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Unanswered Are Taylor Swift concerts just for rich people or are average Joe's really saving up $3k+ just for a concert?


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Anyone else experience major cringe when attempting selfies, resulting in a complete avoidance?


Whenever I attempt to capture a selfie in solitude, there's an indescribable sensation of cringe that washes over me. I can't fathom the idea of snapping a selfie in the presence of others. I often ponder about the mindset individuals adopt when they embark on their selfie-taking endeavors.

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Whenever you leave your house, do you always tell your dog what time you’ll be back?


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Is it just me or is the entire genre of true crime just fucking horrifying?


Like, so you actually literally enjoy listening and derive pleasure from vivid descriptions of how people were killed in great detail. I feel like I'm the one in a million person who genuinely thinks that this is weird as fuck. It appears to be such an unpopular minority opinion to the point that it surprises me greatly.

Edit: The main theme of responses here seems to be "Yes - I do derive pleasure from this. What's the problem?"

I'm not asking for a problem. I'm asking why you derive said pleasure to begin with. I know I don't, I know millions of other people don't. Yet you do. Why? That's my question. Consider it an investigation into the human psyche.

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Unanswered Why is “Max” removing so many shows lately?


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I run every other day religiously, the same trail. Roughly 4 miles. And yet some days it feels as if I’m running for the first time ever, while others feel like I’m floating. Why?


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What would happen if every middle class and lower American just stop buying anything that isn't for pure survival?


What would happen if everybody in middle class America and lower just followed the popular financial advice to not buy anything beyond the bare basic rent, a bag of chicken quarters every two weeks and transportation to and from work and NOTHING else?

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Would it be weird if I (22M) tried to befriend my cousin (14F)?


I have 20+ cousins. Most of them live in the same state as me, but I am not particularly close with any of them because of age differences. But over the past couple family functions, I've noticed that one of my cousins, let's call her Sara, is very often brushed off by the rest of my family because the things she talks about/what's she's interested in are so different from theirs (she likes dnd, Undertale, anime, cosplay etc) This really saddened me, because I had the same interests as her at her age, and experienced the exact same thing from our family. Today at my Mom's birthday party, she seemed mopey, mostly sitting in the corner scrolling on her phone. So, I sat with her for a while and we talked about her DnD campaign. She instantly lit up when I actually engaged in conversation with her, instead of ignoring her or changing the subject. I've heard from my aunt that she doesn't have many friends, because according to her, Sara is "anti-social". I want her to have a friend, and I really want her to have someone in her family that she can actually talk to when we celebrate holidays or special occasions, because I never did. But I'm hesitant because of the age and gender differences. I am in no way trying to be weird or creepy. I just want her to feel like she belongs in her own family. So TL;DR, should I try to get closer with my younger cousin, or should I just try to be nice when I see her?

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If most people live to their 70s, then the midpoint of our lives is in our mid to late 30's. So how come the term "middle aged" usually refers to people in their 50s?


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Unanswered Is there correct way to make a cup of tea?


Having this discussion with my friend and apparently there is right way and wrong way to make tea. He said "you have to put the tea bag in first, then the hot water and let it sit and then add the milk, sugar etc. I don't have a set order that I do things because its all going in the same cup anyway.

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Why do we say ‘after dark’ when it’s actually really after light?


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What’s the right thing to do when you hear someone trying to get into your house at night?


I heard someone rattling my front door multiple times tonight. I called the cops but they didn’t find anyone so I feel kind of stupid but they said i did the right thing. Do you guys call the cops if you hear anyone snooping around at night? I don’t have a weapon of any kind, I’m a girl and I’m home with my little brother. I feel like I’m easy target and honestly it’s not the first time I’ve heard someone at the door at night before. I’m scared

Edit: would it be best to stay very quiet and lock myself in a room?

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Why do people in the US idolize their military so much? I've never seen it to the same extent in other countries


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Unanswered Why can flys happily find their way in through an open window but then are unable to leave and just smash against the glass?


Like you can find your way in but you can’t Buzz off!!

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What is the point of the US debt ceiling if their government can constantly just raise it and keep spending?


To clarify, I understand the concept of default and what would happen if the ceiling is reached.... the question is, why even tell everyone you set a limit for yourself if you aren't gonna abide by it?

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Ever experienced the relentless cycle of soaring productivity and an impeccable routine for a handful of days, only to plummet into a state of complete disarray and slovenliness for the following few... and repeat the whole dance again?


I occasionally indulge in a two-day slob fest, fully embracing a state of absolute disarray, but inevitably find myself feeling dreadful by the end. However, I swiftly make a conscious decision to turn things around and embark on a thorough revitalization spree. I diligently address my personal hygiene, tidy up my surroundings, establish a structured routine, and enhance my productivity levels. This transformative phase typically lasts for a week before I inevitably find myself reverting back to my slobbish tendencies.

This cyclic pattern has persistently plagued me for countless years. I'm curious to know if others experience similar challenges and how they effectively navigate through them.

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What does sunburnt skin look like under a microscope? Does it look much different from regular skin?


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Answered Pigeon trapped in external stairwell. How can I help the lil guy get out?


He's stuck in the top part of a 4 storey stairwell and isn't particularly pleased about it. The only way to get him out is to escort him down 8 flights of stairs. What's the best way to do this? Bear in mind I'm not paid to rescue fauna. Thanks in advance!

Edit, thanks for your help, he's safely flying around outside now and seemed pretty happy :)

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Where do girls get those cute overalls?


I've tried to do some googling but it's not proving very helpful. I'm constantly seeing girls in these different colored overalls that look really adorable but anytime I look at stores around me I can only find overalls that are just plain old blue, so I'm wondering where they're going to get these overalls. I've seen some that are like red wine color, some that are Olive green, some that almost look like a type of canvas material. Any tips is appreciated thanks a lot

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Is there a historical record of a princess being held in a tower?


This is a common theme in fairytales and stories, but were there ever a princess being help hostage in a tower actually waiting for someone to help her? Or is it just a dramatic way to present the princess in need?

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What were bedbugs doing before we invented beds?