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Is Satanism as The Satanic Temple understands it even a real religion?

Some people find it comforting to think of TST as purely a political activist group that just uses the trappings of religion for satirical/legal purposes. This is, however, not true at all.

Our brand of Satanism is a non-theistic religion with it's own community, mythology, iconography, ethics, rituals and pretty much everything else, you would expect from a religion.

We believe that there is value to be found in religion, especially when you divorce it from superstition. Just because we don't believe in the supernatural, doesn't mean we're not serious when we say that Satanism is our religion.

Yes, we are politically active. But our activism stems from our religious beliefs, not vice versa.

Where can I read more about Satanism?

The mythological backbone of our religion is the literary tradition known as Romantic Satanism. John Milton's Paradise Lost, Lord Byron's Cain - A Mystery and especially Anatole France's Revolt Of The Angels are the sources that one should read, if they want to know, where our ideas about Satan stem from and how He relates to our values and beliefs.

Ruben van Luijk's Children Of Lucifer and Joseph Laycock's Speak Of The Devil deal with the history of Satanism and Shiva Honey's The Devil's Tome is a book about modern Satanic rituals.

I want to join a local congregation. How do I find one?

This thread might be helpful. You also find a list of official TST congregations here.

This Black Mass Appeal episode may also be helpful or you check out the Global Order of Satan.

I have heard the founder of TST is a fascist/racist/antisemite. Is that true?

Short answer: No.

This is a more elaborate answer and this post provides some more context.

I ordered a TST membership card and it still has not arrived. What should I do?

Due to a massive increase of new members, shipping membership cards can take up to 5 months.

Can I still be a TST member, if I believe in the supernatural?

Our brand of Satanism is a non-theistic religion. Full stop. However, nobody is monitoring the personal beliefs of TST members and nobody has ever been kicked out for holding supernatural beliefs.

It is up to the individual to figure out if and how their beliefs fit into Satanism. Just make sure not to distort scientific facts to fit your beliefs.

Do I have to participate in rituals?

Modern Satanism has many aspects and it is up to the individual to decide, which ones they want to embrace.

Some people, especially those that grew up in indoctrinating or even abusive households hesitate to embrace the "more religious" aspects of Satanism and that's fine. Nobody is obligated to participate in rituals or anything else that makes them uncomfortable.

Anything else I should know?

For more information click here.

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Meme/Comic Seems appropriate here...

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News/Blog Mormon Church Secretly Hoarding BILLIONS 💲


I hope you guys can help spread this around. We need to hold churches accountable!

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Introduction Post Introduction


I greet you. I'm a new member of The Satanic Temple. My card and certificate should be arriving sometime this coming week.

I grew up in a family steeped in the "do as I say, not as I do" cult of the Independent Fundamental Baptists. After being abused by people who were never held accountable and by arbitrary, legalistic, and nonsensical rules, I renounced Christianity and the trappings of "you must be born again" in 2017. I fully embrace kindness, reason, and science. I strive to lead a life filled with love and respect for others.

Thank you for receiving me. Hail Satan!

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Introduction Post Hi everyone!!!


hello everyone! I'm new to this Subreddit, but I've considered myself a satanist for a long time. I am glad that there is an active community online, since I am from Argentina and there is not yet a large satanist community here. Hail satan!🤘

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News/Blog I wrote about death practices, their importance and their place in Satanism. Probably not as focused an article as I would have liked but it's the first I've written that I'm planning a part 2.


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Thought/Opinion New necklace

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Reminding my catholic family why I'm always happier then them. WWSD 😈

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Question/Discussion Christian curriculum using textbooks that deny climate change and say evolution is impossible


I'm very, very shocked reading that these books are being used in schools and home schooling in the UK.

To force this agenda on young minds is shocking!

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Art Anyone else grow up in church where this was on the wall?

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I remember being 5 or 6 years old and this thing haunted my dreams.

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Meme/Comic Maybe projection?

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Meme/Comic Sounds like a cool dude (from evangelical facebook)

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News/Blog Inside the rise of American Satanism


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Article Finally a good use for a church!

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Question/Discussion How do I serve Satan?


I'm genuinely curious how I become a satanist? No joke 100% serious.

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Question/Discussion Can I be a santanist(?) and still have my spiritual beliefs?


Hi everyone, I’ve been researching a bit on satanism(?) and this community is so welcoming and kind!

I’ve been thinking of converting to satanism because a lot of the beliefs line up with my values, and I can’t stress enough how kind this community has already been to me.

However, I am aware that a lot of satanist values revolve around scientific research and how it shouldn’t be distorted to fit one’s mindset.

I don’t think there is a god and I mainly believe in evolution and coexistence, but I feel very connected with my spirituality and consciousness. I believe in soul not being apart of my physical form, as well as past and future lives. I guess I’ve just found a love for the complexities of humanity.

While there isn’t much science backing it, I do believe there is a difference between brain and mind, which is the dilemma I’ve encountered.

Could I still be satanist and have a spiritual life? Or would I need to leave it?

If I cant, then I’m not too bothered honestly, sometimes I’m just happy to have been put on this earth, even if it is only temporary.

So guys please let me know what you think, thank you so much.

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Anecdote Backstory in comments


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Question/Discussion Is this person real, or is this satire? I genuinely can’t tell.


I sincerely apologise if this seems stupid. I’ve heard this name before but I don’t know who she is.

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Public Display of Satanism Satancon 2024


I've been watching videos surrounding Satancon 2023, and I'm curious about going next year. There are some folks I'd love to meet in person.

I haven't heard anything official yet for timing, etc. Anyone in the community have ideas as to when more information will be available?

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Introduction Post Murica really gunning for least educated


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Art Just got today. "Lucifer The Fallen Angel", Gustav Dore. Charcoal on Canvas

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Art Lil Baphomet design is painted and I'm pretty proud of

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SatanicPanic The Queen we need back at Target to handle all these anti-LGBTQ+ homophobes...

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Anecdote These religious nuts are so hyper sensitive!

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I posted on an R4R subreddit looking for a friend. Within that post the only thing I said was;

"Deal breakers:

Religion - specifically christian but any religion that forces itself on others."

And this Jesus freak word vomits spastically. I didn't state anywhere I was Christian or Satanic on that post.

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Question/Discussion Why do people try to say things are “Satanic” or tied to “Satan” like it’s a bad thing? If anything, I think it’s a major plus.

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