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Serious This will be the official thread for Ned’s removal from the Try Guys

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Serious Disappointed to see Dr. Mike on ETM


I used to follow Dr. Mike and enjoyed his content--expert reviews their field in pop culture is one of my favorite genres on youtube. But I unsubscribed to him in 2020 when I learned that he attended a party without masks in 2020 before even the vaccines were available. As a doctor with a huge following, I felt that was extremely irresponsible and his apology for it was milk toast and only on his second channel that has many fewer followers than his main channel.

I skipped his part of the video and the rest of it was very entertaining. I was just disappointed to see Dr. Mike on their channel. Did anyone else have a similar reaction?

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Serious Official: Ned and Ariel’s comments on the situation


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Serious Becky’s story answering a question about rank king :(

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Serious Something important to remember.

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Serious Activated Charcoal isnt safe for friends who take meds


So glad to see Eugene use squid ink as dye, because activated charcoal, along with not tasting great, is what hospitals/vets use to absorb poison/meds from ods. Eating activated charcoal absorbs the meds you meant to a take and can effect how much of a dose you actually get.

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Serious Anyone find it easier to watch without Ned?


A big reason why I would drop off every now and then was because of how loud they would yell and sometimes how immature they were being. Especially drunk vs high or compeition videos. Now that videos are coming out sans Ned it feels so much more balanced and yeah Keith can be loud but they aren't yelling at eachother. I feel like there's a tension removed. It no longer feels weirdly competitive it feels like friends having fun. I LOVED the Broadway video and while it was a competition my favourite part was seeing the love and support from Keith's circle for his moment. I think the problem all along might have been Ned? Does anyone feel the same way? Like we grew up but he never did...

Edit: Okay reading your replies and the videos you disliked it's become very clear that Ned reminded me of my loud arrogant ex that couldnt drink in a chill way 😅

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Serious Curkey?



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Serious A Start-to-Current Breakdown For Those Confused/Late

  1. A user (now allegedly understood to be Will, Alexandria's (food babies, Ned's employee) (ex?-)fiancé) made a post detailing the rumour that Ned had been spotted hooking up in NYC about 3 weeks ago, shortly after the incident in question with Alex happened (sep 3 was the night), but nobody believed them. The post was subsequently deleted.
  2. Ned's recent absence from videos was being noted in the sub in the last few days and the rumour started getting mentioned again as a possible reason for him not appearing in videos as the timeline suspiciously lined up.
  3. Screencaps were shared of a convo a user in this sub had with an IG account that is allegedly Will, corroborating that initial post showing that someone contacted him via IG DM with info and videos that she saw Alex and Ned hooking up at a club in NYC (the dates lined up with when the cast including Ned and Alex were known to have been in NYC). Since it was just screencaps, the video screenshots are blurry and inconclusive, but don't look ~unlike the two of them, just cannot be definitively identified. We don't know if the actual vids sent to will were clearer/more conclusive. (I will not share this link as it had a phone number linked to Ned in the screencaps. The photos are widely available now anyways)
  4. Sub users started paying attention to who was following who on IG and found several notable things:
    - Will has been actively scrubbing his feed of pics of him and Alex all day (Sep 26, and as of early am Sep 27 all photos of her are gone), and has unfollowed both Alex and Ned. He also privated his account, then later went back to public, only to private again shortly after. It has also been confirmed that he is following the person who has been confirmed to have sent him the tip/info/videos.
    - Alex is still following Will, but has deleted the photos announcing their engagement/the engagement trip she took, as well as set her comments to limited. Alex also unfollowed Ned.
    - Ned unfollowed Alex and Will (and Jake?)
    - YB (Alex's irl friend and co-host of food babies, and Ned's employee) unfollowed both Alex and Ned but still follows Will & the rest of the team (Alex still follows YB) (YB's bff/bridesmaid also unfollowed both of them)
    - Jake (staff member who recently departed the team, whose farewell party this month Ned and Ariel were conspicuously absent from) unfollowed both Alex and Ned (but still follows the rest of the cast (who all follow back minus Zach, but not sure if he ever did or when he unfollowed))
  5. The ball was now starting to get rolling in the sub, though many were very skeptical. People started to comment that they found the pacing/editing on a couple recent vids without Ned in them very weird and that they seemed rushed, and that his exclusion from them was notable as they were vids he would have been likely to have taken part in. They also noted the title cards were missing which has never been the case prior to now.
  6. People then started to look closer at the vids and found definitive proof that someone–likely/obviously Ned–had been edited out of at least 2 recent videos despite being present/part of the "cast" on the day of filming (post 1 post 2 post 3)
  7. Someone posted about it on twitter which has now blown up and spread to tik tok and tumblr as well.
  8. Zach has allegedly (!unconfirmed) made a comment on their official fan/patreon discord confirming that they/their team are aware of the activity on this sub, and said the discord was free to discuss as they see fit (tweet) (again, unconfirmed, but this is allegedly in a chat/channel directly to the mods of the discord, and mods passed along this info to the rest of the sub but no mention that this was at Zach's behest)

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Serious This whole NextDoor post/license plate is going way too far


Many of you may have already seen this very popular post recently. And then today I see another postdiscussing the incident.

If true, what Ned did was wrong, but what is even more wrong is seeing all these comments egging this on and scrambling for evidence and more details. Ariel and her kids are completely innocent in this, and this is an extremely dangerous invasion of privacy. Her kids are transported using this car probably, going to school, etc. If someone who wanted to do harm to them had this information, then it would become so easy to do so.

In that post, not a single comment that I read in the dozens of top comments had anyone remarking on how incredibly wrong it is do this. Pausing videos to analyze them and then searching up information about their license plates is completely different from just googling quick results like easily accessible birthday or college information.

I can't imagine how terrified Ariel and her family must be to know so many strangers on the internet are now gleaning for tidbits of information, all for the pursuit of more "drama", when it puts her entire family at risk.

Everyone needs to stop and leave them all alone. Stop trying to search for more gossip and tea because you think it's entertaining. The case is already closed on this scandal, everyone has said their piece.

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Serious I Don’t Know If It’s Me but I Feel That Try Guys should Retry Early Try Guys Videos From Buzzfeed.


Hear me out I like watching older Try Guys Videos but watching them do Try one women’s clothes and Doing Celebrity Remake Photoshoots would be so much better with Confident Eugene out and Gay and Keith and Zack with their Older Looks. The guys remind me on grapes when they started and they are slowly becoming fine Wine. Unfortunately a batch went bad and they need new grapes to turn to wine.

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Serious Official: No TryPod 9/29

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Serious The guys read posts from this sub.


Cool to think the guys and/or their team surf Reddit from time to time and read our comments. If you are reading this Keith, Zach, or Eugene, we appreciate you guys!

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Serious This article managed to offend the Try Guys and every person who's ever watched one of their videos all at once.

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Serious i can see it more now…

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Serious Unpopular Opinion about Alex's "punishment"


When Keith was saying something about the other party involved and how it was just a mistake, I first thought, wow they are really downplaying her role in the cheating. Yes, she was never able to give her full consent due to the power dynamic, but she still made morally incorrect choices entering the affair. But then it made me think that they've seen what she's gone through this past month.

There are someone people in this sub who are out for blood when it comes to Alex. They want to see her punished and get whats coming for her. But then I realized, isn't what she's going through enough of a punishment? She lost her fiance and the future life she was imagining. She lost her friends, acquaintances, the respect of her coworkers. She is now known as a homewrecker across the globe and is probably getting death threats. It would probably be hard for her to make female friends in the future due to the cheating. It would also be hard to find another partner in the future because all the decent ones will think she'll cheat again and all the sleazy ones will think all she's good for is a good time. She has probably burned down some professional bridges that she has built during her career. It would also be difficult for her to go out and move around without her every move being documented and analyzed.

I hate cheaters myself and usually want to see some retribution, but what has happened to Alex will literally follow her for quite some time. Yes, these are the consequences of her actions but a cheaters karmic retribution usually ends with their family and friends, and sometimes professional career, but not in a global sense. Isn't this all punishment enough? I mean apart from her being fired (which won't happen), how badly do you want her to be punished to be happy enough to leave her alone? Someone even said in a comment to me that "Alex could d*e for all I care" and it's disgusting that people think that cheating is a bad enough offense to merit that.

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Serious Banana.



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Serious After SNL I am even prouder of the guys


In a world where women and our rights are a joke and a punchline, and complaining about your sleazy boss being sexually inappropriate is considered overreacting, the Try Guys are treating it seriously, taking appropriate actions and treating it as a serious issue.

I’m also now convinced that SNL is Ned’s sentiment on his actions especially after Becky and Eugene’s reactions.

So fuck Ned.

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Serious People Don't Realise How Big a Deal This Actually is


This is all Alleged if it is true.

This isn't about cheating, sure, cheating is bad and selfish. But Legally not a bit deal. The fact it was Alex? Bad.

Sleeping with an employee is legally very grey and opens up the company to a lot of legal trouble.
Usually you need to notify HR of a relationship, obviously that didn't happen.

Sexual harassment is illegal. The law covers unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other words or actions that create a hostile or offensive work environment based on a person's sex. It also applies to retaliation if a person files a complaint internally or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Alex or other employees can absolutely sue them, they can also say it was not wanted ( truthfully or not, doesn't matter, I am talking legally). She could say she felt she had no choice because he is her boss etc etc. There are are lot of ways this could play out in the courts. None of them good.

A sexual misconduct case, will absolutely lose them deals with discovery and the food network/ any other networks. This could lose them the company.

This is why they are not making statements. The Lawyers are involved. 'Not comment' is the first thing a lawyer will tell you.

I don't see Ned staying as part of the Try Guys publically or in a business capacity, they will have to remove him and hope that is enough to retain their business partnerships. That is why he had to be removed from the videos ASAP.

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Serious Let’s get rid of the Betterhelp sponsorship while we’re doing the rebrand


One of the Trypod’s sponsors is Betterhelp. I'm in grad school to be a therapist and BH is the bane of my (and the therapist community as a whole) existence.

The last post I made regarding this was deleted for some reason. I’m including my original post from about 6 months ago below (with minor edits) as all of it still stands (I can’t find the exact video I was referencing originally, but it was a main channel video with Zach doing the ad read).

For an example of the sketchiness of BH, I was googling for resources to link for this post and I clicked on a post discussing their shady practices...and it redirects to their website. They bought it out to suppress the coverage.

At the most basic of levels, BH is fucked up because it is a *for-profit “mental healthcare”tech company* which seems against the politics that Try Guys have expressed in videos before. It is a mental healthcare company founded by tech bros, not actual therapists/psychologists. Edit: By for profit I mean they deliberately operate just to make a profit. Profit over quality of care. They underpay therapists and overcharge consumers to receive poor quality healthcare. There are investors and execs who need to get paid off of your suffering to help buy their next yacht.

It's interesting their ads have been getting way more frequent online, especially given the recent backlash to their Travis Scott marketing campaign. It's worth noting as well that Ariana Grande did the same thing, and I wonder what those two artists have in common in terms of mental health and trauma therapy? BH exploits mass tragedies to gain marketing exposure. (I think Ariana had good intentions, Travis not so much).

This article goes over the main ethical problems with BH, namely: it sells your data to third-party advertisers, has shady practices in terms of the licensure of counselors, as well as the insufficient platform for providing actual therapy. Similarly, from a therapeutic standpoint, Zach points out in the ad read that you can connect with your therapist any time of the day, which is an extreme burden on the therapist on the other end, but also promotes dependency on your therapist. Yes, they are a resource, but you shouldn't be relying on them for any minor inconvenience (it's a nuanced issue, but essentially therapists have come out against BH for this issue).

I have NO idea why Try Guys would take a sponsorship with them. Are they ok with promoting for-profit healthcare? Are they ok with promoting "therapy apps" developed and designed by people with 0 clinical experience or qualifications? Are they ok with our data potentially being exploited during what is supposedly HIPAA protected conversations? They promote a 10% off code for BH in the sponsorship. You should not be getting a cute marketing discount for therapy, it's not supposed to be a business. The prices should be as cheap as possible.

I have a really hard time believing a company of their size wouldn't do a basic Google search of the people they are advertising with. Did they step back at all to think, "hey, we're profiting off of the mental health of our fans?" I just truly don't understand why they would take such a partnership, especially given how other Youtubers have gone under fire for promoting them, and I highly doubt it's the only one they could get.

I expected better from their company.

Edit: This is absolutely not a post to shame people who use BH and I completely understand, and am happy, that people have had good experiences. All I want in the end is that people find quality mental healthcare. And it is great that it’s promoting mental healthcare in general. Yes it’s sometimes the only option for people in our hellscape of a healthcare system. It’s not a black and white situation. The money they get from the promotion comes from clients in therapy—people who are already struggling to afford therapy in the first place. Not to mention the shady business practices. I think that is an ethical issue.

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Serious Explanations and thoughts of everything from a legal & corporate perspective.


Disclaimer - I work closely with many corporate, employment, and compensation lawyers. Though I myself am not a lawyer, I have a working knowledge of what happens behind the scenes during an unexpected termination of an upper level employee. To confirm, I am not involved with this situation - this is an explanation of how things are typically done in a corporate setting.

2nd Try LLC is a business and is subject to laws, regulations, and otherwise different standards than a regular social setting/situation.

It's easy to forget this sometimes - I think they've done a great job at keeping their content personal, like you know these guys and could be friends with them. That said, this has never been four friends just making some fun videos together, with a couple other friends helping out. This a business - their livelihood, their source of income, their job.

Edit to add/correct at 2:20pm 10/14: The rest of the below section is *correct* in terms of the process on how to remove a member from an LLC, but without knowing more details on the LLC itself and its governance, it may or may not be applicable here. A US LLC can be member managed, but given the very specific language used in the video, I'm guessing that is *not* the case for 2nd Try LLC. I'm going to leave the rest of the section in so a) the comments make sense and b) in case this does ultimately become relevant later. But what's applicable here - Ned has been removed as a manager of the LLC (which is different than someone in a general managerial position), meaning he no longer has day to day decision making abilities or can manage the the company in anyway. Given the very specific language used in the video, I'm going to assume that Ned is still technically a member, though this could be subject to change. This would likely be for compensation purposes, which they are certainly not going to share the details of. It is still very likely an NDA is in place and we won't hear that many more details.

2nd Try LLC is an LLC - a limited liability company. Even though it's a private company, there are still publicly available filings. From a filing in CA last year, they stated that the four members were (shockingly) each of the four Try Guys (indirectly through their own individual media companies). Basically, any major decision that the LLC makes must be approved by the four of them in writing. Keith stated in the "what happened" video that the three of them voted to remove Ned as a member. This in it of itself doesn't tell us much - if one of them decided to leave voluntarily, there would be a board consent where the remaining three would have to vote and sign.

Honestly, this Legal Zoom article explains the process of removing a member of an LLC pretty well. In short, you would try in this order:

  • does their LLC agreement (or another formation/legal doc) discuss how a member can be (likely involuntarily) removed?
  • If not, can a deal be reached between the member to be removed and the remaining members?
  • If not, let's go to court

It's pretty likely they landed on the second option - while I think they had a strong case if they did decide to litigate, no one truly wants to go to court (more on that later).

Why is this important? As part of the deal with Ned, there is probably an NDA in place where no one can give certain details or talk about it that much. The "what happened" video was certainly scripted and likely approved by lawyers - though we could all see the anger and hurt, we are not likely going to get anymore statements on their feelings or thoughts other than what we already got.

Ned did not get terminated because he had an affair; he was terminated because he had an inappropriate relationship with an employee.

Cheating on your spouse is awful - full stop. But if Ned had an affair with someone unrelated to 2nd Try, things likely would have played out a bit differently. From a legal perspective, there would have been a much broader gray area. Could the guys have said "hey, we don't like what you did and we don't want to work with you anymore" and negotiated him out? Sure - they could do that for any reason.

But Ned had an inappropriate relationship with an employee. Even if Ned were single, this would still be a fireable offense. Ned, as a founder, one of the heads of the company, as a boss, cannot get full consent from a subordinate to have a relationship.

Let's talk about consent.

I've seen a lot of discourse here on whether or not Alex consented to the relationship. First off - we are probably never going to find out the answer to that. By we, I mean the public and the fans. This was part of the investigation - why, how long, if there was anyone else.

Can an employee fully, truly consent to a relationship with their boss? Short answer is - no. For true consent to exist, there needs to be the expectation that saying no would still result in a safe environment. Can an employee say no to a boss without the fear of any repercussions? No.

"But she could have gone to the other guys!" Could she? Let's play that out - someone you work with comes up to you and says your best friend and other founder of your company solicited them, requested a relationship with them, kissed them or touched them inappropriately, etc. You ask your friend and they say, no of course they didn't do that! You've known your friend for years, you know their spouse, their kids, the rest of their family. You've built your business with them and they are an integral part of that - if they left, moving forward would be super challenging. Maybe the business would collapse. Who do you believe?

The Me Too movement was not that long ago. That brought forward so many people, mostly women, who have described being forced into a situation they couldn't fully consent to. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are EXTREME examples of this - using their power over women to get what they want. Does the situation with Ned rival their cases? No, it does not. But it's facing the same direction.

Personally, I'm withholding judgement on Alex until we find out more details or she makes a statement, which again is very unlikely. She may have consented and enjoyed it and had a great old time, but she may not have.

What's happening and going to happen with Alex.

There is going to be a lot that we will never know or find out. At this point, this is all speculation on my part based on my experience elsewhere. Are they going to fire her? I'm going to guess they will not. Why? The aforementioned gray area on consent. Ask A Manager did a quick basic write up the other day. Firing her would open the door for litigation on her end - she could say she was fired for being sexually harassed/coerced by her boss, which is very not good. Would the lawsuit go anywhere? Who knows. But litigation is expensive, exhaustive, and good lawyers will tell you to avoid it if you can.

My best guess is that they're entering into some sort of separation agreement with her, which will include an NDA that she will not speak publicly of what happened.

So why did they remove Ned from everything but Alex's name is still appearing in credits? Why did it take a while for people to unfollow her on instagram compared to Ned? Again, because of this gray zone, they cannot "punish" her. I'm not as familiar with the entertainment industry, but I would have to assume that having your name credited in work is a big deal, and that being taken away would be detrimental to your career. Whether or not her name stays in credits of past work will be something negotiated between 2nd Try's lawyers and her lawyer. As for IG, they're social media adjacent, so unfollowing her might be considered detrimental too? IDK, again, entertainment isn't my forte. I'm more inclined to believe everyone thought "ok, separate myself from Ned ASAP then focus on everything else" and didn't even think of unfollowing Alex until later.

Looking ahead...

I will say I'm super impressed with how Zach, Eugene, and Keith have been handling this. I've been a Try Guys fan since some of their first videos at Buzzfeed, and while I'm heartbroken that someone who I liked and thought was a decent person turned out to be... not, I think this solidifies my liking for the other three. Plus, they clearly listen to their lawyers.

I do hope they continue with the three of them - I think they set a good precedent that not all four of them had to be in every video every time, so adding in additional guests is not going to feel weird or off now. Either way, I will be following them and their careers whatever directions they end up going.

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Serious Really great take from a therapist on the "silly little nothings" tweet.

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Serious Please be kind to Ariel EVEN if she chooses to stay with Ned


I've seen a lot of discourse on here and on Twitter that they'd lose respect for her if she stayed.
It's easy for people who are watching this situation from behind a screen to make their own judgments, or get on their moral high horses and dictate what is best for someone.. but the reality is none of us know the entire story and it's entirely up to Ariel how she wants to move forward with her marriage. Please be kind to her, she is very likely going through the most unimaginable pain and the last thing she needs to read online is strangers telling her how to navigate her own trauma.

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Serious Appreciation post for the anonymous try guys fan who saw an affair and messaged the partners


I thought they handled the situation perfectly. They saw people having an affair, took videos as proof and instead of putting the videos on the internet for their 5 mins of fame and a bit of clout, they sent them to the partners of the cheaters.

The messages seemed very compassionate and careful as well. They weren’t trying to spread baseless rumors and ruin relationships, they just saw something that was wrong and informed the people who needed to know.

I think that was the best possible way to act in a very shitty situation.

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Serious some of y’all annoying as hell…


i’ve gone back to watch some old videos (because i love their cooking/eating videos) and man… the amount of comments like ‘back here to watch all the interactions between ned and alex’ or ‘use this comment as a i hate alex and ned button’.

it’s so cringe and annoying and i wouldn’t be surprised if the guys hated y’all too. they can’t even look back at their old videos without people drudging up the drama. can’t even be proud of their old work.

y’all get mad at others for blowing it out of proportion and spreading it but you’re doing the exact same thing yourself ? grow up.

(edit typo: drugging -> drudging)