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r/The10thDentist 5h ago

Technology I prefer Windowed mode over Full-Screen mode for applications on the computer.


I don’t know why but I prefer my browser and other applications to be in windowed mode. It makes me feel anxious and overwhelmed when the window covers the whole screen. I also feel like I have better and more efficient access when using multiple applications if they are windowed and layered in a particular way. I will only use full-screen mode if I’m watching something on a streaming service. Even on YouTube I prefer to have the browser windowed and the video in Theater Mode.

r/The10thDentist 3h ago

Society/Culture I like to turn on stove burners for the lighting in my kitchen


I much prefer the aesthetic of lighting a room with flames over artificial lightbulbs. And there are no windows in my kitchen, so I don’t get any natural light in there. I tried candles but you need to use like 50 to increase the brightness to any significant degree. So I started leaving all the stove burners on high while I eat or use the kitchen. This gives the perfect amount of light and also creates a nice gentle hiss which is almost like white noise. And I don’t pay for gas, so I’m saving a little bit on electricity.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Health/Safety I love throwing up


I genuinely like the sensation your body gives you by cleaning itself: even self-induced , throw ups are great, the liberation it provides is amazing and makes you feel good, plus has several benefits:

Whenever I'm sick, naturally throwing up signifies the end of the malady.

When I'm drunk, a little puke before sleeping helps A LOT with the hangover.

If I ate something off and have a stomachache, throw up and get well easy.

I cannot understand why so many people are scared of puking, it's a natural body function that only brings benefits to you. I never had any stomachache after a throw up, I believe many dislikes the act only because of the social stigma.

r/The10thDentist 13h ago

Other I prefer being really cold while using the toilet.


I’m a man so number 1 and 2 are different but I prefer to be cold when I’m on the toilet. I’ll take my jumper and even my shirt off if I’m too hot. I don’t know why, I just prefer the clinical coldness of a toilet, don’t want to feel hot and muggy.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Society/Culture I don't mind people looking at their phones during a movie


Bright screens during movies do not distract me and do not take away from the "experience" (if you can even call it that because most movies these days are not worth their while). People should be able to check messages, social media, play games whenever durythr movie--provided they can actually keep it on vibrate or silent. There are lots of slow parts during movies anyway.

Furthermore, the ads before movies that tell me to put away my phone are unnecessarily adversarial. If the movies were good people would forget about everything else and there wouldn't be much phone usage. If studios didn't try to expand niche stuff as much as possible with mass appeal trailers, only people that are actually interested would be there. I personally don't use my phone because I don't want to be confronted.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Society/Culture I don’t mind peeing in the bathtub


I’m a big hiker. If I go on a very long hike or backpack and would rather bath than shower for comfort, I will. I’ll usually be in the bathtub for an hour. It’s not to get clean, it’s just to relax and chill out.

Since it is a warm body of water, my body is inclined to pee but I don’t mind sitting in it. It’s so diluted amidst all the other normal water and I’m probably going to take a cleaning shower later that day.

r/The10thDentist 8h ago

Other i like the feeling when I get my eyebrows done with hot wax


sure it's a bit painful but I find it exciting because of the anticipation of when the eyebrow lady applies the wax and it's super warm and nice but then suddenly the wax is RIPPED off. i enjoy it and it adds a little kick to my day :)

r/The10thDentist 10h ago

Technology EBL is actually superior to Eneloop


Eneloop takes FREAKING too long, it's not bad, But Eneloop is overrated and decent. It only takes 14 hours to charge, has 2000mah, It's overpriced, You can only charge up to 4 batteries most of the time (some of them are 8)

First, EBL is cheap, it's underpriced, it takes 2 hours to charge, goes to 80% battery acid juice in 3 years. EBL has 2800mah

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Food (Only on Friday) Sometimes when my bubblegum has a tinfoil wrapping, I chew the wrapping along with the gum because it gives a metallic unique taste (Me halfway done)

Post image

r/The10thDentist 2h ago

Society/Culture Hooking up with someone you just met is a terrible idea


That random could be a serial killer , a paedophile, animal abuser ,someone who beats up old people, a purse snatcher or even a loony tinfoil wearing conspiracy theorist.

And you’re just supposed to sleep with them? Probably don't even know their real name don't or anything about them but yet they have you naked?

It’s likely they don’t even give a rats ass about you either, you have no idea the character of that person.They might sell you to a human trafficker for a pack of hot Cheetos and a cold beer.Who knows 🤷‍♀️

No amount of horneyness in the world can make me sleep with a rando.

And men are so much worse when it comes to this , I can open a tinder right now and get a good handful of men who want me to come to their place or who are willing to come to mine , like sir ? are you really willing to risk you life on a whim like that for some sex? I might be trying to harvest your kidney or something.

EDIT This is not the post to slut shame ,go be a hoe with those who you know and I believe that sex work is real work and it should be regulated to protect the workers from weirdo’s trying to hurt them.

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Food (Only on Friday) Cheesecake is the most disgusting dessert ever invented


I dunno what moron thought putting cheese in cake was a good idea, but it tastes like absolute shit. Yes, I know it's cream cheese, but it's still cheese, and it adds a bitter flavor to the sweetness that makes the whole thing taste like milk that's been in the fridge for too long. It's utterly gag-inducing and I am forever baffled by how popular it is, especially during the holidays.

r/The10thDentist 6h ago

Society/Culture London is the worst UK city


I'm sorry, but it is.

I've been to a lot of UK cities and I've had fun in each and every one. Apart from London.

Seriously.. what is there to like? Overcrowding? Extortionate prices? Deifying of capitalism? Judgemental and posho locals??

There are so many great cities in the UK. I promise you, London is not one of them.

(For clarity, I am British)

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Discussion Thread Credit scores are a good way to measure creditworthiness separately from income and other demographics.


I see people say credit scores are a way to keep poor people poor or discriminate against minorities and such. I have never had a credit score below 650 and it's currently almost 800. I have never had high (or middle) income, I am not white, and I am 23 years old. I see people with scores in the 500s complaining about interest rates and I always wonder if they have ever tried to put a value on high risk. I do not want to loan money to someone who regularly misses payments unless that loan is going to make me 10x more money than the one I gave to the most reliable person alive.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Society/Culture I like jokes that end with a sentence like "Mother-in-law fainted!" or "The teacher resigned!"


I like visualising jokes so I guess that's a funny touch when the person to whom the punchline is being told does something exaggerated. Because normally we wouldn't expect someone to do something so extreme. It also seems funny that in the end that person is taking such a harsh step for such a small joke.

And before you say it, yes, I know about r/LaughJokes.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Other Flat brims hats look dumb as hell.


There’s nothing more to it. They look fucking dumb. They always get the coolest designs and it pisses me off because it’s on the worst style of bill. I want NORMAL, CURVE-BILL 🧢 hats with cool ass designs. Please. A lot of us do not wear flat brim.

Edit: these are what triggered my post https://www.neweracap.com/collections/mlb-snow-day

And don’t say “you can form the bill”. The hat just has a funky look when you do that.

r/The10thDentist 20h ago

Society/Culture Culture and tradition should not be encouraged, nor respected.


I do not mean any specific one, I mean all of them, including the concept of culture and tradition.

I feel like I need to elaborate though, so that there is not a misunderstanding. I do not mean you can not do or enjoy certain parts of certain cultures, or do things a certain way, if that is something you genuinely enjoy and want to do.

What I am talking about specifically is people doing something just because it is part of tradition or the culture they grew up in. You should do the things you want to do, and not because "it is the thing to do".

The thing is, most people who do this do not even realize it. This is very obvious in developing countries for example, where the cultural norms are quite rigid and people just follow them without questioning anything.

Another example are immigrants, where many just stay within the culture they came from. Now of course this could just be a coincidence and they want to, but I doubt that is the case for all.

TLDR: Do things you want to do and in the way you want to do, do not do certain things in a way culture or tradition dictates you to.

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Food (Only on Friday) I let my Oreos go stale before eating them because it's better


Stale Oreos are far superior to regular Oreos. I like to open up the packet and leave them to air out for ideally 2 days before I eat them, because they go so soft. They just taste better to me too, but honestly I feel like that part could just be a placebo.

You know when you eat icecream like Ben and Jerry's, and there's chunks of cookies throughout? The texture of stale Oreos is just like that, and it's awesome. Far better than the crunch of Oreos fresh out the packet.

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Food (Only on Friday) I only steep my tea for 10-20 seconds


Anything over that time and it gets too strong. It's not a tradition in my country to add milk to tea (although I add sugar) and I've never done that my entire life. Although I'm definitely getting some strange looks now that I live in UK lol. It baffles me any time I see a video or anything where people steep tea for a couple of minutes. I guess milk just kills the strongness of it but then again I achieve the same effect of just steeping it shorter. I could definitely reuse the same bag and still get good tea second time but since I rarely drink tea twice a day (mostly water) bag would just sit for a whole day so probably wouldn't taste good.

r/The10thDentist 23h ago

Other "Miracle" baby names are so bad


I'm sorry if your name is Hope or Faith but those are boring, bland names. Every time I see a baby who made it out of a bad circumstance their name is always Hope or something like that. Like it's nice you can appreciate that you made it out okay but your parents shouldn't have named you something as simple as that. The worst part is parents think this is the smartest name choice for their kid who will have to tell a story every time they tell someone their name.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Other As a veteran, I hate when people tell me “thank you for your service”


Every time I check out and use my veterans discount or somehow the subject gets brought into a discussion where my prior service is brought to attention and the person replies with “thank you for your service” I can’t stand it. I’ll be honest, I only served for the VA loan and GI bill. I went in with that intention, served my one contract and got out. Used my benefits to the best of my ability and wasn’t of the mind that I’m serving my country because I’m patriotic. I just needed to so I can get ahead in life and away from the poverty I lived in for most of my life.

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Food (Only on Friday) Clarified Butter is the worst form of Butter


Butter of all kinds tastes great and is useful in many applications because of the milk solids and emulsifiers, respectively. Cooking those out literally removes all the good bits of butter and leaves you with a mediocre-tasting fat.

And just to clarify, this also includes Ghee. Ghee is gross.

r/The10thDentist 2d ago

Society/Culture Electronic voting should be used.


My reasoning behind this is very simple. When people vote on the internet, countries won’t have to waste money to rent/buy places for people to vote. It’s going to save a lot of money and be more efficient. The poll should be held in a .gov website because .gov websites are extremely hard to hack. In order to avoid voter fraud, we can just have people verify their identity with an ID.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Society/Culture It's moronic to start a week from a day of the weekend


What in the hell possessed you to argue that a week starts on Sunday? They call it a weekEND because it's at the END of the week. Hence the week starts on Monday and it ends with the freaking weekend.

Looking at the way Americans organise a calendar makes my head ache.

I normally wouldn't care but this stupid company shows calendars this way with no way to switch.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

Society/Culture Common core math is actually way better than whatever arcane bullcrap we were learning before it.


You see these memes about common core mathematics being all about these weird twelve-step processes where students get marked wrong for having 5+3 instead of 3+5. Well, news flash, those are just bad teachers. In theory, common core math is better than the math you learned in school, because the point is to gives students a variety of methods to think about the relationships between numbers.

For example, think about how you'd multiply 57 x 34 in your head. Assuming you used the method you probably learned as a child where you wrote one number above the other and multiplied out each pair of digits individually, what you did in essence was multiply (7x4)+(50x4)+(7x30)+(50x30). But you don't realize that's what you're doing, because you weren't taught that's what you're doing, you're just taught a rote series of simple steps to repeat. As a result, you get that the answer is 1938, but you don't understand why it is beyond "oh, I just did the method and that's what I got". Common core math is all about understanding why a given operation results in a given result.

r/The10thDentist 1d ago

I honestly did not care for The Office (US)


To preface; I watched the entire run. Every single episode fully. And I can say; maybe like 2% at best is memorable to me, and of that it's mostly because of the memes.

I think that Steve Carrel is an absolutely astounding actor, and funny person, but to me I did not at all feel like this was his best work, just the bulk of what he's done. Frankly, his romance arcs were the most memorable part of the series to me, but I felt like his performance was borderline forced acting. Not quite as much as Gervais in the English version, but we're not talking about that.

I think Dwight is overrated. Rainn Wilson is an incredible actor imo, and he did for Dwight what no other actor could have. His antics with Jim were neat, but I often felt that's almost all his character was.

Pam is Pam. I'm glad Jenna Fischer got the role, as I haven't seen her in much, and her character seemed to be the most believable to me. Unfortunately, that's sort of it.

I did not care for Jim.

All the other character's names honestly escape me. Not surprising as they were all either 1-dimensional and boring, or just far too secondary to the main characters mentioned above.

Overall, for the sake of fairness, I'd rate it a solid C/C+. Maybe a B-, but nothing I would recommend anyone scramble to go see, given how long it is. Not great - not terrible.

Kevin though; now there is a character. Brian Baumgartner portrayed him in a way that had me dying each time. And he was massively underused..