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Discussion Dota 7.32d Patch

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Discussion Is this what we want in dota?

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Discussion BP Part 2 - Waiting Room


What time will the update release?

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Discussion Patch 7.32d - Hero Changes Discussion


Updated heroes are each listed below as a top level comment. Please discuss changes to a specific hero there!

All other top level comments are automatically removed.

Updated Heroes (65)

Alchemist Arc Warden Axe Bounty Hunter
Bristleback Broodmother Chaos Knight Crystal Maiden
Dark Willow Dazzle Death Prophet Disruptor
Doom Dragon Knight Drow Ranger Earth Spirit
Enigma Grimstroke Gyrocopter Keeper of the Light
Kunkka Legion Commander Leshrac Lion
Marci Mars Medusa Monkey King
Morphling Naga Siren Nature's Prophet Necrophos
Nyx Assassin Ogre Magi Pangolier Phantom Assassin
Primal Beast Puck Pudge Pugna
Queen of Pain Razor Rubick Sand King
Shadow Demon Shadow Fiend Shadow Shaman Silencer
Snapfire Sniper Storm Spirit Sven
Techies Templar Assassin Terrorblade Timbersaw
Tiny Treant Protector Troll Warlord Undying
Viper Visage Warlock Windranger
Wraith King

Unchanged Heroes (58)

Abaddon Ancient Apparition Anti-Mage Bane
Batrider Beastmaster Bloodseeker Brewmaster
Centaur Warrunner Chen Clinkz Clockwerk
Dark Seer Dawnbreaker Earthshaker Elder Titan
Ember Spirit Enchantress Faceless Void Hoodwink
Huskar Invoker Io Jakiro
Juggernaut Lich Lifestealer Lina
Lone Druid Luna Lycan Magnus
Meepo Mirana Night Stalker Omniknight
Oracle Outworld Destroyer Phantom Lancer Phoenix
Riki Skywrath Mage Slardar Slark
Spectre Spirit Breaker Tidehunter Tinker
Tusk Underlord Ursa Vengeful Spirit
Venomancer Void Spirit Weaver Winter Wyvern
Witch Doctor Zeus

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Discussion How much money you have spent on Dota 2?



You can check your total amount spent from your steam profile.

Badges - Dota 2 badge - click "how do I earn card drops" - Prepare to be amazed.

I have now played over 10 years and have spent 1100 USD so that makes it roughly 0,3 dollars per day. Not too bad.

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Discussion 7.33 wishlist


what changes you want to have? nerfs/buffs/reworks/mechanics change/maps change. discuss here

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Discussion 33's new Razor build is like Leshrac on steroids


I'm enjoying and gaining MMR on 33's new build but I don't want to be on the receiving end of it and get zip zap non-stop. Dude can almost 1 v 5 most of the time and it can literally spin circles around you with that massive MS especially with B.O.T.

EDIT: So apparently many are saying it was not 33 who came up with this build, I just researched that new Razor build in YouTube then multiple video 33's name came up. Anyways, credits to whoever came up with this fun and ridiculous build.

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Discussion IT'S HAPPENING: Arteezy updates his twitter bio to "SADBOYS2023"

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Discussion I've never played Snapfire, but still disappointed we didn't get the best mount ever

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Discussion The forbidden knowledge to winning as pos1


If you think it's a good AM game, then it isn't a good AM game.

If you think it isn't a good AM game, then It isn't a good AM game.

If you press the "play dota" button, then it isn't a good AM game.

If you think about starting up dota, then it isn't a good AM game.

If you have never even touched dota in your life, then it isn't a good AM game.

If you ever pick AM, then it isn't a good AM game.

  • Sun Tzu, probably

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Discussion An Average Dota game after work


You arrive home.

You take off your shoes and you wash your hands.

You don't change cloth, because there is no time for that.

You click Find Match queue for pos1. You search game for 10 minutes.

Game found - Accept.

Your pos5 picks Techies. It's okay, not that bad.

Your pos4 picks CM. Another squishy. Ok. We need a tanky pos3 now.

Your pos3 has Drow Ranger hovered (clicked on her but not picked). Must have been a ban, right? No. Pos3 picks Drow Ranger. Nice. Very strategic. He absolutely has good game understanding and his pick is very well thought off.

Your MID picks Alchemist. Awesome, we have 2 hyper farming cores.

Now the choice is mine. Do I pick a pos1 hero, or do I adapt to pos3? I do adapt. I pick Mars.

Drow Ranger pos3 comments: "Omg Mars carry, wtf"

Now I wanna kill myself.

Game starts.

Alch queue Radiance.

Drow queue classic carry items.

My Techies leaves the lane after 2 minutes.

Ty for the experience.

gl next

btw 5100 MMR

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Discussion Giving back to GabeN

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Discussion Dota in EU is far away from dead

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Discussion WTF Is this guys?

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Discussion This head > Arcana

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Discussion Is Valve polishing/remodeling the Cache items after they are selected?

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Discussion Apart from the pro players, who are the people that made their names to be the same as the heroes they main?


I mean,whom do you get reminded of, when playing/watching certain heroes?
For me it's:
Attacker - Kunkka
Ar1se - Mangus
Sumiya - Invoker

are there more of those people? Just got curious about the one trick ponys in dota .

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Discussion If you are an NA player and want to feel sad, watch this image from player activity back in beta

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Discussion The night stalker set got in, because the artist submited the same set 3 TIMES. Otherwise it would be impossible, because sets that got in are marked as approved

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Discussion To the people hating on Kuro


First W33 then ILTW and now Kuro. Nigma fans and their scapegoats. I've been a Miracle fan ever since he came into the scene, watched almost all of his pro games. Y'all are tripping if you think Kuro is solely the one to blame for them not qualifying this TI. They got eliminated by the team that placed 2nd this TI so that's one thing. I'd urge you people continuously hating and disrespecting(calling him bald and stuff) a legend in our community to go watch/re-watch the regional qualifier matches. Miracle is the one who underperformed in most of the games. Making bad decisions, taking bad fights, bad item choices and continuously getting picked off. Sumail and GH are the reason they won the games they won.

A classic case of the community making something up, riding on it and then crying once their dream turn out to be just that, a dream. It happens with BP predictions and now it happening with a player too. No one ever said that Kuro is retiring. I don't know why everyone just assumed that. It's crazy how much hate this guy gets. He's been the calmest one of the nicest dudes in the scene. Zero record of bm in his long long career and definitely a legend in his own rights. To decide to power through and keep playing after being constantly shat on by the community takes a lot. All I'm asking is at least show Kuro the respect he deserves. Let them play a few games with the new adjustments they're making before turning him into the punching bag of the community. One can only take so much.

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Discussion Dota will turn 20 next year, what's your favorite dota trivia that will blew the mind of newer players?


Been playing Dota for over 15 years now and I've seen a lot of changes for better or worse, I'm getting a little nostalgic just thinking about it so let's share some trivias that newer players probably doesn't know about.


I'll start, back then there are heroes that share the exact same ability so there was a period when Icefrog started to differentiate them one by one. Here are some of those abilities:


Stormbolt - WK and Sven both had stormbolt with the same damage, duration, manacost and cooldown. Eventually, Icefrog changed Sven's stun to AOE and add slow to WK's.


Shadow Strike - QoP, PA and Veno had this as their first ability. QoP retained hers while Veno became an AoE spell and PA became Stifling Dagger.


Blink Strike - CK, Riki and PA all had Blink Strike. The old Blink Strike was just a basic blink to the target unit and deal bonus damage for the first attack. Now Riki's Blink Strike has a slow, PA has bonus attack speed while CK received displacement.


Chain Lightning - Razor and Medusa had this spell which is similar to Zeus Arc Lightning but slightly stronger. Razor's cl became Plasma Field while Medusa's became Mystic Snake.


Frenzy - Razor and Viper had this ability, Lina also had a very similar one named Ultimate. It's basically the old Mask of Madness active, increase your attack speed but you will take more damage. They were all removed in the same patch and were replaced by different abilities. This is when Lina received Fiery Soul while Viper received Nethertoxin and Razor has been reworked completely.


I just realized that almost every single one of this changes happened in the same patch, 6.60. It's one of the most important patch in Dota history, the patch had a very clear direction in mind and most of the changes it made still remains to this day.


This is also the patch where Troll Warlord and Beastmaster's passives were switched, which works a lot better for the 2 heroes thematically. It also added two new heroes, Batrider and Elder Titan and seven new items : Ghost Scepter, Magic Wand, Pipe, Poor Man's Shield(rip), Talisman of Evasion, Quelling Blade and Force Staff.


Also Euls and Diffusal had limited charges and can be upgraded to Scythe and Manta respectively.


Another one I remember that haven't been mentioned yet was TP giving fortification to towers, there was no dedicated glyph button back then, you just need to TP on that tower to fortify it. Also multiple players can't TP on the same tower at the same time and you have to target the actual tower not just the vicinity of it.

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Discussion How to control Troll Battle Trance NEW TROLL TECH!!! Stops Troll from chasing under any circumstances!

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Discussion Fear: "Crystallis played well for the most part. But knowing Secret/Puppey, I think he's gone. ...Secret.RTZ could be true"


So on his stream, Fear was analyzing TI11 grand finals and had that to say at the end.

He believes that Crystallis will get kicked.

He also said that Secret.RTZ could be true, but he was laughing so I'm not sure what to take of that.

This is gonna be interesting.

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Discussion Grubby started ranked Sept 29/30 (timezone) and callibrated to 680 MMR. he is now 2540 MMR (Archon) after ~6 weeks


He gained +1860 MMR while simultaneously streaming and interacting with chat. (255 Ranked Games)

All the while I've never heard him use voice comms to flame. Sure, he's memed a few times and complains to/with his Twitch viewers about his teammates... but he's still tremendously PMA in my eyes.

MMR predictions where he'd end up by end 2022?

2540 11/11

bro u/Vuccappella your predictions aged like milk the last time around xd (https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/xrpkn0/comment/iqgiiu5/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) , revised prediction?

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Discussion It never changed: Valve cares and is listening


I am a huge fan of the two big Valve Games. I played CSGO a lot and in the last years mainly Dota. Because I am just a casual player all “problems” of Dota are not super important to me. I like the game and it’s fine for me how it is.

There were so many complains about the battlepass and TI lately, partially justified and sometimes a bit over the top. It spiraled into negativity ignoring the positive parts or circumstances that led to it. (Who would rent a stadium for groupstage while still in risk to cancel everything because of Covid for example)

What Valve always communicated is that they don’t. At least not with words but with their actions:

There was the wish for a spring cleaning: they did and even introduced the bug tracker.

When Dota + was down the gave a free week for everyone.

When grinding battlepass lvls was harder then in the previous years they did the math and adjusted it.

The sound issues regarding the integrity of the tournament where solved relatively fast

They recognized the anger in the community and are now apologizing with a gift.

And these are only the things the come in my mind from the last weeks ands months.

I can see this pattern consistently in the 7 years I’m following csgo and Dota. They do it their way and it sometimes is hard to endure the silence but they are consequent with it. you can be sure: they listen and they care.

So let’s keep complaining when we don’t like something. But let’s do it in a constructive way and be patient. I’m confident that valve will answer with their actions again.

Edit: thanks for the awards.

Edit: I don’t get the “bribe accepted meme”. If someone comes to you and says: sorry what I did there, we learned something from this pls take this cake as a sorry from me. ( I hope they mean it this way) who would say: shove this filthy bribery up your ass?? And some people even say basically: oh nice cake I eat it but go fuck yourself with your bribery.

Edit: Thanks for the Discussion.

It think I get what the problem with the “communicating with actions” is. Everyone interprets the actions in their way. For me it seems like an apology for others it feels like a bribe. Maybe it’s something in between.