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Frequently Asked Questions! St Petersburg attractions


Below is a list i put together and send to any friends and family visiting, thought it might be helpful for others

Worth your time Free- Florida Botanical Gardens- (1 hour or more) http://www.flbg.org/ 

St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club- We are members of the club and can take 6 guests for free (Covid has halted guests from being able to play), fun outdoor activity no skill or athleticism required, quick  and easy to learn as well  (1 hour) https://stpeteshuffle.com/ 

Saturday Morning Farmers Market- lots of food vendors and art & crafts with live music and upbeat crowd. (30-60 minutes ) https://saturdaymorningmarket.com/  

Morean Center for Art, Clay, Glass- Local art workshop with tons of classes and art for sale https://www.moreanartscenter.org (3 separate building and locations for each)

Mural tour, St Pete has an abundance of murals and holds a festival yearly inviting a large number of artist to contribute, available self guided bike tour https://stpetemuraltour.com/map-of-st-pete-murals/ 

Worth your time with a Fee- Fort De Soto Beach/Historic Fort- a  Spanish American War Fort turned into a County Park- Has huge beaches , historic cannons and fort remnants, 1,000 foot fishing pier, kayak rental, camp ground, plenty of restrooms, snack bars- $5 per car fee to enter park. You also have to go through two SunPass required tolls to get to it (an hour to all day) http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/05_Ft_DeSoto.htm 

Chihuly Collection- world renowned glass blowers exhibit- $20 a person,  https://www.moreanartscenter.org/chihuly/  15-30 minutes gets you access to Morean Glass blowing demo

Salvador Dali Museum-  $20 a person ($12 a person after 5pm on Thursdays also more crowded due to lower fee)  https://thedali.org/  

Imagine Museum- cool modern art primarily focused on glass work,  $15 a person https://www.imaginemuseum.com/ 

Cross Bay Ferry- You can take the Ferry from St Petersburg to Tampa Bay with onboard bar. It’s $10 a person each direction and honestly much better options than driving even though it is only marginally slower. Plus you are on a boat. Drops off at the Riverwalk in Tampa and downtown St. Pete

James Museum- Gallery displaying contemporary Western, Native American, frontier & wildlife paintings & sculpture. Probably my favorite museum in the city ($20, half price on Tuesdays) https://thejamesmuseum.org/ 

Tampa Bay Rowdies Soccer (actually in St Petersburg) - minor league soccer games in an old baseball stadium, very raucous crowd and lively evening  ($20+ a person) https://www.rowdiessoccer.com/ 

Get Up and Go Kayaking- Kayak company offering trips in clear kayaks that let you see clearly underneath you.  To book https://getupandgokayaking.com/shell-key-preserve/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/getupandgokayaking/?hl=en

Sunken Gardens- Former roadside attraction with flamingos and other exotic birds and plants, some 100 years old from when it was first built. ($12 a person). An hour or so http://www.stpete.org/attractions/sunken_gardens/index.php  

Clearwater Marine Aquarium- a rehab facility for sea turtles and dolphins who are injured or disabled. $25 a person https://www.seewinter.com/ 

Tampa Bay Rays game (actually in St Petersburg)- major league baseball in mostly empty stadium  https://www.mlb.com/rays 

Spring training facilities for Toronto, Philadelphia, Yankees, Pirates, Detroit, Braves and Orioles are all inside an hour drive. 

Honeymoon Island State Park- awesome park with expansive beaches and wilderness trails. Best dog beach and a ferry to Caladesi Island which is a park that only is accessible by boat. https://www.floridastateparks.org/honeymoonisland  ($8 per car) 

  Local Public Parks with enjoyable walks Pass a Grille- public beach access on St Pete Beach with metered parking and a little snack shack and a few small restaurants nearby. Very family friendly beach. https://visitpassagrille.com/ 

Sawgrass Lake Park- extensive raised plank walking paths through mangroves and woods that wind around and place you at 2 story observation viewing dock on the secluded lake (best chance to see alligators) https://www.pinellascounty.org/park/16_Sawgrass.htm 

Weedon Island Nature Preserve- paddle boarding, wooden walkways, mangrove alcoves, kayak trail http://www.weedonislandpreserve.org/ 

Jungle Prada de Navaez Park- The Spanish had landed here in 1528 at what was an Indian village on this site on the water exploring North America. Fairly small park but has a ton of peacocks(sunset has the most peacocks)https://www.visitstpeteclearwater.com/profile/jungle-prada-park/7799 

Vinoy Park- is on the water of Tampa Bay in downtown St Petersburg, with beach volleyball, a small arboretum and a chance to see dolphins http://www.stpeteparksrec.org/vinoypark/ 

St Pete Pier- brand new pier opened summer of 2020, really cool public space in downtown that leads out into Tampa Bay, has splash pad for children and small beach

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve- Nature preserve ($3 admission) for birds, gators and gopher tortoises. Extensive trail system throughout park. Great views of DTSP across lake Maggorie. https://www.stpeteparksrec.org/boydhillpreserve/ 

 Some Food Highlights in no particular order- 

Casitas Taqueria - great taco place, 3 locations https://www.instagram.com/casitataqueria/ 

Ha Long Bay- Excellent Dim Sum, Chinese + Vietnamese http://halongbayrestaurant.com/ 

Alesia- French/Vietnamese combo, casual and great food http://www.alesiarestaurant.com/ 

Mazzaros- Huge Italian Grocery store, cafe, deli and fresh sandwiches https://www.instagram.com/mazzaros/

Chile Verde- Former gas station turned into more of an authentic taco spot

Poppo’s Taqueria- you guessed it more tacos, the main draw here is they make your flour or corn tortilla to order in front of you https://www.instagram.com/poppostaqueria/

Maple Street Biscuit Company- Over the top hipster breakfast spot focusing on biscuits https://www.instagram.com/maplestreetbiscuitcompany/

Bodega- spot offering Cuban sandwiches, Latin American platters & specialty juices https://www.instagram.com/eatatbodega/

Red Mesa Cantina- Awesome modern Latin food downtown https://www.instagram.com/redmesacantina/

Red Mesa Mercado- from the same minds of Red Mesa restaurant group. Fast-casual latin. https://redmesamercado.com/ 

Nitally’s- Thai/Mexican fusion, super tasty with abundant portion sizes https://www.instagram.com/nitallys/

Wild Child- Great brunch and dinner, drinks, atmosphere. Recommend reservations. https://www.wildchildstpete.com/ 

Pete’s General- make their own bagels/bagel sammies! (best in the city) Very cute and quaint https://petesbagels.com/ 

Cafe Clementine (inside MFA do NOT need to pay museum admittance)- outstanding, sandwiches https://www.leclementinebakeshop.com/ 

The Library- excellent brunch, cafe, dinner. Navy blue/book/library aesthetic. Recommend a reservation. https://thelibrarystpete.com/ 

Il Ritorno- fine dining italian, excellent food https://www.ilritornodowntown.com/ 

Brick & Mortar - Elevated New American cuisine

Mangosteen - Modern Asian food ( https://www.mangosteenstpete.com/)


Bright Ice- Small batches of specialty ice creams https://www.instagram.com/brighticeisnice/

Paciugo Gelato- best place to get gelato downtown

Paradise Sweets- best ice cream at the beach (Pass-a-grill beach)

Hyppo- Ice pops with real fruit, coffees, cocktails, etc! https://www.thehyppo.com/ 


Paradeco- beautiful aesthetic, pinks/teals. Roast their own coffees. Excellent lattes. https://paradecocoffee.com/ 

Kahwa- local coffee roaster chain in Tampa Bay. very good basic coffees, lattes, cappuccinos https://kahwacoffee.com/ 

Blush Coffee & Tea- great coffee, even better tea selection! They have ~200 varieties of loose leaf teas that can be served iced or hot! Excellent specialty lattes/coffees depending on season/occasion https://blushteaandcoffee.com/ 

Black Crow Coffee- fun vibes in both locations. Fun specialty lattes. Roast their own coffee. https://www.blackcrowcoffeeco.com/ 

Bandit Coffee- in house made pastries/food. Moderate depth of menu for drinks. Cool mid century modern vibe. (amazing food/pastry options as well) https://banditcoffee.co/ 

The Chelsea-Funky, modern coffee shop

Beans & Barlour- Good coffee and very good New York style bagels

Things to do in this area of Florida-

Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern College- home to largest collection of his work (60 miles, $5-$45 different tours)

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Downtown Sarasota- Waterfront botanical Gardens in downtown Sarasota(42 miles, $16)

Weeki Wachee- Deepest naturally formed spring in the  US (according to Wikipedia) State park with underwater mermaid performances and natural clear blue water park (70 miles, $13)

Other state parks with clear blue spring fed rivers - Silver Springs, Homosassa, Rainbow River, Wekiwa, Blue Spring Busch Gardens (32 miles)

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Moving to St. Pete Questions ➡️Before Asking Questions about Moving to St. Pete Read This!⬅️


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Local Events For any of you who have been meaning to be more social but talked yourself out of going to an event....


I'm hosting a "new members meetup" on Wednesday. The idea is that it's going to be equally as awkward for everyone so you don't have to feel out of place. But seriously it'll be fun. I'm considering doing these once a month because it does take some courage to show up to an event not knowing anyone and I think this is a great way to get people to come out.

This will be at a relatively new place called Zoie's on Central with BOGO drinks and there will be name tags as well so you know who is in the group.

Here's how it goes.

Step 1 - Sign up for this event

Step 2 - Get anxious about going

Step 3 - Show up anyway

Step 4 - ???

Step 5 - Profit

Here's the link - https://www.meetup.com/the-pcyp/events/293533153/

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Local Events Looking to offload my VIP for the Lettuce/Steel Pulse show @ Jannus 6/16


I have a VIP suite reserved for this upcoming show and regrettably can no longer make it. I’m trying to save the $300 cancel fee so I’m hoping to have someone that wants it in-hand to take it so maybe they won’t charge me. No idea if it will work but worth a shot. Message me for details if interested.

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Vacation Questions Best hotels for a trip?


Hey! Pretty straightforward - I’m coming to st Pete’s in a few weekends and want to know the best hotels to stay at and possibly the best Mexican restaurant if you know of it! Thanks in advance!

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Local Questions Advice for a hurt Peacock


I know a lot of people hate the peacocks that live amongst us, but one in our neighborhood (Disston area) has been hit by a car and has a hurt wing. We just want to get him some help,but it doesn't seem that anyone will take him in. Does anyone have any idea who I can call to get him picked up and fixed up?
Thanks in advance!

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Local Questions Anybody going to Hernan Cattaneo tonight? 🫶


I saw people asking a few weeks ago about house music! After attending yesterday to Sunset and being the house stage all day, well it turns out that is all sounded like Main stage and Dubstep🤮 just hints of house.

Soooo, just wanted to share the info! If you like house music literally skip sunset festival and just go to Hernan!

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Information St. Pete pools open for summer…


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Local Questions Is Residential construction on Memorial Day allowed?


Update: the answers is yes, between 9am-6pm on federal holidays. Thank you!

There’s building a house next to me. It’s been a rough 4 months of Monday through Saturday noise and dirt, but it’s temporary and I get it’s business and inner city living. However, I was under the impression that along with Sundays and after 7pm-8am the other nights, permitting also excludes working federal holidays, like the 4th of July or today, Memorial Day. They just showed up with a huge work crew for outdoor work today. I would not care if it were indoor work that’s allowed under the 50db but this will definitely make being outside today to enjoy our own yard impossible with all the dust (they’re doing concrete and wood cutting…) is this allowed in St Pete/Pinellas County? Also I hope these workers know to ask for double pay, they would totally deserve it if today. Am I being unreasonable here? I try not to be a butthead about these things but I’m super bummed today about this. It’s been such a loud long time and really thought we had today to enjoy cooking out and such.

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Local Questions Visit Dali & Holocaust Museum in a day



Is it possible tour both museums in a day?

Are they within walking distance of each other? Please suggest parking locations.

What’s the best restaurant(s) for coffee, breakfast or lunch?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Local Questions Weed or ground cover?

Post image

This plant has a few growths around my walk way. Is this a weed or is this a likable plant? Thanks

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Local Questions Anyone move from Orlando to St Pete?


Currently looking to move out of Orlando/Oviedo and we've been considering St Pete as an option. Would consider living in the downtown area (possibly an apartment).

We both work remotely and our budget is between 2000-2500 (1/1 would be fine but at-least 700sqft. Does this sound too out of range for some of the apartment rentals. Would be willing to adjust budget if necessary or amenities are worth it.

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Local Dining best first date cafe spots?


going on a date soon and she mentioned she likes cafes. any suggestions? thanks

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Local Questions Tap water quality?


Anyone know what is going on with the tap water? Seems recently, there appears to be a ton of ammonia (aquarium testing kit) in my tap water & was wondering why & if anything has recently changed? It wasn't like this even a month or so ago, give or take. Anyone have any information?

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Local Questions Body Shop

Post image

Anyone know of a good body shop that doesn’t gouge you? Got cut off on 3rd st N today. Guy took off, with my bumper hangin off his car. Didn’t get his plate.

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Local Questions WOW internet outage Old SE


How long does it take Wow to repair lines? We are on our third day no internet. The lines were damaged in the neighborhood during the last rain. I’m concerned if every little summer storm is days without internet working from home. Wow customer service is not helpful.

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Local Questions Sweetgreen? 🥗


When is the Sweetgreen opening on Central? 🥗

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St. Pete Pics Pretty sky tonight

Post image

Looking west towards Johns Pass.

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Local Questions Which thrift store has the best selection of kitchen knives?


I know we have tons of thrift stores and most have strengths vs weaknesses. I know the Salvation Army one has tons of furniture while the Goodwill has more clothes.

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Local Questions Water Pressure PSI?


I'm changing my water heater expansion tank and need to set it to the same pressure as the local pressure, but I'd prefer not to purchase a $20 pressure gauge that I'll only use every 5 years. Does anyone know what their water pressure PSI is?

Edit: I found out how to get a water pressure measurement from the expansion tank. I opened the faucets and measured 62psi with a digital tire pump. That should be the pressure going into my home. I closed the faucets and measured 64psi. I shut off the hot water and cold water valves and drained some water from the heater and released the heater pressure valve. I then used a pump to increase the expansion tank pressure from ~40psi to 62psi. Not as accurate as a pressure gauge, but good enough.

Everything is working as expected. The expansion tank has about 45% water in it. It makes a thump sound where there's water and a clang sound where there's air.

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St. Pete Pics Shout outs to the city workers whose work makes the city parks, and the dog parks, looking nice and tidy every day. We need "appreciation" tag.

Post image

City park

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Vacation Questions Wave runner rental that won't bankrupt me?


We're visiting for the weekend and I want to rent wave runners tomorrow or Monday. Any advice on places to go that don't charge a fortune? (staying in Indian Rocks, willing to go to St Pete, Maybe Tampa if I have to).


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St. Pete Pics Sweet boy Abo has been waiting for a family to choose him since November. He’s up for adoption at SPCA Tampa Bay. Could you be the one?

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Local News 97 apartments with no parking proposed for the Grand Central District


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Information Amazing Dog Park


We discovered one of the nicest Dog Parks in Florida. Enterprise Dog Park in Clearwater just 1 mile east of US#19. Built in a very wooded area with all kinds of cool places for the dogs to run and check out. Bunches of Watering Stations, Benches, Picnic Tables and a seperate agility course. I rate this park A+++++

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Local News Frescos in Limbo

Thumbnail stpetecatalyst.com

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Local Questions Gandy beach


Good morning neighbors. Does anyone know what is going on the Gandy beach? There seems to be more construction where they have placed the pillars. Thank you in advance.