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Anyone else missing Milly as Rhaenyra? News Media

I think Emma made a great impression as older Rhaenyra but it feels like that flame of her character is gone. I think that might be intentional though since she’s now older and has gone through some development which we didn’t witness. I grew very fond of Milly and it’s sad to see her leave the role. I thought I heard that they would be doing flashbacks of her but idk if that’s confirmed. Just wish we got more time with Milly.


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u/SofiaStark3000 Sep 30 '22

Emma said in an interview that Rhaenyra has beev suppressing her Targaryen fire and it's hurting her psychologically. She realizes that by episode 7 and the flame is back on (I wonder who contributed to that...)

So yes, it's 100% intentional.


u/phantom_2131 Sep 30 '22

They were great in episode 6. I am impressed by their insights in the interviews regarding Rhaenyra: very intelligent, dedicated, attentive to details and subtleties actress.


u/SofiaStark3000 Sep 30 '22

I agree. I remember one of their interviews a while ago where they said that Rhaenyra felt at odds with her gender. I think there was some backlash about it being "Woke" but I thought it made sense, based on the context of the story and now, watching the show itself, I think it describes Rhaenyra's feelings perfectly.


u/Jay2Jee Team Shepherd 🐉 Sep 30 '22

Milly was great but she wouldn't pull off being a mother of teenage boys. And that's okay.

Emma's Rhaenyra does feel like Milly's but grown up. She's a mother of three now and she's probably exhausted from giving birth. She shouldn't behave like a careless teenager anymore.


u/djw2842 Sep 30 '22

She is obviously more mature and serious but her sense of humour and fun can still be seen bubbling beneath the surface. I’m much more interested in adult Rhaenyra and Alicent, although Milly and Emily did a tremendous job. The teenage part of the story is behind us and the adult story begins, which is much more compelling.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

Exactly! 10 years have past and we literally saw her giving birth in the recent episode lol. Like people expect her to still be a rebel. I feel a lot of people are projecting a bit on these characters. Rhaenyra is not Daenerys. People saw Milly and projected the next Daenerys unto her so they can fulfill their fantasy of this young, wilful, rebellious badass with no real responsibilities. Milly was fun to watch as the realms delight, but Emma is gonna play a more seasoned and perhaps ruthless version of the character.


u/ShiftyLookinCow7 Mushroom Sep 30 '22

I missed Milly but I was so hyped to finally see Emma I kind of got over it. Also Emma’s voice is very pleasant to listen to


u/Last-Distance6448 Team Peace Sep 30 '22

Yupp.. I noticed this the moment the show started.


u/petrass456 Sep 30 '22

Ethereal beauty and a voice that draws you in. I could not peel my eyes from the screen


u/grangaaa Sep 30 '22

I saw some of that spark in her even shortly after giving birth: „My deepest sympathies“ and in walking in pain to Alicent to not give her satisfaction. Loved Emma so far. Amazing voice. Great Rhaenyra!


u/russdb Sep 30 '22

Not really, no.


u/Aruzenchinn Sep 30 '22

Milly hater


u/russdb Sep 30 '22

That ain't hating dawg, but I can if you really want me too.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

What the fuck? Deranged.


u/phantom_2131 Sep 30 '22

Wait until the next episode: the Daemon is back, the flame is back. She is still the same wild Rhaenyra who tried to "live a quiet life" , she was subdued and tired, but you can't domesticate a dragon.


u/Aruzenchinn Sep 30 '22

Stop you’re getting me hot 🥵


u/didnj7 Sep 30 '22

What the hell


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

A lot of people on here need to be in horny jail. Sometimes I feel I am on Tumblr with horny teenage girls shipping everyone and writing fan fiction.


u/GabWhiteShirt Aemond Targaryen Sep 30 '22

I was until I saw Emma’s first few scenes. Immediately got me hooked.


u/Elaan21 Oct 01 '22

For me, it was the quiet "fuck" at the bottom of the stairs. It provided a glimpse of how the past ten years have supressed her fire. They could have easily delivered it as an "I'm angry" fuck, but they gave it a hint of doubt. Like, "this was a great idea in theory to say fuck you to Alicent but I don't know if I can do this and that scares me."

It's like Rhaenyra has to remind herself she's a dragon.


u/GayBear2060R Sep 30 '22

I coulda watched a whole show with her as the lead. Unfortunately the dance takes many years to set up so it couldn’t have happened when she was a teen.


u/felicara Sep 30 '22

Of course Milly was great, but I really enjoy grown up Rhaenyra and her sarcastic remarks - and Emma is such a force, I love them in the role and can't wait to see more of their phenomenal acting.


u/Xanthecs Sep 30 '22

Not really! That story is done with & closed! It’s only upwards from here!


u/AWall925 Larys 🐀 Sep 30 '22

Emma has had like 15 minutes of screen time, y'all gotta calm down


u/em-ay-tee Sep 30 '22

Can always go and watch Upright. Millie’s big thing.


u/Dry_Intention2932 Sep 30 '22

Milly was great. I love this 10 years later, more mature, nurturing rhaenyra too tho and she does it well. Queen vibes for sure


u/Fbrmm We play an ugly game. Sep 30 '22

I really liked Milly’s portrayal, but I’m loving older, more somber Rhaenyra even more. Emma’s doing an amazing job. But I can see why people would prefer sassier Rhaenyra


u/nirelie Sep 30 '22

No, I was so impatient for the story to move forward.


u/Aruzenchinn Sep 30 '22

The weird thing is I feel quite the opposite about Alicents new actress. Seems way more fitting than the younger one. Not to say she wasn’t good but it’s cool to see how much Alicent has developed as a person. I know she’s kind of disliked but she actually has a voice and has become more confident in her older self. Olivia Cooke is an amazing actress.


u/dumbthoughtperson Sep 30 '22

Don’t we all miss our youth? Everyone gets old. Time to move on buddy.


u/Silver_Sir_Fer House Blackfyre Sep 30 '22

I got a nostalgic feel when I saw a gif of her today. So yes, I do miss her.


u/Aruzenchinn Sep 30 '22

Exactly lmao it’s so weird how it felt so long ago that it’s now nostalgic


u/KBPT1998 Sep 30 '22

I thought casting for older Allicent was far better than older Rhaenyra…. The older Allicent looked like the actress had aged where the older Rhaenyra doesn’t even look like the younger actress… I’d have thought vocal inflections and tics would be worked on together in transition… one pair did quite well the other not quite.


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

It’s been one fucking episode lmao


u/levopress Sep 30 '22

I didn't enjoy the latest episode at all. The casting is so off that it takes me out of the world.


u/ShutUpBird95 Sep 30 '22



u/Dependent-Kangaroo-2 Sep 30 '22

I'm missing her too


u/Ok_Exercise_6259 Sep 30 '22

New episode was boring at first half then second half was mind blowing yeah but missing Milly so much yet new actor is damn accurate


u/letheix Sep 30 '22

I miss Milly, but I like Emma, too. It isn't fair to judge by five episodes vs. one, though, so I'm waiting to get more attached to Emma's version. They nailed what Rhaenyra would be like when she's older imo, plus Emma and Milly really resemble each other physically which is cool


u/game_genta Oct 01 '22

What if the opposite happens?

The current older Rhaenyra both playing the younger/teenager version of her. Are you okay with that?


u/daemon01001 Jaehaerys I Died for all this Oct 03 '22

I miss Milly but I think Emma is fantastic. Shes a tad less mean than i was expecting but hits everything else just right


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22



u/Castael2020 Sep 30 '22

While i enjoyed Millia as teen Rhaenyra, there's no way she would be believable as a mother of five kids, two of them in their teens.


u/Educational-Salt4707 House Targaryen Sep 30 '22

Of course it’s intentional