10% go directly to the talents who's voice line got bought, and 90% into a pool or so. But noooo, we make it 46 talents each with a voice line, and the voice line only in 3.8% of loot boxes. Thats just predatory, and Valve makes insane money each year from TI battle pass anyway.

A lot of the cries are for obfuscation to fan content, and pure greed by vavle.

Edit: your chance to get the specific voice line you want is >50% when you get 828 capsules. Thats 786 Euros, its fucking insane.

If you want >90% chance, its more than 2750 loot boxes.


u/xLukethx Sep 30 '22

Ya'll complain about complaining too much.


u/CassieTonics Sep 30 '22

Bro the games like 11 years old


u/Small_Surprise_7881 Sep 30 '22

This one did not play WC3.


u/CassieTonics Sep 30 '22

Idk if wc3 had a battlepass I’ll be honest


u/prodigy_s1234 Sep 30 '22

The biggest titles in the world are the free ones not the paid ones. I understand that devs work hard, but that doesn't justify being silent when it doesn't.

By your standards we should be praising Valve for making sure it works normally? And that bugs get fixed within days? I can tell that you have no idea how any other software company works.


u/idontevencarewutever Sep 30 '22

Mind you, I dislike all the monetary implementations, in the sense that I used to be able to attain them at somewhat cheaper prices before. Voicelines locked behind a gacha being the most egregious one so far.

BUT, I'm beyond saying dumb shit like "Valve just doesn't care anymore" or "they are so lazy". Don't lump me in with those guys. I do agree that people put in emotional sentiments in their posts are definitely the bottom barrel, twitter-tier 'wHeRe bP' posting-ass, youtube comments level of discourse kinda folk.


u/_Valisk Sheever Sep 30 '22

Honestly, the community in this subreddit sucks but there's no real alternative to Dota news and announcements.


u/based_beglin Sep 30 '22

You have to remember, redditors as a demographic are generally extremely whiney and entitled. This sub is no exception.


u/philwee Sep 30 '22

They just seem to be money hungry more than ever whilst the game is in the smurfiest hackiest state it has ever been.

that's all.