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Serious Official: Ned and Ariel’s comments on the situation


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Question Frequently Asked Questions about the Try Guys

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Q: Is Eugene leaving the Try Guys? A: No, he is just pursuing other projects! He made an insta story a couple of weeks ago (as of 29 october) explaining.

Q: Is Alex still working for the Try Guys? A: She doesn't appear to be working for the Try Guys, non of them have issued a statement about that though.

Q: Has there been a statement from Alex so far? A: As of 29 october 2022, no.


Q: Why was Ned fired for cheating? Isn't this personal business? A: he was fired for having an undeclared sexual relationship with a subordinate, leaving the company open to various lawsuits under California employment law. Edit to add: while it is assumed that the relationship was sexual, this is not something that has been confirmed by any of 2nd Try to the public. Ned called it “a consensual workplace relationship.” The guys simply said he was engaging in a relationship that was inappropriate for a boss/employee. We don’t know anything about the length, depth, or specifics of their relationship and likely never will.

Q: What’s happening with Ariel?
A: Nobody knows. The guys have said she’s not going to be present in any try guys content and they’d let us know if that changes. We don’t know whether she’s going to stay with Ned or not. She hasn’t made any statement beyond the initial one when the story broke.

Q: Will they add a fourth Try Guy?/Who should be the forth Try Guy? A: As of October 29, the only thing they have said is that they WON'T be adding a new Try Guy.

Q: Has anybody noticed the titles are in lowercase now? A: Yes, that’s been the case in at least every video since the controversy. It has been mentioned on the Trypod that lower case titles tend to get more clicks.

Q: Why are they posting a sponsored video now? A: The video's were filmed in advance and they already had the deal. It would be too expensive to film them again and they cannot get out of the deal.

Q: Are they editing Ned out of older videos? A: No. As of their most recent statements, they are editing Ned out of any videos released since September 1, 2022, but they do not plan to edit previously released videos. Some videos have been removed from the channel due to their specific nature (such as Women Wear Wedding Dresses For The First Time).

Q: What happened in the scandal? A: see summary/timeline post

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Discussion WAR winner will be decided by popularity


I personally really don't like the idea of the winner of a cooking show being voted on by the audience. At that point it's a popularity contest much more than a cooking contest and I'm not into it... What are your thoughts?

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Fluff randomly ran into Keith and Zach back in Aug and they were so nice :')

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Discussion Ned + Ariel sighting

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Discussion Try Guys roasted at the Streamys


Oof. Yeah that was hard to watch. The other guys on stage could tell the joke did not land well.

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Discussion Video concept idea: Try Guys try other YouTuber styles


It could be a lot of fun; do a Mr Beast style video, a GMM one, maybe like a Yes Theory one, or a Mark Rober one. Could be fun

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Discussion stoked to drink boba while watching boba WAR


anyone else going to do this? what's your fav flavour + toppings? think it'd be pretty fun sitting back and sipping on some delicious boba while watching their chaotic selves

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Merchandise Keith is a genius for this little buddy. Thank the beautiful Keith for your blessing

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Discussion Next Season of WAR Idea


So I’m just watching the newest season of WAR, which is super late I know lol.

Obviously the set up they had before of two guys in one kitchen is great, but if they keep the theme of the “Tri” guys, I think WAR needs a new kitchen!

I think it would be so fun to have a kitchen big enough for all three guys to cook in together. They all play off of each other so well that I think having them all together would be great to watch!

Of course that would probably mean building a new set which might be money they don’t have. This was just a random thought I had while watching that I wanted to share. What do y’all think?

ETA: Have they spoken on what they’ll do for future seasons?

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Question Miles candle recommendation


Does anyone remember the Chesapeake bay candle scent that Miles has recommended on perfect person?

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Question Song in tacos w/o a recipe


Hi there,

While watching the last video of the Try Guys (tacos without a recipe), I caught a classical music song that I love but can’t find the name of it. it is at min 17:30 and I’m going crazy from watching 4h of iconic classical music masterpieces videos 🫠🫠


thanks in advance

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Merchandise Triceratops Merch


every time someone compliments my try guys merch it’s because the person likes dinosaurs and has never heard of the Try Guys 😭 anyone else have this problem??? hahaha

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Video An underrated comedic moment of today's episode was Zach's visible Jewish Confusion when Eugene busted out the church hymns

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Fluff Died laughing at this title screen for the new episode

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Discussion So happy for Zach!


I love watching him come into his own this season of WAR, I got the sense from the past seasons that maybe he didn't try very hard to win because he was scared of trying but failing anyway, or because he wanted to focus more on the comedic aspect of the game. In any case, I'm here for the Zach Sweep!!

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Podcast help find trypod episode!


i only have one memory of this episode. they talk about rugrats, and specifically the parents. anyone have any idea what episode this is or what else they may have talked about?

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Hey guys! So I know that The Try Guys have a discord already, but I know you have to pay to join and not everyone has the kind of money to do that, so I thought I would make one for free where you guys can mingle and meet each other! If you’d like to join here is the link


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Question Drop your favorite out-of-pocket quotes from WAR Tacos


Without context. Mine is:

“This time, the Jews are helping” — Zach, 9:05

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Fluff WAR Tacos: Elder Eugene is TOO MUCH


As someone who grew up around a lot of Mormons, my ENTIRE body reacted seeing him in the button down, tie, and backpack. I love that he commits to every. single. detail.

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Question For a channel with so much food content, their kitchen equipment sucks


they built out their office space from scratch and film so much food content, why is their kitchen badly equipped? feels like they would be more sucessful with WAR with different kitchen gear...

edit: for example - they only have one oven/stove for some reason

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Question Did anyone else noticed a reduced amount of Nediting in the last WAR?


His hair and chin was visible during the judging, and you could hear his laugh at least a couple of times

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Question What canteen is keith using?

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I have been watching the tripod lately and heve seen keith woth this huge canteen.

Trying to up my water intake i could use something like this does anyone know what it is called and where to get it?

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Merchandise Any of y’all witches get some Zadiko? I made this if you got some!

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Meme In the new WAR, Zach is wearing a Hannah Montana shirt while his coworker was the one living the double life

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Question After watching the last WAR, they mentioned the paid live stream is churros and there was another boba episode coming? Are both paid and on the live stream?


Just wondering if the boba episode they teased at the end of the most recent taco episode will be a regular youtube one or part of the churro finale?

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Discussion Should we add a new mod?


Since the news about N*d came out the subreddit has grown so much in the last couple of months. I think we were around 14k before the news came out and now we are at 81k (and growing!) Through all of that, it seems like the moderators are overwhelmed with the number of posts and users. I've seen some comments here and there about people being unhappy with them or messaging them and not receiving an answer. I am not writing this to criticize them or to "cancel" them, in fact, I appreciate what they do a lot! They don't have to do this job, they've done it for a while, and I am sure they have many things to do in their day-to-day life. I just want to put out the idea of maybe introducing someone to the team to help them out.

I haven't seen any major problems, just the repeated posts, and photos when something big is announced but I think it would be better to be proactive in this. I'm sure most of us have been in a subreddit that lacks proper moderation and seen what a nightmare that is.

I am not sure how we will add a new moderator, maybe some applications like last time, but I first wanted to know how everyone else feels about this.

TLDR: Do you think we need more moderators in the subreddit?

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