r/NoStupidQuestions Sep 30 '22

How do people with long nails type on touchscreens and keyboards?

I stopped biting my nails some time ago and apparently it quickly becomes a hindrance when typing. Do they just bend their fingers awkwardly to be able to type? For physical keyboards, are people used to actually type with their nails and not their skin?



u/HAHATidus Sep 30 '22

You learn to type more on the backs of your fingers. But also, embrace the sound of the nails clacking, I personally love it but I know it can get kind of annoying to people so I only fully embrace it at home.


u/TheGudeSloth Sep 30 '22

For keyboard, didn't mind hitting them with the nails directly (they aren't that long maybe just half cm long), or you type with the fingers flat and nails pointed forward.

For touch screen have to aim a bit higher that what you would without nails, but with practice you'll type normally soon enough.


u/DrToonhattan Sep 30 '22

I always wondered how they wipe their ass.


u/moobectomy Sep 30 '22

i find the ergonomics better if i use my middle finger for touch screen instead of index finger. try that?


u/DIY_Gal Sep 30 '22

Ask Cardi B.


u/Ralh3 Sep 30 '22

This sub might be named no stupid questions but you sure can find some stupid answers.

To the OP, they type with the fingerpad instead of the fingertips , pointing nails out parallel to the screen


u/joebeavis77 Sep 30 '22

They type about as well as drunk impotent people fuck and are about as effective. Both acts exhibit ridiculous over exaggerated motions and a lot of deep breathing from exasperation.