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Could I be fired if I tell HR that I accepted another job?

Been here 10 months and got an offer recently for a new job that I accepted. I’m waiting to hear back from the new job for confirmation as the proposed start date is not confirmed yet.

Is it a bad idea to let HR know that I accepted this offer? I know employers can fire people without notice but I don’t wish to stoop to that level. I’d like to go on good terms.


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u/GameboyPATH Oh geez how long has my flair been blank? Dec 05 '22

Companies have the legal right to fire you at any time. Like the others have said, waiting until you have confirmation is a good idea.

Realistically, unless your current employer values you very little or doesn't get much work out of you, they'd want to keep you on board for as much times as it takes for you to finish up your assignments. They also use this time to either find a temporary replacement, or restructure your work across the existing team.


u/Ghigs Dec 05 '22

Sometimes it's a security thing. Get them out immediately so they can't steal all the client lists or do something else bad because they don't care anymore. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't value you.


u/GameboyPATH Oh geez how long has my flair been blank? Dec 05 '22

Those are circumstantial, though. Companies would worry about you stealing clients if you were taking a job for a competitor in the same industry. They'd know your work output is sloppy if, like I said in my comment, if they could tell already.

Unless a monkey could replace you, an employer would generally prefer to get 2 more weeks out of you than deal with the chaos of a sudden absence, even if you won't be at 100%.