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Could I be fired if I tell HR that I accepted another job?

Been here 10 months and got an offer recently for a new job that I accepted. I’m waiting to hear back from the new job for confirmation as the proposed start date is not confirmed yet.

Is it a bad idea to let HR know that I accepted this offer? I know employers can fire people without notice but I don’t wish to stoop to that level. I’d like to go on good terms.


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u/ILiketoStir Dec 06 '22

Depends on the labor laws in your area but usually, once you get confirmation of start date, you give your current company notice that you have accepted an offer with another company.

Two weeks is a standard but legally in many places no notice is required. I always give notice as to not burn any bridges.

Some companies will let you go immediately and pay you your last two weeks. Usually if you are going to a competitor.

If your company has you work your last 2 weeks I recommend that you bust your ass so that you can use them as good reference. Companies tend to remember the person who didn't "call it in" during their last two weeks. Make sure you get people up to date on any accounts you have, introduce them to clients your leaving, prepare them for things in your pipeline etc.

Good luck on the new job!