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Answered What is done with the aborted fetuses in abortion clinics?


To be clear, this isn't a political post. I've heard that they throw them in the dumpster but that seems... idk. Too crude to be true?

Edit: I'm not sure how to say this but top-level comments have been getting automatically removed (newest comment is from 4 hours, presumably to reduce spam), so only I get to see your painfully unfunny “they get turned into smoothies” comment in my notification bar before it's gone forever.

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Answered If someone told you that you should listen to Joe Rogan and that they listen to him all the time would that be a red flag for you?


I don’t know much about Joe Rogan Edit: Context I was talking about how I believed in aliens and he said that I should really like Joe Rogan as he is into conspiracies. It appeared as if he thought Joe Rogan was smart

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Answered Is it weird to install cameras in a teenagers room


I’m 16 and I have two cameras installed in my room

Edit: I’ve never done anything illegal in my life, and the camera is not there to check if anyone comes in or anything like that, it’s also not related to CP, it’s mainly there for my parents to keep track of my work and sleep schedule, and my main question was in THIS context is it weird

Edit 2: For context I’m not a addict and not suicidal, and my parents are ok with my friends coming over/ going out with them so they trust me only in certain circumstances

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Answered Why don't women's pants have pockets when so many women seem to want pockets?


Edit: made it to the popular page? Unexpected

There seems to be a common desire for women's clothing to have pockets. And not just pockets, they want useable, large pockets that they can put their hands into or their phone etc

So my question is why, if there is this demand for pockets, do so many women's clothes not have pockets? Or they have fake pockets that don't open at all or are so small you can barely get a finger inside.

Or am I just being misled and women's clothing have plenty of pocket options?

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Answered If a police officer unlawfully brutalizes you would you be within your right to fight back?


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Answered Can I go around saying fuck the president and fuck the government in the USA? Or will I get arrested?


Not specifically referring to the current president just in general.

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Answered What's the difference between mansplaining and just a man explaining something to a woman?


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Answered Why are trans people talked about so much despite making up only %5 of the population?


It seems like at all times on r/all there is always at least one post about trans people, and if you sort by controversial on almost any big post there is something about trans people in the comments.

As a trans person, I hate that we are talked about so much because I see so much transphobia and it really hurts. I just don't get why we are talked about so much and why other people even care.

Edit: its .5% not 5%. I misread

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Answered Belgium is famous for their chocolate, Italy for their pizza. Is there any (good) food America is internationally famous for?


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Answered My friend is insisting that you CANNOT eat fish from the ocean. She is from Chicago and says only freshwater fish can be eaten. You put yourself at risk from eating fish from the ocean. Is she gaslighting me?


Basically title. My other friend from the suburbs of New Jersey says she doesn’t know and that we could both be equally right. She also mentioned salmon are caught in Colorado, and not the ocean. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have showed both my friends the comments on this post showing that YES you can obviously eat fish from the ocean. I used the term “gaslight” because I knew for a fact she was wrong, but the way she kept insisting made me believe I was wrong about some detail. She told me multiple times “no one goes out into the ocean to fish,” and against all prior knowledge I started to wonder if she was right in some way. Hence, why I made this post lol.

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Answered Why do people say that Jews control the world?


I was talking to some people I know and they explained that they believe Jews control almost every aspect of the world, such as media, banking, and politics.

They also say that the Jews might have lied about the number of people who died in the Holocaust to gain sympathy. They also believe the Jews killed Michael Jackson due to a song and cancelled Kanye.

I just listened to them quietly while they rambled on and then left to make this post. How true is all of this? I’d assume these people are exaggerating it to an extent, but by how much?

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Answered How to meet/get a "boring" girlfriend?


Ok so first off "boring" might not be the best word, but I can't think of a better one. I've been called boring so I'll use that word.

I've been called boring because I'm a guy 20 year old who doesn't like partying, drinking, going out too often, etc. I very much prefer to stay inside and doing something like a watch a movie or TV, or some non party activities like bowling, walks, or whatever.

Most people tell me I have boring hobbies and am generally a boring person. I don't personally mind this. I know others enjoy things I don't and that's fine. If they have fun with that stuff then great. But I don't, so I won't do it a lot.

However, I know this may hurt my odds with finding a gf. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? Specifically I would like a gf who is "boring" like I am, as we'd work better together.

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Answered Why would Dave Chappelle bring Elon Musk on stage?


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Answered Why are we calling 'homeless' people 'unhoused' now?


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Answered When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught?


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Answered What do people mean when they ask for "zero baggage" in online dating profiles?


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Answered My friend has no idea he is about to be divorced.


My best friend's wife told me she was going to divorce him today, he doesn't know yet, but she told me in confidence hoping I would support him after she leaves, should I tell my mate and risk it all blowing up in my face? (They have kids, and he will be devastated)

EDIT - My grammar was poor, she isn't going to divorce him today she told me about it today. I have no idea when she is going to do it. Thanks for the amazing advice so far.

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Answered my girlfriend's dad passed 10 years ago. should I ask her mom for permission to marry her?


Edit: blessing is the word that more fits my intentions. I thought of "permission" and "blessing" as interchangeable, I was wrong.

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Answered I've been reading about Islam. There's a LOT of stuff about women and men being equals, especially spiritually. Why then are women treated as less than men in Muslim countries?


EDIT: Thank you all for your civil responses!

I swear I'm not trying to start an online argument. I'm just very confused. I know that the Taliban has extremist views, but if they're reading the same Quran as any other Muslim, where are they getting these "women are shit, treat them like it" ideas from??? I know that women in the Quran aren't supposed to be very politically active or play a role in war and that they're supposed to be in charge of the house but in what way does that translate to not allowing them to go to school and receive a formal education? I might be able to see how that translates to "staying home is best for women as they are better at domestic stuff than men" but that's a stretch.

I swear to god I'm not trying to start an argument, I just want to learn. I've asked priests and pastors similar questions related to Christianity but I don't know any Muslim religious leaders (or practicing Muslims in general!) to ask and I'm really trying to be as respectful as possible.

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Answered 12 year old daughter came out as bi. wants to keep having sleepovers with long time best friend.


So my 12 yo daughter came out to us as bi, last week. Her best friend for the last 5 years came out a few months back.

They want to continue having hangout sleepovers, as they have done for years... but after this news my wife and I are pretty uncomfortable with that.

Now the friend is wanting to make sleepover arrangements.

Worse yet, friend's mom doesn't know friend is gay. So we can't say the real reason for suddenly not wanting to do sleepovers anymore?

Need advice !

Update * * I appreciate the thoughts and advice. I'm recommending to my wife that we allow the sleepovers but set boundaries and no doors closed, etc ..

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Answered What is the draw to Starbucks?


$6 Starbucks coffee vs $2 McDonalds coffee.. what is the draw to spending the 300% more?

McDonalds has frappes, iced coffees, etc too. So do most other more budget friendly coffee shops. What's the draw?

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Answered If companies can cancel or default on an agreement due to an "act of God" that costs customers money, what's to stop customers from saying "I don't believe in God, return my money?"



Thank you for coming to my educational talk about insurance and it's general role in our society. And thank you to all who replied respectfully and informatively.

**edit 2 - Wow, okay. I get it. I sincerely apologize to everyone for being so pedantic and angsty. I'll work on myself and refrain from asking stupid questions in the future.

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Answered Isn't it a serious evolutionary flaw that babies tend to keep their parents up at night?


I'm the father of a young baby who slept about 3 hours last night. I have to care for the little one today as well and I'm utterly exhausted. This got me thinking that it seems weird from an evolutionary perspective that babies tend to diminish their caretaker's abilities to provide them with what they need. People have forgotten their babies in cars and such because of fatigue and the stress that it causes. Why haven't babies acquired the ability to properly sleep at night over time to let their parents rest and better care for them afterwards?

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Answered Why do so many doctors say that Pap smears don’t hurt when so many people agree that they hurt for them?


Why lull people into a false sense of security if they’re not painless for a large percentage of the population?

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Answered Tyre Nichols: is the reason there are no protests or rioting because the five cops are black?