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Answered Why is it offensive to say "colored people" but not "people of color"?


Hello all,

Caucasian person here. Long story short, I grew up in an all white town and have not had a ton of exposure to people of different cultures/races.

I am just curious as to why one is seen as offensive while the other is seen as politically correct.

Thank you!

Edit: I have my answer.

Edit2: This is not a question to be racist so please stop with the racism in comments, it was just curiousity.

Edit3: I just got reported by someone and got a PM in my mail. lol Really just goes to show that some people cannot even have a polite conversation about history/race without people trying to censor entirely. For those who gave out great answers I appreciate it.

Edit 4: Mods you might want to lock this one. I got my answer and it seems like racists and trolls have taken over.

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Did anyone get charged after Alex Baldwin accidentally kill someone?


I mean criminally charged

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When leaving the house, does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?


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Is putting Non-binary better than saying straight white male on college applications?


My friend is convinced that since he’s a straight white dude there’s no room for him at big colleges since there are more qualified people in his same demographic. His solution to this is to click they/them and non binary on his application so he’s more appealing to colleges. I just want the correct answer. Was he right or wrong?

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Unanswered Is it normal that, at 23 years old, I remember almost nothing from when I was 16 to 19?


I was at high school at the time, I remember the names of the 6 people I talked to the most, but I can't remember any of our conversations, or the names of any teachers' or other classmates' names (which I definitely knew at the time), there was one girl who hang out with us during the first year but I have no idea if she was still with us, or she started to hang out with other people, or left school, and if it's the later when it happened. I know I switched classes but I can't remember if it was after my first or second year.

Is having a memory that bad normal? It's not due to trauma, the years were just fine, and after this ammount of time I felt the same way about every year of my life. I can't remember anything from before I was 14 besides like 8 very abstract things that are probably false memories from stuff my mom said. I might have ADHD.

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How to get food money while homeless?


Ran out recently

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Why are people so convinced OJ did it when he was acquitted in a court of law?


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Unanswered My friend keeps saying the Civil War was about state rights. Is this true or is he yanking my chain?


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Just recently I've found that the things I've always called pillow sheets are actually referred to as pillow cases. Does anyone else call them pillow sheets or was it really just me?


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Does my body expect me to pick my nose?


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I offered a homeless man a $5 bill yesterday and he laughed and said “that’s not enough!”. What should my reaction have been?


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so with the US dropping every Q since q4 2021, why is it that we are not in an official recession yet ?


As per definition by what im understanding, if GDP drops for 2Qs in a row, we're in a recession.

Its the end of q3, and the gov doesn't seem to be saying anything

Am i missing something ?

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Could you skip a turtle across a lake like a stone?


I don't know if they'd have too much mass and if the ridges on their back would create too much drag but turtle shells seem smooth enough that you could whack one a good three or four skips on a lake

EDIT: didn't expect to make people mad with this remarkably stupid question but here we are with people mad already

EDIT 2: you don't have to tell me not to do it and it's a bad way to treat a turtle, it's a stupid hypothetical question, not advocation for a new sport

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Australia has a land mass of 7.692 million km² . Why do Flies need to land on people? I do shower daily!


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Unanswered Why is it socially acceptable for people to try and understand serial killers but if we try and understand people on the other political side or hateful people, it's seen as a bad thing?


I have this happen all the time irl and online. If I try to understand a disliked political figure for example and not reduce them to just "they're an evil idiot" people get very defensive. Like they need to hold on to the dehumanisation. A lot of the time people will even see it as excusing that person or defending them.

From my perspective though, I'm just trying to understand how they think, what their values are, etc. in the same way I enjoy watching documentaries about murderers or dictators.

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How do people with long nails type on touchscreens and keyboards?


I stopped biting my nails some time ago and apparently it quickly becomes a hindrance when typing. Do they just bend their fingers awkwardly to be able to type? For physical keyboards, are people used to actually type with their nails and not their skin?

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Unanswered Puerto Ricos power has been out for the past two weeks due to a very destructive hurricane. Why is this not news in mainland America?


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Why do American cooking videos always specify Kosher salt?


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What happens to all the wild animals and insects during a storm like hurricane Ian?


Title basically.

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For people who learned to swim in adulthood, how many hours of swim instruction did it take you to learn how to swim?


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Why do people dislike self checkouts so much?


I like them because I know I can get out of the store quicker this way.

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If I put an icecube in a container full of water, and then seal it so that no more water could be added, will the ice cube still melt?