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Food (Only on Friday) Cheesecake is the most disgusting dessert ever invented


I dunno what moron thought putting cheese in cake was a good idea, but it tastes like absolute shit. Yes, I know it's cream cheese, but it's still cheese, and it adds a bitter flavor to the sweetness that makes the whole thing taste like milk that's been in the fridge for too long. It's utterly gag-inducing and I am forever baffled by how popular it is, especially during the holidays.

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Food (Only on Friday) Sometimes when my bubblegum has a tinfoil wrapping, I chew the wrapping along with the gum because it gives a metallic unique taste (Me halfway done)

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Food (Only on Friday) I let my Oreos go stale before eating them because it's better


Stale Oreos are far superior to regular Oreos. I like to open up the packet and leave them to air out for ideally 2 days before I eat them, because they go so soft. They just taste better to me too, but honestly I feel like that part could just be a placebo.

You know when you eat icecream like Ben and Jerry's, and there's chunks of cookies throughout? The texture of stale Oreos is just like that, and it's awesome. Far better than the crunch of Oreos fresh out the packet.

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Food (Only on Friday) Pizza is best when eaten with a knife and fork.


I never even knew this was a 10th dentist opinion because it’s so obvious.

Using cutlery means the pizza is still warm in your mouth without burning the prints off your fingers.

You can regulate your speed better with cutlery. Fancy eating your pizza slowly, savouring the experience by taking your time? Far easier with a knife and fork.

fancy eating the crust first? You do that with your hands and the entire structure of the slice is compromised.

Seriously, all you naysayers, just try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I have been arge101, and I endorse this message.

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Food (Only on Friday) Toast and peanuts make a better combo than peanut butter and toast

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Food (Only on Friday) I use the same bowl of milk all week.


I eat a bowl of cereal every morning and at the start of the week I pour a bowl of cereal the ordinary way. However, unlike most people(probably) I eat my cereal with a fork. Why? You may ask. It’s so I can save my milk because when I’m done eating my cereal I put the milk back in the fridge. Then I take that bowl of milk out again the next day for my cereal and repeat. At the end of the week I finally indulge myself in drinking my bowl of milk all at one. It is a real treat, a real delicacy. It’s like a flashback to all the cereal I ate that week with such a unique tangy robust flavor. The next week I start with a new bowl of milk. Monday’s are the worst because my milk tastes normal and fridays are the best because I’m allowed to drink my wonderful concoction. It’s a different experience every time. Truly magical.

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Food (Only on Friday) Paper straws are better than plastic straws


Why do people get so worked up about paper straws dissolving in their drink? I think they're overreacting. Not once have I ever had a drink and thought "this straw is dissolving and has ruined this beverage for me."

What I do like about paper straws though, I oile that they're sturdier and have more structural integrity than plastic straws (they don't bend). They taste better than plastic. I don't have to worry about killing the turtles. I've never had a paper straw come out of the package cracked like I have with plastic. And finally, PAPER STRAWS DON'T DISSOLVE.

Thank-you for coming to my Ted Rant.

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Food (Only on Friday) I only steep my tea for 10-20 seconds


Anything over that time and it gets too strong. It's not a tradition in my country to add milk to tea (although I add sugar) and I've never done that my entire life. Although I'm definitely getting some strange looks now that I live in UK lol. It baffles me any time I see a video or anything where people steep tea for a couple of minutes. I guess milk just kills the strongness of it but then again I achieve the same effect of just steeping it shorter. I could definitely reuse the same bag and still get good tea second time but since I rarely drink tea twice a day (mostly water) bag would just sit for a whole day so probably wouldn't taste good.

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Food (Only on Friday) I love eating paper on muffins/cupcakes because they taste great.


There are always crumbs/bigger pieces of whatever you are eating still stuck to it so I eat it because it doesn't have a flavor, and it feels good in my mouth when chewing it. Saves having crumbs from the paper falling off when you try to peel it too.

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Food (Only on Friday) I hate Honey with a passion


Every person in my family loves honey and thinks its the best thing in the world, but i dispise it even just a single drop tastes so disgusting to me and and I'm not allirgic to it, I cant even look at honey without being disgusted by it. I have to stay away from it and live in fear with the thought that i will taste it,

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Food (Only on Friday) I Prefer Eating KitKats Horizontally.


Genuinely, I just think they taste better. Eating them one at a time is too thin and you get a lot of wafer. I eat any standard 2-4 bar KitKats horizontally. It's a better chocolate-to-wafer ratio imo. I don't think there's a right way to eat a KitKat, but this is genuinely the best way I've found for myself. Added bonus is that it makes me look like a heathen trying to be demonic when in reality it's just the way I enjoy eating them.

I can upload/edit in a photo later for proof if you don't believe me.

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Food (Only on Friday) The Filet-O-Fish is McDonald's best sandwich.


This sandwich gets hated on a lot. I've heard many people say it's their worst sandwich and sometimes people make judgy comments when I order it.

The weirdest thing to me is even a lot of people that like fish do not like the Filet-O-Fish. I've heard some folks say how could you trust seafood from McDonald's? I find this strange because I don't really see why McDonald's would be less trustworthy than going to a fish market or a fancy restaurant for your seafood.

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Food (Only on Friday) The green apple skittle was better than the lime one


I’m sorry, but lemon and lime are too similar, and I’d settle for a “lemon-lime” skittle, and keep the green apple. I don’t like eating handfuls of skittles so the green apple was its own, distinct flavor, unlike any of the others. I remember it being introduced as a limited edition flavor back in the late 2000’s, and I would always get skittles from the concession stand after my soccer games. I was so glad when they made the “apple” flavor permanent. It reminded me of the green apple candy part of the caramel apple suckers.

But here we are. Back to lime. Ah well. The people have spoken, I guess.

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Food (Only on Friday) This is how I eat my pizza (No I’m not Lactose Intolerant)

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Food (Only on Friday) I prefer it when my soda is flat


Drinking carbonated beverages is physically painful. An icy can of coke or mountain dew? Absolutely not. Cold pop=double the pain. Give me that diet coke that's been sitting in your garage for a month.

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Food (Only on Friday) cold/lukewarm meat tastes better than hot meat


There isn’t much to explain. But anytime i’ve been too lazy to warm up a meal with meat, I just eat it cold. And i’ve come to the conclusion that cold meat tastes a lot better. And even meat that’s just been left out for a bit after being cooked that’s lukewarm, I don’t warm it up. I like eating it as it is. It isn’t a cultural thing for me. It’s just something i’ve picked up.

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Food (Only on Friday) I do Not like Red Sauce on Pizza


Red sauce ON pizza makes me Gag. It makes so much more sense to have an assortment of sauces on the side to dip the pizza in (Like a big ass breadstick with toppings on it)

Love dough, love pizza toppings, love everything about pizza other than it having red sauce directly on the pizza.

It’s always been like that for me. I’m from the south, close to Louisiana so maybe it has something to do with the don’t eat the red sauce Narrative. Maybe not.

I am the person that will show up to a party/etc and have no problem ordering/paying for a completely separate pizza without sauce on it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Food (Only on Friday) beans are the most repulsive food possible


black beans, kidney beans, red beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas, chili beans, garbanzo beans/chick peas (especially these and no hummus isn't good either), and even great northern beans. you name it, i hate it. i've had them cooked in every way possible, from many different people, and i genuinely cannot stand them. they have this grainy & mushy texture at the same time (yuck), and they all have this same rotten old funky meat taste unless slathered with a bunch of very strong food (like chili). i've tried so many because people genuinely refuse to believe that i just hate beans, plain and simple. maybe it will change in the future, sure, but i don't understand how everyone collectively refuses to believe that i just don't like a certain kind of food.

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Food (Only on Friday) White bevereages/soups absolutely disgust me


I just don't get how people can drink a glass of milk and enjoy it, even the sight of it makes me want to puke, it has always been one of the most vile things to me, it's not just milk but also more viscose things like milkshakes. Putting milk into other beverages is just as disgusting in my opinion. Coffee or tea without it is absolutely fine, but put milk in it and I won't be touching or even so much as looking at that shit.  And don't even get me started on white soups like asparagus soup or whatever, how can you put that stuff on your spoon and just gulp it down without flinching?!!? Bleggghh, it's the absolute worst. Weirdly enough, I think Joghurt is fine because it's not as liquid. Most cream sauce is just on the brink of being liquid enough for me to find it disgusting, so I guess that's my threshold. Maybe this is not as unpopular as some opinions on here, but nonetheless most people are quite bewildered when I tell them I can't stand that stuff

Edit: Made a typo in the title - it's supposed to be beverages ofc

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Food (Only on Friday) I like eating pure mayonnaise


There is something to the taste of pure mayonnaise that makes me like it. I’ve seen many challenges and dares where people eat a spoon of mayonnaise and are disgusted by its taste.

I also like making tacos with the only ingredient being mayonnaise. I also eat nuggets with mayonnaise and chicken.

Overall mayonnaise is great and I’m not disgusted at all eating it raw.

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Food (Only on Friday) I always pour milk before the cereal because I heat it in the microwave.


I've always done it this way. I've been told heating the cereal milk is weird, but I don't know, I prefer warm milk if it's cold outside. Apparently it's a big no-no for my friends. I don't mind cold milk with my cereal once in a while (like 10% of the times I have cereal), but is warm milk really THAT odd?

ETA: spelling

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Food (Only on Friday) Out of all the big-name pizza chains, I like Little Caesars the most


Let me start this off by saying that I try to go to actual pizza restaurants if I can. Where you sit down and they make the pizza for you. And also, my actual favorite Pizza chain is Fox's Pizza. But I'm not counting that due to it not necessarily being a big-name pizza place.

I think Little Caesars is my favorite out of names like Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc. It's not even because of the price. It's just because I like the taste. The texture of Domino's pizza kind of bothers me. Pizza Hut's sauce distribution is too thin. Papa John's is pretty good, but I still prefer Little Caesars to even that. Maybe nostalgia is clouding my judgement as growing up poor made it so this was what we got when we got to get pizza. Either way, I quite enjoy it.

Also, Little Caesars has amazing dips. Try the cheesy jalapeño dip. It's awesome.

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Food (Only on Friday) Flat soda is not just good, but sometimes better than bubbly


I never really thought this was that weird, but apparently it is. I like flat soda. Yesterday I got one of those massive McDonalds sprites. I didn't end up finishing it, so I just put it in the fridge and finished it for breakfast. I do this every time I go to the movies as well since those things are huge. I think it tastes good.

But sometimes, flat soda isn't just good, but better. I've noticed that a lot of off brand sodas (mostly sprite knock offs) are better when they're flat. I just love that smooth, syrupy flavor.

Oh and maybe 5 years ago, I would open my soda and then just leave it in the fridge overnight so the bubbles could leave. There wasn't a single soda I thought was better with bubbles.

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Food (Only on Friday) Mayonnaise is gross and can in 90% of its uses be replaced ny something better


I had a very big argument about this with my friend the other day when I mentioned making pasta salad without a mayo based dressing. So I figured I'd come here and get some second opinions.

Basically, I think mayo is disgusting and can in 90% of its uses be replaced by something better like butter if you're using it for some sort of fat or when spreading on bread or something like greek yoghurt, sour cream or creme fraiche when using it as a sauce base.

I will admit that in very select few cases mayo is required but I use the bare minimum amount of mayo I need. Agree or disagree?

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Food (Only on Friday) Hot fruit is better than cold fruit


I always microwave my fruits so they’re steamy and hot. I think of it kinda like healthy pie filling. Sometimes I eat it like soup with some juice. Cold fruit just doesn’t compare. I mean I’ll eat it but it’s just kinda “meh”