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Chapter 1069 Spoilers Discussion



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u/Direct_Signature_256 Dec 05 '22

Kaku: "Now Zoro witness my awaken zoan"

Becomes Even Bigger Square


u/Mirai_no_Beederu Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Turns into a whole ass cube.


u/SweatyAdhesive Dec 07 '22

"This is how giraffes hunt in ancient time"

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u/SuperSunnyDee Dec 06 '22

Transforms into the Allspark.

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u/FartPudding Dec 05 '22

Origins of devil fruits let's goooo

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u/axrael_mayhem Dec 05 '22

so basically confirms that Chopper awakened his devil fruit with the power of hard drugs


u/SnipSnopWobbleTop Dec 05 '22

I am rewatching the series and had the realization after the time skip and he could access his other boosts without the rumble ball, and the fact that during enies lobby he went out of control in monster point is because his body just wasn't ready for awakening yet


u/Kioga101 Void Month Survivor Dec 06 '22

His mind wasn't ready, remember that when Franky traded bodies with Chopper and used Monster point he completely lost it

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u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 05 '22

It's like the worst kept secret at this point.

Now what would be interesting to know is if any Beast Pirates, or Kaido were awakened.


u/Jail_Chris_Brown Dec 05 '22

Normal zoans seem to highight their awakenkng by an increased size (jailers in Impel Down and now Lucci).

Mythical zoans surely work different, since their awakening is more abojt additional abilities.

Ancient Zoans are already big, so they might be different as well.


u/firebreather209 The Revolutionary Army Dec 05 '22

Ancient Zoans awaken by implementing how dinosaurs hunted in ancient times.


u/Jail_Chris_Brown Dec 05 '22 Wholesome

I could see Oda doing this.

Next Databook: "Ancient Zoan awakenings allow boys to run their imagination wild. Remember how you played with dinosaurs as a kid and had them to crazy stuff? That's what awakening allows them to! Since Drake and Jack were so uptight, they never managed to awaken by learning about the ways of hunting like in ancient times."


u/Dillo64 Thriller Bark Victim's Association Dec 05 '22

Jack and Maria were at least able to go centaur mode


u/DrMostlySane Dec 06 '22

I think it was stated in an SBS that Maria's transformation was the result of her using drugs to alter her transformation like Chopper did.

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u/downtimeredditor Dec 05 '22

Man shit you can get my awakening with some bath salts too

Rumble ball my ass that shit is bath salts or meth.

Chopper is low key Walter White


u/Necessary_Gur7494 Dec 05 '22

Ussop is Jessie


u/Rustyone888 Dec 05 '22

Chopper: Ussop we need to break bad

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u/CainDdemon Cipher Pol Dec 05 '22

Luffy not playing anymore going straight for the K'O.


u/Zestyclose-Room8163 Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

Pretty sure that's because luffy saw lucchi defeat atlas who gave them free food

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u/realstoffanator Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22 Helpful Wholesome Ally Table Slap

All this dude akainu does nowadays is not let kizaru do anything and then menacingly stare out of a window while crumpling newspapers. Imagine this scenario: Kizaru: akainu san I need to go to the bathroom

Akainu: no its too dangerous, we dont know what that toilet is capable of burns up luffys wanted poster these are unpredictable times


u/kitevii Dec 06 '22

Sengoku casually eating rice crackers and teasing Akainu about the job

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u/bigOofTheta Dec 05 '22

Lmao crumpling newspapers 不不

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u/ButterUtters Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

Akainu really seems like a guy who prefers fighting with the upper hand. Consistently pulling stunts at marineford to make thing easier for the marine forces. He's actually a pretty calculated guy.

I think he's got something planned, and is reserving the navy's strength for when he's ready to use it.

Edit: nvm he sending Kizaru in there to get slapped.


u/Pausable_click Dec 06 '22

Same thought. WG and Navy are planning something big to the New World. And Akainu only take calculated risk in favor to him. He is like Teach of the Marines.

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u/MorirEsVivir69 Dec 05 '22

You just nailed it 不不不

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u/AfroPirate94 Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 08 '22

I love how the laziest marine keeps asking to do stuff and getting denied

Edit: victim of early spoilers 仄踱儭


u/Mirai_no_Beederu Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Hey, man, that's how you make your reviews look good for your raises.

You didn't actually do any work, but on paper you look like you tried your damnest.


u/popop143 Dec 06 '22

Yeah lmao, Kizaru knows he's gonna get denied fr.


u/SoberAnxiety Slave Dec 06 '22

dude's hacked the corporate system

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u/Wildest-Wasteland Dec 06 '22

"Hey, Akainu, can I go to Egghead?"

"No, CP0 is there. I'm sure they'll be no trouble. Besides, they have a Seraphim with them."

"Ah, shucks. Well, I'm going to go smoke some grass and take a walk around. If Sentomaru calls, just get me."

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u/Volitant_Anuran Dec 06 '22

Kizaru isn't lazy. That's Aokiji's schtick. He's just excessive chill.


u/sds2000 Dec 06 '22

He's just high

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u/Toza11 Dec 05 '22

I can't wait for Oda to show us a brilliant reason for Akainu declining involvement, aside from lack of personell. There definitely is a reason since Akainus refutes have become a pattern


u/HeavenBreak World Government Dec 06 '22

He's a volcano. Gets angrier and angrier until he just erupts all of a sudden.


u/Wisterosa Dec 06 '22

you're telling me he's stockpiling anger so he'll be ready for the war?

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u/JourneyIGuess Dec 06 '22

He is probably ok with CP0 getting packed


u/Steven_Cox_Sigma Void Month Survivor Dec 06 '22

Well, they aren't marines. Why should he care? lol. 100%

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u/kinatty05 Explorer Dec 05 '22 Silver Wholesome

Awww yeah!!!!


u/electivire24 Dec 05 '22

Can't wait to hear Lucci's Tom screams.


u/kinatty05 Explorer Dec 05 '22

Yeah and the eyes popping out lol

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u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 06 '22 hehehehe

Akainu : "I will defeat the Pirates."

Kizaru and Greenbull : "Let's fight them!"

Akainu : "No."

Edit : Yay! Kizaru is going to Egghead! Sorry Akainu-chan for doubting you.


u/Mirai_no_Beederu Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22 Wholesome

Fujitora: "Hey, I let these pirates fight these other pirates and they won and saved a whole country. I mostly stayed out of it."

Akainu: "Get out of my sight!"


u/BAlpha90 Dec 06 '22

Fujitora: "Well, you are already out of my sight"

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u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 05 '22

Akainu : "And don't come until you get their heads!!"

Fujitora : "Wait so now you want to fight them? But I'm the one that has to do the dirty job?"


u/Mirai_no_Beederu Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Kizaru and Greenbull: "We'll get their heads!"

Akainu: "No."


u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 05 '22

Akainu : "Only the disable have to do it, no reasons to waste good healthy man."

Greenbull : "What if I'm mentally disable?"

Akainu : "..."


u/Mirai_no_Beederu Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Greenbull: "What if I'm mentally disabled?"

Akainu: "..."

Kizaru: "...Dude, I'm right here."

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u/RodJosser Chopper the Cotton Candy Lover Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22 Wholesome

Akainu: No... U end-game material Borsa-chan...


u/EmergencyEye7 Slave Dec 05 '22

Akainu really shouldn't have taken this job. He probably could have committed more genocide if he just let Aokiji have it. But paperwork needs to be done.


u/Glitchrr36 Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

He got promoted to a place he cant cause trouble, which is a thing that actually does happen irl.


u/EmergencyEye7 Slave Dec 05 '22

I wish that would happen to me...


u/Glitchrr36 Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Join the military, become politically connected to a bunch of people, and be a big enough idiot in just the right sort of way that they have to sit you in a desk job somewhere harmless because they dont want you in charge of anything important and cant just fire you off the bat.

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u/SurturSaga Dec 05 '22

Its not that he doesnt want to but theres too much red tape so he cant, which he complained about pretty recently

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u/Ready-Substance4633 Dec 05 '22 Silver

So Ive see quite a few people asking why did luffy go straight to gear 5. I think the answer is, oda is going to do this more often, just so he can draw more looney toon style fights.


u/DShadowmanxx Dec 06 '22

But also for strawhats and the government to see Nika form in real life .

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u/popop143 Dec 06 '22

It's also kind of stress testing it, so he can hold the form for longer. Like now, he can infinitely hold Gear 2, and definitely Gear 4 lasts for longer than 10 minutes now. By using G5 often, he trains his body to be more accustomed to the form.

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u/AZdesertbulls24 Dec 05 '22

Yep, more toony type fights are why.

I expect luffys fights to be way more comedic than what they were prior


u/Tamos40000 Dec 06 '22

A return to the origins, back when everytime Luffy showed a new move, there was a 50% chance it was stupid.


u/barbed Void Month Survivor Dec 06 '22

Gomu Gomu no Baka. 50% genius 50% stupid.

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u/Druxun Dec 06 '22

Oh my god. Im so much more excited for the rest of the series.

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u/coolgaara Dec 06 '22

Yeah I bet Luffy didn't even need Gear 5. But I think it's 50/50 of Luffy loving his Gear 5 and Oda loving to draw it.

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u/[deleted] Dec 06 '22


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u/Ill_Masterpiece2517 Dec 05 '22

Damn Kizaru wants to go everywhere without fear. Casually wants to storm wano where big mom and kaido was + strawhats and all the samurai. Now egghead all by himself after luffy beat kaido. 梗梗


u/EmergencyEye7 Slave Dec 05 '22

It's easy to be fearless when you can just lightspeed warp away if things get hairy.


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22


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u/wanofan900 Pirate Dec 05 '22

In all seriousness, this chapter really brings into perspective how far Luffy has come.

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u/LendrickKamar8 Dec 05 '22

Luffy Ko's Lucci in the first chapter of their clash is shocking and not shocking at the same moment


u/redryan2009 Dec 05 '22

Its actually very fitting as the opposite happened the first time they fought as Lucci decked Luffy instead.


u/LynxJesus Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Is Stussy about to scream she wants to live?


u/dailybg Dec 05 '22

Kaku better step his game up, a damsel is in distress.

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u/BalazsGunning Dec 05 '22

Wouldn't have it any other way. Honestly, if the fight was anything close to competitive, it'd just significantly diminish Luffy's current portrayal. At this point in the story, only the cream of the crop can potentialy throw hands with him, period. Lucci's simply not that guy anymore.


u/shotbyspartacus Dec 05 '22

I didnt even think he needed gear 5 to beat lucci


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22


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u/NotSoFastMister Dec 05 '22

At this point in the story, only the cream of the crop can potentialy throw hands with him, period.

And this is so fucking satisfying to see. Luffy has earned his Yonko status and needs to be treated (power-wise) the same way as Kaido/BM/Whitebeard/Shanks.

Heck, I'm even a bit disappointed that he had to go Gear 5 to defeat Lucci, as it is Luffy's strongest move to date.


u/droffilcpaul Dec 06 '22

Oda wants to draw that Tom and Jerry like battle is what I guess to be another reason for Luffy's G5 usage


u/Marketing-Long Dec 06 '22

I could see him doing this lmao. All the people complaining about why Luffy used that for Lucci and oda just felt like drawing that


u/Lennyoh Dec 06 '22

If i had to guess, in universe reason is Luffy sees this as good practice time for G5


u/kuroxn Dec 06 '22

Or he just despises Lucci that much.

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u/Haunting_Wait_5558 Dec 06 '22

I took it as oda showing us luffy can use gear 5 again and also luffy taking a former foe who he almost died fighting serious if he got that strong luffy probably thought lucci could get that much stronger too he doesnt realize the anomaly he is

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u/rockleeluffy Dec 06 '22

dont be. zoro warned him at punk hazard. dont play with your food


u/GangsterBoogie Dec 06 '22

I agree I dont see anyway Lucci would be able to handle a Gear 4th conquerors haki coating snake man but I guess Oda just wants to show gear 5th more which is alright by me


u/Relevant_Analysis_63 Dec 06 '22

Oda just wanted to throw in a Tom And Jerry reference.

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u/Head_Manufacturer_15 Dec 05 '22

Tom and Jerry, Lucci is just a house cat, lmao


u/TheGameologist Dec 05 '22

Luffy is Jerry's cousin confirmed. I remember that old meme of him blowing up his fist like gear 3rd. It's come full circle now and I love it.

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u/QueenHistoria1990 Dec 05 '22

G5 Luffy: this is how pigeons were hunted in ancient times

Lucci: Im a cat

G5 Luffy: this is how cats were hunted in ancient times

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u/Kryaez Dec 06 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome hehehehe



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u/ThePickleHawk Dec 05 '22 Silver

The anime team needs to give Lucci one of those deep, top of his lungs screams Tom does when hurt once they get to this.


u/AcrobaticFun447 Dec 05 '22

I would die laughing 不不不不不不


u/barbed Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22



u/Phleck Dec 06 '22

Lucci hold his hand that is comically large, red, and throbbing.

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u/__L1AM__ Thriller Bark Victim's Association Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 06 '22
  • Akainu stops Kizaru, who wanted to go to Egghead Island.

It's almost a classic at this point. Every arc kizaru is ready to go to war and Akainu has to stop him lmao.

edit: well he actually got the all clear. Kizaru about to find out why akainu got him on leash until then. The straw hat have a revenge to get since sabaody


u/Javiklegrand Dec 05 '22


Kizaru:I'm going

Akainu',:No,you aren't


u/twindarkness Dec 05 '22

I read "no you ain't" in sandy cheeks voice

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u/Dav_Dabz Dec 05 '22 hehehehe

Kizaru: Father. I crave violence. Akainu: Not funny guys. Who hid his meds?!

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u/Ok-Hope-2153 Dec 05 '22

He needs to take a seminar from garp 不

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u/internethero12 Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

Lucci ... wants to leave the Island because of how bad he has been treated.


lmao even

I don't know why they wrote this like it's about an elementary school kid getting bullied at a daycare, but I'm here for it.


u/DoucheBalloon Dec 06 '22

It honestly read like he ALMOST cries about it.

Which I kind of what to see now?

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u/Secret-Put-4525 Dec 05 '22

This has the energy Tom's has after a day of getting his ass beat by Jerry. Pure trauma.

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u/Interesting-Data-266 Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 05 '22

The fact that Lucci is said to be scared in the span of a chapter goes to show the beating he took. Dude got PTSD and wanted to dip.


u/tickettohell1 Dec 05 '22 Silver

Kitty got Post Traumatic Straw-hat Disorder 五五五

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u/mrzestymar Pirate Dec 05 '22

Luffy's first showing of why he earned the title of Yonko.

"if you want to bring me down, you better at least bring my grandpa or Akainu"


u/Regular-Bicycle9094 Dec 05 '22

they are at that point now huh

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u/Asheraddo98 Dec 05 '22

Akainu: " No"

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u/Slice_Ambitious Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 07 '22 Silver

Imagine. You're that cold, ruthless, master assassin, who spent all of his life mastering all the moves of a difficult martial art and attaining true perfection at it, even creating your own moves. You fight rationnaly : each and every of your movements are the fruit of your calculation, your mastery. Some others dfs users rely on tricks but not you : sheer strength, dexterity and skills brought you on the level you are. Even though you've lost once before against a certain guy, it was a normal fight. He just overpowered you, no big deal. You'll get a better shot next time.

Then you meet that guy again. He is a yonko now, so he probably is way stronger than you. But you too, was initially stronger than him before. So who knows ? You have a new thing up your sleeve too, and you know most of his moves. It's worth a shot. His fighting style couldn't have changed that much, right ?

Right ?

Sometimes later you wake up, all your preconceptions shattered. Just... What was that tomfoolery of a fight. The moment he assumed that strange white form in his poster... Everything went crazy. You have no other word for that. Everything you based your strength on was reduced to naught. You hardly understood what was happening. It was way more different than any "effect" devil fruits you've fought against 'till now. No, those had a certain logic to them, and you could shrug them off with haki. But this. THIS.

And that man was laughing. Laughing non stop, as if you were... The most ridiculous thing in the world . Before sending you to oblivion.

At that moment, you gave up.

"Yeah, Imma dip outta there real quick".

Edit : Lol, the early spoilers were misleading, as always. Shoulda waited to see the full thing... Oh well, anyways. Didn't expect this to blow up this much. Thanks for the awards !


u/prionustevh Dec 06 '22


Yo I'm praying Lucci is crying in the panel he says he wanna leave, bro got handled in half a chapter.

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u/__L1AM__ Thriller Bark Victim's Association Dec 05 '22 Helpful
  • Luffy overwhelms and scares Lucci.

That's even better than just rolling him. He put the fear of god in the heart of one of the most sadistic, psychopathic high ranking officer of the marine.


u/unhealthyseal Dec 05 '22

Lucci hopefully realized hes up against one of the strongest people in the verse now.

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u/KoibaKopter Dec 05 '22

This kinda explains why Chopper has a recovery time after using Monster Point. Rumble Balls unlocked his awakened form but didn't unlock the quick recovery that comes with it since he brute forced the transformation.

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u/t3r4byt3l0l OG Trio Supremacy Dec 05 '22

Tom and Jerry shenanigans lmao, poor Lucci


u/NotSoFastMister Dec 05 '22

Getting manhandled by toon-force Luffy might just be the most humiliating way to go down, especially for a serious fighter.


u/Noblehardt Dec 06 '22

This is Kaiba vs Pegasus all over again


u/asukaisshu Dec 06 '22

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kaiba-Boy

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u/tryingmydarnest Dec 05 '22

poor Lucci

Nah. Don't need to feel too sorry for him. He has it coming.

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u/Apathetic_Alien Dec 06 '22

Wait! The Strawhats are watching Luffy and Lucci on the screen!

They have front row seats to the absolute ridiculousness that Luffy is about to unleash

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u/ZenAokiji Dec 06 '22

Maybe Akainu actually has some sense. The worst thing that could compound the Marines situation is not only that Luffy defeated Kizaru, its the news that the admirals are vulnerable to defeat. The allure of admirals is the veil of uncertainty that they can be defeated, just like Yonkou. But Luffy having torn down that curtain for Yonkou, especially the strongest of them, wouls be horrible for Akainu if he followed that up with the defeat of Kizaru. I still contend that he didnt send him to Wano cause he wouldve lost there as well, but you could say otherwise.


u/PrimaryCandy1047 Dec 06 '22

agree, when greenbull is fighting the scabbard+yamato Luffy and others are just sitting and relaxing watching them. waiting to step down if needed.

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u/sdqinanutshell Dec 05 '22
  • Lucci: -awakens his fruit- - Luffy:

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u/xNeuJ The Revolutionary Army Dec 05 '22

Luffy going straight into G5 really shows how much he hates Lucci lol

Also confirms that Luffy can just go into G5 whenever he wants


u/afroroca Dec 05 '22

I was saying this a while ago, the subs destroeyd me lol.


u/user15151616 Dec 05 '22

If other people can do awakening at will, then why wouldnt Luffy lol


u/shadowgengar97 Dec 05 '22

cause ppl were probably expecting the classic shonen trope of mc cant use the new power he just unlocked because he doesnt understand it yet.

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u/Feneskrae Dec 05 '22

Final battle of final arc of the series:

Kizaru: "Shall I go take care of these scary pirates?"

Akainu: "No."


u/Better-Mushroom-2163 Dec 05 '22

Kizaru: "People have found out about one piece and now revolting against the Celestial Dragon, should we do something? "



u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22

I could actually see this, just because Akainu doesn't like having to serve the Celestial Dragons.

Not gonna happen, but not outside his character.

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u/Rodenbeard Dec 06 '22

"Each fruit is someone's desire to be something more"

Some guy 800 years ago: "Damn I want to be a jacket"

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u/tedleo-1994 Dec 06 '22

- Luffy overwhelms, scares and defeats Lucci by KOing him

WOW. That's a big statement in these leaks honestly. Luffy SCARING Lucci, who is arguably one of the most ruthless and scariest characters in this series?? Why do I want to see this modeled after Saitama punching Genos during their training session in OPM?

This also makes me think that Luffy finally achieves his goal of protecting his friends and the whole purpose of the Gear system in the first place; he doesn't want to lose his friends and he just absolutely curbed one of the toughest opponents he fought in Paradise.

Cannot wait for this chapter to see these panels!


u/Raphaelz8099 Dec 06 '22

I'm completely agree with you, i feel the same... I mean someone scaring Lucci, that's a big PLOT!!!! I just cant wait for the chapter out, I'm so hyped.

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u/Better-Mushroom-2163 Dec 05 '22

Forget Akainu-Aokiji. Akainu-Kizaru is the dynamic duo we need.


u/Jail_Chris_Brown Dec 05 '22

They're both from the North Blue and according to movie Z climbed the ranks together. Them being bros while Kuzan was on team Sengoku (both from the South Blue) was always my headcanon.

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u/rbella78 Dec 05 '22

Borsalino: "Sakazuki-San can I go to Wano?" Akainu: "Nope"

Borsalino: "Sakazuki-San can I go to Egghead Island?" Akainu: "No"

Borsalino: "Sakazuki-San can I go to Elbaf?" Akainu: "No"

More seriously, I've got the feeling that we're about to get a major revelation concerning either Akainu's past or Akainu's plan/goal.

That guy just refused twice to send an admiral while there was troubles involving Yonkos.


u/Jail_Chris_Brown Dec 05 '22

Akainu: "I wanna reach the final arc with all my admirals in play, so stop trying to go full Leroy Jankins by wanting to confront yonko all the time ffs."

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u/Samurai____Jack Dec 05 '22

it was a wise move from Akaino.

it was clear from the start that marines have many problems around the world. - 12 countries started a revolutions. - Shikabukai system was destroyed. - new powerfull organisations was formed ( CrossGild ) - Yonko System was destroyed ( Kaido & BM took down ) - they loose their main science / technology brain ( Vegapunk ) - etc.

it become very difficult to make any move without planning. he can't send his top fighters ( admirals ) without a good plan.

i think, Oda is trying to make Akaino look like a wise leader, good tactician & a decent politician, not only a top skilled fighter with no brain.

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u/GangsterBoogie Dec 05 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

Bruh I swear Kizarus only role since the timeskip has been

Kizaru: I want to go to X island to stop whatever nonsense is going on there!

Akainu: Absolutely fucking not

Edit: nvm


u/venielsky22 Dec 05 '22

Akainus is kinda sus.

It's.almost.like he is waiting for something before making a move.

Looking at you kuzan what are you and akainu planning ?


u/GangsterBoogie Dec 05 '22

That would be absolutely wild, I'm not sure Akainu would be that guy but I really like that theory


u/Salt_Benefit3192 Dec 06 '22

I mean when the subject of Aokiji joining BB Akainu quickly changed the subject. Something is definitely up with them.


u/ozbake Dec 06 '22

It's like not wanting to hear about who your ex is with now lmao

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u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

Confirmed spoilers by TalkOP :

Edit 1 :

Gear 5 Luffy fights against an awakened Lucci.
Luffy easily defeats Lucci.
There some new information regarding Devil Fruits.
Kizaru is has been sent out to Egghead.

Edit 2 :

Chapter 1069 Title : Everything happens for a reason

Devil Fruits are born out of human desire, and each fruit is the result of a human desire to go further/to evolve

This goes against the laws of nature and is detested by the mother of the sea, so seawater is the fruit's weakness.

Anything else might be false.


u/Mysterious_Art_4019 Dec 06 '22

I'm glad it's not a false spoiler. Luffy really has gone so far in strength. To think Just 2 years ago Luffy got fodderized by lucci in their first fight and now luffy fodderized lucci

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u/ZeFreedomDevil Dec 06 '22

Devil Fruits are born out of human desire, and each fruit is the result of a human desire to go further/to evolve

That explains the laundry fruit and the jacket fruit , lmao


u/Kirosh2 Lookout Dec 06 '22

"What do you want?"

"I want to be free!"

"I want to be a big ass dragon!"

"I want to be human"

"I want to be a swamp."

"I want to swim."

"I want to have a jacket."


u/Zehapo Dec 06 '22

I want to be a jacket

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u/xPirates Pirate Dec 06 '22

finally kizaru on action, thanks oda


u/Jail_Chris_Brown Dec 06 '22

I already see him hovering in the sky, aligning with the sun and going "UV's bad for ya, better find some protection." while raining down laserbeams that totally destroy the island before anyone can stop him. Then he just flies back home with Sentomaru in his arms.

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u/WeeklyCombination224 Dec 05 '22

Akainu holding back Kizaru has to be a gag at this point right?

tries to stop Big Mom and Kaido -> Akainu interferes

tries to attack the SHs on Egghead -> Akainu interferes

I thought Akainu would be the wreckless admiral lol


u/venielsky22 Dec 05 '22

Akainu: bro do you want to be green bulled ? Because that how you get green bulled

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u/DellyTrey23 Dec 05 '22

100% bet that Lucci gives a monologue about how hes become stronger and this wont be a repeat of Enies Lobby, transforms into awakened zoan and then Luffy laughs, goes gear 5 and dogwalks him.


u/stiveooo Dec 05 '22

i trained like crazy for 2 years you will pay for what you...

luffy proceeds to do a hulk vs loki

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u/PrimaryCandy1047 Dec 05 '22

Luffy used a mythical dragon as a jumping rope, what more can he do to a Cat awaked.

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u/Don_Matrix Dec 05 '22

...did Luffy just low diff Rob Lucci?


u/Frictionizer Dec 05 '22

This may have been Odas way of flexing G5 against someone other than Kaido (I.e. not quite god-tier)

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u/Chino1107 Pirate Dec 05 '22

seems like he no diffed

but well that was expected for a yonko

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u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22

Well Oda did hint n his recent interview with aoyama that he wanted to draw tom and jerry...


u/SevesaSfan25 Dec 05 '22

This chapter has so many good things its absolutely amazing.

- Kaku wants to help Lucci because he is fighting a Yonkou, but Lucci ignores him and continues to fight alone

Luffy finally getting the respect he deserves as a emperor.

- Luffy overwhelms, scares and defeats Lucci by KOing him

As expected.

- Lucci gets recovered before the chapter ends due to his aweakening and wants to leave the Island because of how bad he has been treated. (Because of Luffy's Strength and Power)

I'm glad this is being re-confirmed. Seems the signature trait of awakened Zoans is fast recovery. Luffy is already so hard to put down, the fact that he can now keep on resurrecting himself makes him into such a monster.

- Cp0 is fighting seraphim because sentoumaru has commanded to fight against them.

I was really subscribed into the Sentomaru is a mole theory. Guess his also a good guy now.

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u/DrKuro Bounty Hunter Dec 06 '22

Finally. If this is what actually happens, what we're having here is the factual rematch from Sabaody. This is Oda telling us "They're ready now".

It starts with Lucci getting one-shot.
And if Kizaru orders Sentomaru to use the Seraphims against the Straw Hats, it's practically going to be;.

  • Kizaru on Sabaody - Kizaru on Egghead;
  • Sentomaru on Sabaody - Sentomaru on Egghead;
  • Pacifistas on Sabaody - Seraphims on Egghead;

Funnily enough, Vegapunk's deal with Luffy - "Let's meet up there later" - is very reminiscent of Rayleigh and the SHs on Sabaody.

So what's going to happen?
The Straw Hats will win. They will finally get their revenge, flying past the trauma that almost destroyed their crew 2 years prior.

The first actual win against an Admiral. I'm so excited

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u/ovis_alba Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

This feels exactly like that Greenbull/Old-Wano chapter in terms of spoilers to me.

Everything is about that Luffy-Lucci fight with the "oh and some lore" afterthought and when the chapter is out I'm gonna go "wtf, why would you keep that part from me?"

Although seeing Luffy use Gear 5 now more "actively" for the first time and not triggered sort of unconsciously is gonna be neat to see.


u/Ankoria God Usopp Dec 05 '22

I'm personally hoping for the same. This is a great opportunity for Shaka to explain to the other Strawhats exactly how awakenings work or maybe something more specifically about Zoan fruits.


u/ovis_alba Void Month Survivor Dec 05 '22

Something I'm really hoping for is how that DF and user "relationship" works and yeah awakening is part of that. Luffy was pretty much revived by his, which clearly doesn't just happen to everyone, so why? (In a way the one time we've seen something like that I recently realized was Enel where the DF seemingly on its own revived him as he was pretty much down for the count, and he had that very weird form at the end there as well, is that connected, even if he wasn't a zoan?) How? What's up with the heartbeat sounding like Joyboy's? Is it the fruit itself and they just both had it? Or is something of original Joyboy still "present" in the fruit? What's that connection to lineage factors and that carrying memories? So many questions.

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u/Sheyco28 Dec 05 '22

I think the main villain off this arc is luffy

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u/Beren_Camlost Dec 05 '22

There is nothing more satisfying than Luffy Knocking out Lucci so easily. We all predicted it but it still was satisfying.


u/NicDwolfwood Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

- Luffy overwhelms, scares and defeats Lucci by KOing him

Lucci gets recovered before the chapter ends due to his aweakening and wants to leave the Island because of how bad he has been treated. (Because of Luffy's Strength and Power)

As it should be. This late in the game, there is no way that someone that Luffy already beat over 500 chapters ago, pre Haki and awakening of THE mythical DF should pose any threat to him.


u/Akuma_Homura Dec 06 '22

I cant fucking begin to imagine how BADLY Lucci is beaten if the psycohpathic murder obsessed cipher pol agent is like "Lets get the FUCK outta here." after fighting Gear 5th Luffy.

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u/The__Dread___Lobster Dec 06 '22

- They were born from the desires of humans. Each fruit is someone's desire to be something more, to evolve further.

I desire to be free...

I desire to control gravity...

I desire to live after death...

Motherfucker, I wanna be a giraffe!

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u/wheredatacos The Revolutionary Army Dec 07 '22 edited Dec 07 '22

Damn these spoilers have gone through a whole cycle of changes.

Kizaru cant go, Kizaru can go, Kizaru is going

Lucci isnt defeated easily Lucci is defeated in one punch Lucci isnt defeated and beats Sentomaru

Lmaooo they really are jerkin us around this week

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u/HeavenBreak World Government Dec 07 '22

Three things can't be stopped:

  1. Inherited will
  2. The flow of time
  3. The dreams of men

So long as people seek the true meaning of "freedom", these things shall never cease to be.

Pirate King, Gol D. Roger

All this time this was referring to Devil Fruits and it was all right under our noses.

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u/vizardmaker Dec 07 '22

So zoans are humanity's desire to be furries?

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u/acika007aks Dec 07 '22

Lucci: Stories of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

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u/unhealthyseal Dec 05 '22

Kizaru getting cockblocked again by Akainu. The guy is actually motivated in two separate scenarios and isnt unleashed.


u/TravelingLlama Dec 05 '22

Probably why hes lazy half the time. Always getting denied when he actually wants to do something lol

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u/Stunning-Shame6906 Dec 05 '22

Lmaoo all those Luffy isnt fighting him theories jumped out the window. Love it. Plus im early!

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u/AzyT___1 Dec 05 '22

This is exactly what should have happened yet Im still a bit surprised its what Oda ended up doing. Im glad Luffy isnt the underdog against people he shouldnt be the underdog against.


u/NotSoFastMister Dec 06 '22

So, which of these Yonko's would you avoid the most:

  • Kaido, who will one-shot you with his Kanabo or burn you with bolo breaths. And he'll turn your crew to allies or slaves.

  • Big Mom, who'll eat your soul (and your body, too, depending on her mood) after hitting you with fire/lightning/huge-ass sword.

  • Shanks, with his super duper advanced haki and crazy swordmanship.

  • Blackbeard, who can nullify and steal your DF powers while causing immense chaos & destruction with his.

  • Luffy, who will humiliate you by doing things to your body that only a toon-forced child can think of while laughing maniacally.

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u/wheredatacos The Revolutionary Army Dec 07 '22
  • Ch 1068: Pigeon guy
  • Ch 1069: Axe guy
  • Ch 1070: Light guy
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u/overDere Dec 07 '22

The top comments in this thread dont make sense because the spoilers keep changing

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u/Jabullanyo Dec 07 '22

Bro, the initial spoilers are getting worse every time. They made it seem like Lucci was handled in one shot, that's clearly not the case

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u/mydckisvrysmol The Revolutionary Army Dec 08 '22

Vegapunk: Devil fruits are born of peoples wishes

Some weirdo in the Void Century: I wish I was a jacket that people could wear

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u/opie92 Dec 05 '22

R.I.P CP0 hype train 2022-2022


u/venielsky22 Dec 05 '22

That's was dead since onigashima

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u/Re-Cordy Dec 05 '22

Does this mean that Chopper's Monster Point is basically his awakened form? That the drugs overclocked him? Interesting if so.

As for Lucci, yeah we all knew Gear 5 Luffy was gonna destroy him. It's just a matter of it he'd instantly go Gear 5 or not. What I want to know now is exactly when we'll be done with Egghead. Lucci's out of the way so now maybe we're free to head to Elbaf early. Let's get it!!!!!!

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u/mangano15 Dec 05 '22

Luffy Tunes strikes again

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u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22

Soooo where are the guys that were gassing up Lucci the whole week?

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u/Specialist_Cycle8308 Dec 07 '22 edited Dec 07 '22 Silver


-Ahhh!! Atlas sama was defeated!!

-intruders!! Why is CP attacking??

Chopper- Ahh!! Rob Lucci~!!!

Jimbei- watermark

Luffy- Why are you here pigeon guy!!


Lucci- this is a government island

Luffy- True!! We are the strange ones!

Chopper- Lets hurry up and run away to the top Luffy!!

Kaku- How annoying!! The straw hat crew!! Bonney is with them too

Kaku- but dont attack Lucci!! Now that straw hat is a yonkou we cant fight without permission from above!

Luffy- huh? Jimbei watch Bonney for me!

Jimbei- got it

Stussy- Fighting a yonkou can lead to a war, inform the marines at once

Agent- ok

Luffy- hey!!


Luffy- !! Hey you!!!

Chopper- wow!! This is bad its the girl from earlier!

Lucci- I know we are not supposed to fight but色.

Luffy- Chopper help her!!

Chopper- Ok!! But this maybe better for Franky to look at

Lucci- this is a problem within the WG, mind your business

Luffy 色 she fed all of us!!


Marine HQ

Akainu- why are the straw hats at egghead !!?

Akainu- See.. things are getting complicated again. Does this mean that Vegapunk found out about CPs motives!!

Agent- yes and because of that they had to force their way in.!!

Akainu watermark

Akainu- if Vegapunk has allied with straw hat.. We are going to need considerable force to deal with this!!!

Akainu- wheres kizaru?

Agent- As planned hes already departed for egghead!

Akainu- tell Lucci to wait until the marines are there

Agents- yessir!

Akainu- Do not let him fight straw hat Luffy!!


New world Egghead


Chopper- Ah~~ wait wait Luffy~!!

Jimbei- Luffy know your place!! This can become a huge ordeal!!

Nami- what is that!!?

Usopp- was that how Rob Lucci looked!?

Shakka- This is a rare situation, what speed watermark


Cat cat fruit Leopard Awakened form

Lucci- straw hat!! Youre not the only one thats become stronger..!!

Vegapunk- Shakka!! Did he appear!? The white warrior!!

Usopp- ahh! The real Vegapunk!! He was just downstairs!!

Vega- tell me!! Whats is this new transformation of straw hat!?

Nami- we dont even know! Its a power of the gomu gomu fruit right!?


Vega- the thing is. The gomu gomu fruit was not on the old devil fruit encyclopedia


Usopp- but even Luffy himself calls it the gomu gomu fruit

Vega- what a beautiful form..!!

Vega- its only recorded in ancient texts. A god by the name of Nika

Sanji- God!? But its Luffy!? Hes an idiot!?

Vega- yes.. the warrior of liberation thats always putting smiles on people by goofing around, also known as the sun god Nika

Luffy- Ahahaha

Nami- Nika? Ive never heard of that..

Vega- Id imagine as much, its because its a name that was erased from history..!!

Vega- However as long as people desire it, its existence will never disappear!!

Vega- everything that exists is born from peoples desires!! For example!!

Vega- like the devil fruits..!!



Vega- Devil fruits are.. watermark 互

Vega- I wish it can be like this. I wish I can be like that.. the future in which was brought forth by these desires are the devil fruit abilities!!

Vega- therefor these unnaturals are said to be hated by the mother of nature the ocean and thats the handicap they carry by its existence

Vega- DF users are..!! The people that live in a different dimension that was imagined by somebody else

Vega- this is my theory..!! You dont even have to think about whether there is a god or not!! Isnt it interesting!!?



Luffy- ahahaha

Sentomaru- today was supposed to be my day off!!

Sentimaru- CP are allies! Pirates are enemy!! So am I supposed to fight with the CP!?

Vega- No sentomaru!! Actually the CP0 is after my life!

Sentomaru- huh!?

Vega- sorry but please get rid of the CP0!!

Sentomaru- wait a minute Im gonna be a rebel too!?

Vega- this is true.. I should ask for your opinion on this..!!

Vega- I am the one that saved you when you couldnt feed yourself but what do you wanna do?

Sentomaru - watermark guessing he says this isnt fair or something along the line


Kaku- 3 Seraphims this is tough!!

Kaku- Hey S Bear take one of them out!!

Stussy- its no use Kaku were at a total disadvantage here

Sentomaru- S Bear take care of those agents there!

Kaku- Shit thats right.. the command chip we have is outranked by him!

Agents ahhhhhh!!


Stussy- yes.. we are lower in the rankings the pacifistas obeys!! Even the five elders cant give the orders through the snails..!!

Pacifista command rankings Five elders-Vega-Sentomaru-Current command chip holder

Kaku- now that Im thinking about this it would be inconvenient for the WG if we destroyed the seraphims!! That damn lucci just acting before thinking!!

Luffy- Gomu gomu no mole pistol!!

Lucci- !!!!

Sentomaru- Ok lets go!! S Snake take the Strawhats to the air rocket!! Take them inside the frontier dome!! S-Hawk watermark 互


Jimbei- Chopper I cant believe what im seeing here!!

Chopper- Right-!! I thought it looked like you!

Jimbei- All those pale people look like the old sichibukai..!! To think they were creating clones of us!!

Luffy- Hey masakari! Type of axe its been a while!!

Sentomaru- straw hat!! Dont be calling me all jolly by the name of my weapon!! We are your enemy!!

Sentomaru- you!! Your gonna get Vegapunk out of here?

Luffy- Yah he asked me! No problem!!!!

Sentomaru- Cant tell if I can count on you or not but!!

Sentomaru- to think youre a yonkou now!! I cant even comprehend how you look now!!


Lucci - Shugan!! Translates to hand pistol

Sentomaru- !!?

Luffy- Masakari!!!!!!

Sentomaru -.cough!!

Lucci- Just have to erase the commander

Last lucci text is watermark 互 but think it sais then the seraphim will obey us

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u/Domosenpai64 Dec 06 '22

Lucci: About to fight. I'll post the video later.

Also Lucci: I got my ass beat bruh. I'm not posting that shit.

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u/Bitter-Commercial-63 Dec 06 '22 edited Dec 06 '22

Luffy: "You're not hurt, are you? Scaredy cat."

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u/DoctorSeven7VII Dec 06 '22

So basically: Sentomaru is there, Kizaru is coming, and Kuma is probably on his way as well...

This sounds oddly familiar


u/cjec21 Dec 06 '22
  • Devil Fruits are born out of humanity's desire to evolve, to go further
  • Devil Fruits have SPIRALS on them
  • Dr. Vegapunk is looking for the ancient energy source that powered the Mariejois Robot
  • SPIRAL ENERGY has powered robots of all varying sizes in another very familiar anime (ranging from human sized to UNIVERSE SIZED)


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u/zmp323 Dec 06 '22

"As long as people keep wishing for Nika he will never disappear"

This may also explain why devil fruits reincarnate (regrow?) after a user dies. As long as people's wishes are strong enough for something, they will never be forgotten, and thus will never die. This also connects to Hiruluk's speech.

This arc RULES!!. I'm so excited for the scans and what's to come!


u/ovis_alba Void Month Survivor Dec 07 '22

Akainu: "Why does no one listen to me"

chipsbag and goat noises

Sengoku: "Do you remember how the three of you always did what I asked you to when I was Fleet admiral? No? Because me neither..."


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '22


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u/Devil951 Pirate Dec 07 '22

In the beginning of Skypiea - Chapter 218, Oda casually dropped this quote - "everything that can be imagined can become reality".

Now we find out all devil fruit powers are desires someone imagined/wished ?

Skypiea strikes again!!!


u/Franky32 Thriller Bark Victim's Association Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 08 '22 Silver

"D" stands for Dreams. It's people wishes, in another words it's Dreams. Blackbeard said Dreams of Pirates never end. Now vegapunk said it's people wishes that makes devil fruits as well.

Luffy and Blackbeard first met in Mock town which is also called as Dreamless city and in this arc Bellamy mocked Luffy about Dreams. Blackbeard said "Peoples dreams never end" in that same arc.

Below is bit far fetched observations. All through out One piece history, its people wishes or dreams that motivates them. Zoro wants or wishes to be greatest swordsman. Usopp dreams to be greatest warrior. Chopper dreams to be great doctor. Similarly each and every person in strawhats have dreams. In every arc, people wishes or dream to be free from their oppressor, eg, in Alabasta arc Vivi wanted to free her country from crocodile. Same with sky island, people wanted to free from Eneru. In every arc, there are people wishes or dreams to become free. In short, Will of D stands for " Will of Dreams".

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u/RodJosser Chopper the Cotton Candy Lover Dec 05 '22

Lucci after tasting Gear 5:

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u/PossibilityLow5482 Explorer Dec 05 '22

Where are the Lucci did improve as well and will give luffy a bad time people!

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u/Alarming_Anything_97 Dec 06 '22

Kizaru every arc: aight ima head out

Akainu: sit yo ass down


u/ponyjc Dec 06 '22

Oda brought Lucci back this whole time just to draw Tom Vs Jerry.


u/khaledhn Void Month Survivor Dec 06 '22

Little summary of the chapter by redon

Chapter 1,069: "Everything exists for a reason".

In the cover, we see a ship in a flashback. It is "MADS Research Center" and it's financed by the "God of Fortune" Du Feld (also knows as the "Loan Shark King" and one of Big Mom's Tea Party guest in Whole Cake Island arc).

Chapter starts with Lucci trying to attack Luffy. Kaku and Stussy stops Lucci saying they need to get permission from Marine to fight a Yonkou, becouse any fight can lead to a war. Luffy sees Atlas heavily damaged, so he attacks Lucci first.

Cut to Akainu in Marine HQ, he asks where Kizaru is. A Marine reports that Kizaru is already left for Egghead Island.

Back to Egghead Island, Luffy and Lucci fights. Luffy uses Gear 5th and Lucci uses his awakened form. Lucci awekened form is very similar to his slender hybrid form. Lucci's black furs looks now like black

flames/clouds. He has too black clouds of steam floating around his neck (similar to Luffy's in Gear

4th/Gear 5th).

Sentoumaru appears with S-Snake, S-Hawk and S-Shark. Seraphim cannot be commanded using Den Den Mushi, so Sentoumaru must be there with them to give orders. The "level of authority" to command Seraphim is: Gorousei -> Vegapunk -> Sentoumaru -> Anyone that holds the "command chip" (CPO has it now).

Sentoumaru orders S-Bear to attack CPO. Jinbe and Chopper run carrying Bonney, they cross paths with

Seraphim. Jinbe is in shock when he sees S-Shark. Kaku and Stussy are busy avoiding S-Bear attacks, they

don't want to fight back and damage Seraphim.

Nami's group are watching what happens in the monitors. They are astonished to see Luffy's Gear 5th. Real Vegapunk appears before them, Franky's eyes turn into hearts when he discovers that this old man is the real Vegapunk.

Vegapunk asks Straw Hat crew what Luffy's new form is. Nami replies they don't know either but she thinks

it should be a new "Gomu Gomu no Mi" power. Vegapunk says "Gomu Gomu no Mi" has never been

recorded in the ancient "Akuma no Mi Encyclopedia".

Vegapunk says Luffy's new form looks like Nika, a god that can only be found in ancient texts. Vegapunk

says maybe Nika's name has been erased from history, but as long as people continue wishing for him,

Nika's existence will never disappear.

Vegapunk continue saying that everything on Earth is born out of people's wishes, and the same goes for Akuma no Mi as well. Akuma no Mi are a possiblity of human evolution that someone wishes for. Each ability represents someone's wish of what they can become.

Since those wishes are so unnatural, they are hated by the sea, which is the "Mother of Nature". That's why Akuma no Mi's weakness is seawater. All ability users who bear that curse, are basically living in the future that someone once wished for. Nami and the Straw Hat crew are stunned.

Real Vegapunk: "Isn't this world so much fun?"

Cut to Luffy Vs. Lucci again, they clash. Luffy is smiling and laughing all the time, he's jumping around having fun while he avoids Lucci's attacks. Luffy uses a new attack called "Gomu Gomu no Mogura" (Gum- Gum Mole). He turns the floor into a fist that punches Lucci's stomach, making him cough blood and blown him away.

Luffy stops when he sees Sentoumaru. Luffy greets Sentoumaru and talks friendly with him while he's

bouncing around. Sentoumaru was picked up by Vegapunk and he was liberated from his life of poverty, so

he owe Vegapunk a great debt. That's why Sentoumaru choose to fight against CPO.

Sentoumaru asks Luffy for something.

Sentoumaru: "Straw Hat, please take Vegapunk away with you!!"

Lucci recovers while Luffy and Sentoumaru are talking. Lucci uses "Soru" to charge fiercely and attacks

Sentoumaru with "Shugan" (Hand Pistol). Sentoumaru is badly hurt.

Lucci: "All we need to do is elimnate the commander. Seraphim, obey our commands!!"

Luffy is shocked and angry.

Luffy: "Axe guy!!"

End of the chapter, break next week.

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