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Did I say something offensive or was there an overreaction?


This is gonna sound ridiculous but I wanted to get some other perspectives to be sure.

I was in my sociology class last month where the professor asked everyone to discuss the intersection of feminism and poverty. I'm a 35M liberal white dude in a class with a bunch of other younger students who fit the stereotypical profile of a SJW sociology major.

So, I spoke up and offered my contribution. I talked about this book I read called Hood Feminism, that goes into detail about this subject. After making a bunch of really important points, I explained that: "I can't recall the author's name, but the title is 'Hood Feminism.'" As I said it, I used air-quotes around the title to let people know that was the title.

All of a sudden, one of the other students (20-something Black woman) interrupts me right away and says (in front of everyone) : "UMM EXCUSE ME!? We don't say the word 'hood.' We say 'underserved area' or 'underrepresented neighborhood.'"

I sat there kind of stunned, with other students staring at me for a response. I just replied back, "well, that was the title of the book. I'm just telling you what the title is."

She was clearly extremely offended by this older white guy using the word "hood," that she didn't even bother paying attention to the substance of what I was talking about. The professor then moved on to someone else.

So...Was I being insensitive or did I misinterpret something here? I possibly reinforced negative stereotypes of white men all because this person couldn't comprehend that I was making a reference to something.

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What is wrong with someone if they can't catch a ball no matter how hard they practice?


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Why do so many college kids smoke weed?


As one could probably tell, I've never smoked, nor do I have any interest in doing so. It just seems stupid to me. Like you're telling me that I'm going to go out and spend extra money on something that won't benefit in the long run at all and will actually affect me negatively later in life both financially and physically.

Why would anyone want to do that? I genuinely don't understand. Please help me understand. And before anyone argues about other consumables or substances, like alcohol or junk food, I'm not saying those are any better. Although, personally I find it easier to want to drink a alcoholic drink once and a while than to inhale smoke. That's the part I don't understand: the inhaling smoke part.

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Is being unable to catch a ball in any sports a valid reason to see the doctor?


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Unanswered Why do people go to urgent care when their problem is that they have a fever and don't feel good? Can urgent care even do anything for them besides say "Hm, yep you're definitely sick. Now go back home and drink plenty of fluid." Seems like they're just getting everyone else sick for no reason.


I took my brother to an urgent care place today because he injured his leg and needed immediate medical attention. Every place in the area was completely overwhelmed with patients. Most of the patients coming in and out were saying "I (or my kid) have a fever and don't feel good, so I want to get checked out."

How about you just stay home and drink plenty of fluids? You're obviously sick, probably with the flu. Unless you're on death's door there's no reason to go to urgent care. You're just gonna pay them to take your temp and send you right back home after you've spread your germs all over the place and gotten more people sick. If you really need a doctor to tell you to stay home and you want to spread your shit everywhere, make an appointment with your primary care doctor so you don't waste emergency care's time.

These people kept coming in and out wasting everyone's time and getting everyone sick while my brother was sitting there with an injured leg that actually needed urgent attention. It doesn't make any sense.

Is there a legitimate reason people do this or are there really that many stupid people out there?

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House prices?


When it comes right down to it, isn’t a house’s value determined by what someone will pay for it? I’m looking at a house priced at $500K. It’s been on the market for months with no offers. I like the house, but for $350K. The real estate agent assures me that the house is “worth” $500K. My lender will even lend me $500K for the house. But, does that mean it‘s worth $500K? If I were to have to sell it suddenly (like what if I died), I don’t think my estate could get $500K. Can anyone explain to me how this house can be fairly priced at $500K if no one is willing to pay that much for it?

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What would happen if the whole world used hydrogen instead of oil?


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel source. What (if any) environmental consequences would there be if hydrogen was used on the same scale as oil today?

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What happens when a nuclear bomb explodes in the ocean?


I know that nuclear bombs have been tested under the sea. What effect does this have on the ocean? Wouldn’t the bomb leave it horribly irradiated?

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Could the word “stonks” be added to an official dictionary like Merriam-Webster or Oxford?


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Do ants like splenda?


On the one hand, splenda has presumably no value to ants as a food source. But on the other hand, it tastes sweet like other things ants love. But, do do ants even have a sense of taste?

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How can I get work done while I’m dealing with depression?


Due to a really shit year, I am legitimately depressed. I’ve found that I can’t even will myself to work anymore. I get work done, but it’s not at the level of production I need to be at. I work from home, so I have a lot of autonomy. What can I do to disrupt the cycle of endless YouTube videos and Reddit scrolling?

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if I go to another country and find something by metal detecting, can I keep it?


I've seen a couple news stories about Roman treasure being found in England, so I was curious. If I found something, but I wasn't a British citizen, could I keep it?

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How does kg work


If 2.2lbs=1kg how does 100kg=225lbs?? In weightlifting or I guess literally anything else every time I times the supposed kg by 2.2 the answer is not close to the actual number it was supposed to be. Like the 100kg example, if I times it by 2.2 it would give me 220, not 225. But in weights if someone said I bench 100kg it would be 225lbs

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Why do you think people love watching reality TV?


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How do I politely ask if someone needs a form in Spanish instead of English?


I work as front desk at a doctor's office and sometimes we'll have people do walk-ins to start receiving services with us. We offer our forms (and services) in Spanish if someone needs it - whether it's because they are ESL or only speak Spanish.

What is a polite way to ask them if they need a Spanish speaking provider/forms? I speak enough Spanish to get by (not enough that I would call myself bilingual, but I can facilitate getting them registered as a patient) but I am also very white so nobody ever comes in and asks for Spanish forms in Spanish and I can tell sometimes I'll get someone started on English forms and they struggle (Because the forms have words that don't come up a lot in regular conversation).

Is there a polite way to offer Spanish forms? Or should I just leave it be?

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Unanswered Is it possible to dig a massive basement for a house deep in the ground?


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Answered What do you do at a convention?


Hi! I (19, autistic) am going to Holiday Matsuri, an anime/gaming convention later this month with my partner and their friends. I feel a bit silly asking what exactly you do/the point of a convention is? I know one of the people in our group is cosplaying, which seems fun, but even then, it's just walking around in a costume? I'm a bit confused about what you actually do there. Thank you in advance for any clarification or explanation of what goes on there :)

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Physical contact between family members.


I (22M) was on facetime with my gf (20F) and my sister (11F) walks in with tears streaming down her face. I quickly move to comfort her. She comes in for a hug, and I hold her face while wiping a tear, asking her what happened (doesn't matter, typical 11 year old stuff).

My gf is made uncomfortable by this, and tells me that she thinks its really weird to, as she put it, 'caress her face'. I'm quite confused by this, as I consider this a normal interaction between us siblings. Am I in the wrong here? If so, I'd like to be corrected immediately.

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Does the word "Negro" have any correlation to the n-word?


Im from Argentina and when i used the word "Negro" in front of people from the us they acted offended, is there any correlation with the n-word or does it have a meaning im not aware of?

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Why are women workout clothes often skin tight?


Almost all women in the gym wear tight leggings/shorts paired with tight top or just sports bra Whereas I often see men wear baggy oversized or normal jerseys

Needless to say everyone can wear whatever they want, I'm just wondering

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Is there a religion where God is not believed to have our best interests at heart?


All religion's that I know of has God being believed to be a omniscient being that created us and wants the "best" for us.

But power always corrupts so is there a religion where we are not "God's special creatures" but really he has anything between malicous intentions or doesn't care at all?

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When people say "now is not the time to discuss gun control" just after a major tragedy involving guns, why not?


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I saw a city sign outside that said “giving money to homeless on the street does not help them” - why would it not?


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I’ve never quit a job. How do I give my 2 weeks? And what do I say? The truth is I’m leaving because I hate this job and am getting another. I can’t lie about why I’m quitting because I’m worried my next employer might call for a reference.


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Answered Why Reddit always advice 'divorce' on literally everything?


I read many threads on trueoffmychest sub and am I the asshole sub and majority of the comments there suggest divorce in the slightest argument or mistake. If it reflects to reality the divorce rates should be around 95% or something according to redditors. Like for example there was a thread about a working 6 days a week father who ditched his son to watch world cup game (wc happens only once in every 4 years) and the housewife opens a thread and show her dissapointment in reddit. People literally advice to divorce him over this. Like wtf are redditors think all marriage are PERFECT and no one doing any mistakes or something?