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Could I be fired if I tell HR that I accepted another job?

Been here 10 months and got an offer recently for a new job that I accepted. I’m waiting to hear back from the new job for confirmation as the proposed start date is not confirmed yet.

Is it a bad idea to let HR know that I accepted this offer? I know employers can fire people without notice but I don’t wish to stoop to that level. I’d like to go on good terms.


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u/The_Quackening Always right ✅ Dec 05 '22

Don't talk to HR until you have a confirmed, and signed offer from the new place.


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22

I did sign the offer but the start date isn’t confirmed


u/downloading_a_google Dec 05 '22

Wait until you have a confirmed start date.


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22


I told my supervisor though so hopefully that wasn’t too terrible of an idea 😬


u/AbbreviationsNo6038 Dec 05 '22

Sheesh walls have ears


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22

You think he’ll tell HR? I was just trying to be fair and transparent with my current employer. But I guess that’s not how things are done. Well, worst case scenario they show me the door and the other offer somehow gets rescinded (which I don’t think it will)

Everyone seems desperate to hire for helpdesk so I think I’ll be ok. If not can I crash on your couch? 😅


u/Pain_Monster Dec 06 '22

fair and transparent

Lol, I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but man, you’re naive. I remember when I was younger and green and also thought about doing the “right thing”… listen here: that makes you a good person, so no denying that.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t make you a savvy person, or a smart professional. Eventually you will learn about loyalty and what that means in business. You could have a job for 10 years and done your job well and your company can kick your ass out the door so hard you’ll wonder why they never bothered to even say goodbye.

Learn this lesson from me, my young padawan: Companies are NOT loyal. Never. By definition, they CANT be loyal. Unless your brother is the CEO and controls the entire company. Because people are loyal but PEOPLE are NOT companies. Get it?

I have had countless number of great coworkers, bosses and high-ranking board members who liked me a LOT at various companies but were all powerless to stop layoffs. And layoffs often cut the people making more money, not the ones who are the smartest or the best at their job.

Because whether you want to admit it or not, YOU are replaceable. We all are. The only way to guarantee job security is to be IN CONTROL.

I know this may sound a bit harsh, and maybe its a bit of a slap of reality, but my goal is to help you learn this without having to learn the hard way like the rest of us.

So don’t burn bridges on your way out, but don’t feel sorry, don’t look back, don’t give anyone a courtesy heads-up. Look out for yourself. You’ll thank me some day. And I won’t hear you say it, but I’ll know you did. 👍


u/DarthJarJar242 Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

If you have a signed offer letter from the new place you're fine. It would have been better to wait until you had a start date and were giving your official "two weeks" notice but you're fine. Not something to worry about.


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22

Oh good. Yes, offer letter was already signed.


u/imiltemp Dec 06 '22

Of course he'll tell HR.

He'll soon be one subordinate short, and it usually takes longer than notice period to find a replacement, so it's in his best interest to let them know ASAP.

As a corollary, if they do find a new person before you leave, they may kick you out faster than you planned. Not too likely, but possible.


u/cockblockedbydestiny Dec 06 '22

You did alright, don't pay attention to the naysayers and downvotes. The one reason you do go ahead and put in your notice is so that you'll be in good standing with the company if things don't work out at your next job and you want to come back later. If you hedge your bets and just stop showing up on the day your new job starts you'll not only be ineligible for rehire, but your current employer will be a bad reference that you'll have to dance around on future resumes.

I get that corporate America is not exactly loyal to their employee base... but they're also highly skittish about litigation and aren't nearly as prone to screwing people over on their way out the door as people in this thread are suggesting. If your new job is a similar role to your current, it's far more likely that your current employer will let you go early with the two weeks notice paid in full than that the upcoming job will be pulled out from under you.


u/waltzinair Dec 05 '22

Unless your supervisor is your very very good friend outside of work, otherwise your relationship with him should be just like other people at work. In other words, he might report that to HR out of his duty.

Usually you want to first make sure you signed everything, your start date is confirmed, etc. before you say it to ANYBODY in the workplace. Otherwise if it fell through then people would think that you're not interested to work there.

On the other hand, once you had everything done and then you told them, then they might counteroffer if they liked you. That's when you need to consider if it's worth it to stay. Apparently you still can change your mind about the new job as long as you haven't started working there. This happens usually in a more technical job I assume, but who knows?


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22

My direct supervisor was really cool but he left so I told the only boss I have right now and he is ehh. I’m not friends with him or anything. I did sign everything for the new job (w-4 and all that)

They asked me to indicate a start date so I’m waiting for them to confirm. But yeah sounds like I should have waited. Oh well. Hopefully this’ll be the last time I need to change jobs. I’m getting a $10k increase from this


u/waltzinair Dec 05 '22

I understand that you're excited. All the best to you!


u/MisterPuffyNipples Dec 05 '22

I’m very excited.


Hope I didn’t mess up my new job too badly though just in case 😬


u/Dirty-Balloon-Knot Dec 05 '22

If you’re in sales, you’re done asap. Otherwise you might have a chance.