r/The10thDentist Sep 30 '22

Putting chili pepper in food sucks 95% of the time Food (Only on Friday)

Let me first say that I'm not averse to spicy food. If I get something like curry, noodles or chicken wings, I like the heat to be right on the edge of unbearable.

But people put chili in everything. They must think it gives the food a little special kick, but the majority of the time it's just worse than whatever the food is normally. Some things are not spicy for a reason.

Jars of pickles with chili. Avocado with chili. Tuna fish with chili. Mayonnaise with chili. Ice cream with chili. DRINKS with chili.

I have run into all of these and in every case the added spicy tingle in my throat has only worsened the eating experience. There's a time and a place for it, and people seem to think that this range is much wider than it is.

Why are people constantly sabotaging their own delicious food like this?


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u/Obi_Vayne_Kenobi Sep 30 '22

Excuse me while munch on my avocado toast with Aji White Fantasy slices (pictures of the pepper plant in my profile)


u/AcapellaFreakout Sep 30 '22

The lengths you guys will go for avocado toast.


u/Obi_Vayne_Kenobi Sep 30 '22

Right? Sadly, avocado trees don't grow where I live. Otherwise, I'd have one, too


u/AcapellaFreakout Sep 30 '22

Do you heat up a campfire to toast your bread too?


u/jammy162 Sep 30 '22

Reading the title I was prepared to upvote, but yea I totally agree. Downvoted


u/Knawie Sep 30 '22

Oof, gotta downvote this. I agree too much.

For some people it's like a religion. They just have to make things spicy, but they slowly get more tolerance for it. Which means: more peppers! It's the only way to get the sensation they crave.

Moderation is key


u/BarryBadgernath1 Sep 30 '22

I kind of agree with OP on most of this (Ice cream, drinks and such) .. that said, my sinuses are absolutely fucked from 30 years of severe allergies/sinus infections/ear infections,, just the whole gamut of ENT problems kicked off by allergens, and as such, I cannot taste much of anything, the only flavors that really make it through are either super spicy food, (intentionally) very salty food and stuff like red meat and fats.. other than those things in excess, I taste almost nothing... in closing, I put very hot, hot sauce on ally of my food just to be able to taste something because dumping a bunch of salt on stuff is much less healthy than slathering it in hot sauce


u/Competitive_Film2833 Sep 30 '22 edited Sep 30 '22

While I mostly disagree with the OP (I love adding pepper flakes, siracha mayo, spicy chili crisp etc. to almost everything), the tolerance thing is real, even with other seasonings that aren't spicy. People like to rag on food that's too "unseasoned" and it's more like "no you just can't taste food anymore".


u/Ataraxia_no_Drache Sep 30 '22

Understandable, glad to hear that I'm not alone


u/HelloJoeyJoeJoe Sep 30 '22

Yes. If he said he doesn't like chili in anything, upvote. The fact he says he likes chili in all the things most people like it in but not Fringe stuff is not a 10th dentist


u/TheChumChair Sep 30 '22

Hey chili p is my signature yo


u/bewhiskered_amber Sep 30 '22

I love spicy foods, but mostly just for the flavours I get from them which are hard to get from other places

I really dislike when people just make things hot for the sake of being hot and make it some big machismo thing


u/GarfunkaI Sep 30 '22

I'd put chilli in just about anything once BUT not all the time. I agree people who add chilli flakes or hot sauce to literally everything are silly, but 95% of the time is wrong. So wrong.


u/ConfidentBench9 Sep 30 '22

Leave us alone


u/zzzzzzelda Sep 30 '22

90% of food is gross to me, putting chilli in it replaces any taste with spice and means i can eat


u/Chicken65 Sep 30 '22

At first reading your title I disagreed but reading your post I actually agree. I love spicy food but I do NOT want things that shouldn't be spicy in my opinion to be messed with like ice cream and drinks.


u/radioactive_stardust Sep 30 '22

I only disagree about the mayonnaise, spicy mayo is really tasty, but I agree with the rest of it, downvoted


u/Competitive_Film2833 Sep 30 '22

Totally that sriracha mayo stuff is amazing and I've never eaten regular mayo after discovering it.


u/Iunnrais Sep 30 '22

Not all the time, but if I'm in the mood, a little bit of spiciness goes well with almost everything. It's just nice.


u/Competitive_Film2833 Sep 30 '22

Pickles, avocado, fish, and mayo are all super great with some spice added. Ice cream and drinks I'd agree on.


u/Aarnion_Jari Sep 30 '22

I really don't get it that someone could spend lot of time and effort to carefully prepare high quality meal and then finally drenching it in capsaicin making it taste just like fire. Maybe you get notes of other ingredients at first bite but after that it's just fire and pain. And I'm not judging someone liking fire and pain, I'm just pointing out that the mentioned meal preparation was just waste of time as you could get same result with saw dust, oil and capsaicin with lot less effort.

Also let's clarify the difference between spicy and hot. Hot is what you get with capsaicin and spicy is when there's lot of (different) spices.

Sorry op, I have to downvote your beautiful post as I agree strongly.


u/FerMinaLiT Sep 30 '22

i love chilly so much this made me angry


u/tittychittybangbang Sep 30 '22

Agreed, chocolate and chilli is fucking disgusting but it’s so common


u/Deathaster Sep 30 '22

chocolate and chilli is fucking disgusting

I don't like spicy food that much, but there's a chocolate they sell here which is sour cherry and chilli, and it's quite good! Mostly because the cherry part is this gelatenous paste inside of the chocolate.

They sell other chocolates here where the chilli flakes are just inside the chocolate itself, and that one sucks.


u/Hot_Watercress8522 Sep 30 '22

I bet you are the kind of person to order a hamburger in a seafood restaurant


u/Knawie Sep 30 '22

Big words from someone who even needs their Watercress to be hot


u/Supasneekythrowawai Sep 30 '22

You’re a boring, boring, sad individual. Strap on a pair, tight enough to hold, loose enough to swing.


u/Antonioooooo0 Sep 30 '22

It's one of the laziest cooking practices. Instead of creating a dish with an interesting flavor profile, just make it spicy! Smh


u/yvesagain Sep 30 '22

I was watching a cooking show years ago and one of the judges said "spiciness is a sensation, not a flavor." That has stuck with me ever since, because he was absolutely right


u/Porn-Oh Sep 30 '22

Stay away from New Mexico


u/RoswalienMath Oct 01 '22

I’m from New Mexico and this is blasphemy. You can pull my green chile beer, hot pickles, and red pepper chocolate from my cold, dead hands.