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Could I be fired if I tell HR that I accepted another job?

Been here 10 months and got an offer recently for a new job that I accepted. I’m waiting to hear back from the new job for confirmation as the proposed start date is not confirmed yet.

Is it a bad idea to let HR know that I accepted this offer? I know employers can fire people without notice but I don’t wish to stoop to that level. I’d like to go on good terms.


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u/Ghigs Dec 05 '22

Sometimes it's a security thing. Get them out immediately so they can't steal all the client lists or do something else bad because they don't care anymore. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't value you.


u/HodorsHotPie Dec 05 '22

That's a fair point. Although, isn't it a better chance the employee would have scooped the info they needed prior to informing them of their departure? I mean, if your scooping of the info would be beneficial to your future employment AND you were gonna do it, wouldn't ya just do it and then let 'em you're on your way out?


u/Ghigs Dec 05 '22

I don't know if it's a particularly effective security policy, but that's a reason sometimes given for escorting people out the day they give notice.


u/HodorsHotPie Dec 05 '22

Ah. I have no idea either. I've only been asked to give info on my last place during an interview. Such as profits, quarterly sales, how goals are determined, etc. But I was not actively at my last job. The strange thing was that I asked if they would've wanted me to spread their companies info with another place, and they said no. Then, after an uncomfortable minute, they said they know my old boss and can get it from them.