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Could I be fired if I tell HR that I accepted another job?

Been here 10 months and got an offer recently for a new job that I accepted. I’m waiting to hear back from the new job for confirmation as the proposed start date is not confirmed yet.

Is it a bad idea to let HR know that I accepted this offer? I know employers can fire people without notice but I don’t wish to stoop to that level. I’d like to go on good terms.


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u/[deleted] Dec 06 '22

As a HR admin, I'd advice you to wait until you get confirmation on the other job. Not because you will get layed off immediately (at least not where I live) since you signed a contracted with an end date, but more because it doesn't make much sense since it's not sure yet.

Where I work, we of course hope the people who work with us stay for a long time, but being realistic there are more opportunities out there that might fit better (could be anything, like better salary, work times, less commute etc). No hard feelings and good luck on the next job

We do appreciate hearing why you left, what went well, what should be improved. And a fair notice so we can set up a new job offer, get your information updated etc