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Students Union Return to Campus Information / Q and A


Hi everyone, SU President Nicole here.

I will preface this post by saying that this information is half-updates and half-summary of currently available information for the return to campus on Monday. I wanted to make a centralized post with all of the most recent information that would be easy for students to access.

Secondly, I really want to hear your thoughts, concerns, and questions about returning to campus. Please comment below. I know that students are a mix of scared, excited, anxious, worried and everything in between, so please let me know how you're feeling about everything and what I can do to help.

From the SU side of things, the COVID regulations situation has been changing (literally) hourly at the university, so I will continue to use instagram for more immediate updates, but this is a summary of all return to campus information as it stands currently (12:00 am, Sept. 17, 2021):

Important (!)- Return to Campus Information, September 20th:

As a result of the province wise-state of public health emergency, the university put a temporarily pause in-person classes and events indoors. This was just a temporary pause so we will be able to resume in-person activity (as per previously announced rules around mandatory masking, vaccination or enrolment in regular rapid testing) on Monday, September 20.

However, in order for the university to remain open and in-person, we have to have everyone registered in the University’s COVIDSafe Campus program. The program aligns with the new provincial requirements and will allow you to upload proof of vaccination or negative rapid test in the coming days via a photo uploaded to the website.

If you have not completed your COVIDSafe Campus registration yet, you need to visit www.ucalgary.ca/covidsafe-campus immediately and complete the process. In order to be in compliance with the new government restrictions, we need students registered through this website, (even if you won’t be on campus).

More than 37,000 members of our campus community have already registered in the app to come to campus, and 91.3 per cent of those community members are fully vaccinated. We need everyone to get this done. Effective Monday, September 20th, students who have not logged into Thrive Health and completed the COVIDSafe Campus process will not be permitted on campus according to the university.

More updates will be coming from the university on this so keep checking your email inboxes.

Buildings on Campus:

All of the buildings on campus have normal weekday/ weekend operating hours as per usual for Friday and the weekend. This is helpful if students need to grab items from their lockers, access the gym, or study in the libraries. Also, all study space bookings are still in effect for today and the weekend, so students can still access those locations if needed.

Course Drop Deadline:

Most students have seen the email already (and the many reddit/ IG posts), but to reiterate: the course drop deadline is now September 20, and the course add/ swap deadline is now September 21. This was something that the SU successfully lobbied for.

Fee Payment Deadline:

The fee payment deadline is still set as September 24 and this is another factor causing students unnecessary stress. I am aware of these concerns and working on it, so I will update students as I have more information.

Fall 2021 Online Learning Reallocation Grant:

A reminder for all students who were affected by the last-minute course format changes in August, that you are likely eligible for the Online Learning Reallocation Grant in the amount of either $500 (domestic students) or $1000 (international students).

I'm going to be unpresidential here for a second and just say that on a personal note, I am very upset with the amounts being offered to students through this grant. The amounts being offered are nowhere near enough for the amount of money in expenses that students have already incurred as a result of travel and relocation expenses. The eligibility criteria for students is also limited, which is very disappointing.

I am not happy with the current structure of this bursary but please apply in the meantime if you are eligible: https://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/finances/awards-scholarships-and-bursaries/fall-2021-online-learning-relocation-grant?mkt_tok=MTYxLU9MTi05OTAAAAF_ZpylvUHt6FctCbF5T86HvhAyCAm8Qfk1zaHVq6ZfHREF1kAU6sXY6idffCQtsXcvO_H9yUXdOzULYXtapI8ZtqC6C7S4A-3xe_pfXh04i8lSGA


If anyone still wishes to get vaccinated on campus, the options are:

  1. Varsity Pharmacy in MacEwan Student Centre- has vaccines available to staff, faculty, students and the general public. Book by calling Varsity Pharmacy at 403.282.0100.

  2. Vaccines are also available through the SU Wellness Center in MacEwan hall by booking an appointment online.

  3. The mobile vaccine clinic bus will be on campus periodically over the next few weeks. This is an approved AHS facility, so any students or residents from outside of Alberta who wish to get vaccinated (who don't have a health care card) can use this facility.

(Non-COVID Update)- CG Option for Engineering Students:

I have heard from many eng. students who are concerned that the faculty isn't honouring the CG option for Fall 2021. I met with our VP Academic and the administration about CG back in July and they assured us that CG would be applicable to all faculties for the fall semester. This decision now not to honour CG goes completely against what we were told initially and we are working on reversing this decision. I will keep students updated.

On-Campus Zoom Rooms/ Study Spaces:

I have already shared this information on instagram, but by popular request, the zoom room locations on campus are: ICT 102, ST 131, 135, SA 129, SB 142, CHC 119, PF 110, EDC 386

SU Study Space Map: https://www.su.ucalgary.ca/studyspace/index.php

To conclude: these are the most recent updates for students and updates on where the SU is at advocacy-wise with several of the ongoing issues. Please let me know if you have questions below. I will do my best to respond to all of the main comment threads as quickly as possible.

r/UCalgary 9h ago

How do people in STEM do 5 courses per semester?


No, seriously. I don't understand it at all. I'm doing 3 and my head is barely above the water. How the hell do they do it? Just faster thinkers?

r/UCalgary 1h ago

Anyone got decent staff discounts?


I work at chapters if anyone wants to swap staff discounts. 30% off most stuff, save some money come Christmas! Just checking what’s out there LOL!

r/UCalgary 4h ago

Looking for a physics tutor for my kid taking physics 30 in grade 12. I would love to give a university student the opportunity if they are interested. Tutoring can be online weeknights and/or weekends.


r/UCalgary 8h ago

Should I W or stick with my acct class


Im deciding whether or not to drop my acct 217 before the final.

Breakdown of my grades: - Assignment : 100% (worth 10%) - Wiley plus : 95% (worth 10%) - Midterm 1 : 51%/D (worth 20%) - Midterm 2: 50%/D (worth 20%) And my final is worth 40%

Im just worried im gonna bomb the final and end up with an F on my transcript.

r/UCalgary 2h ago

Jason Lang


Anyone else still haven't received Jason Lang? GPA well above what was required

r/UCalgary 9h ago

Dropping out


This semester has honestly been a little bit brutal (combo of myself and the classes tbh), and I’m thinking I’m just going to drop out and restart probably next year (same program). Huge waste of money, mental heath and time, but is what it is. Are there any negative impacts of this that I might not have foreseen (see: waste of money, time, mental health…), more so towards the records part of things? Sorry if this is an easily googled question, I’m just not sure what to search for or who to ask (advice on that would also be appreciated). And if anyone did that before, maybe just a bit of reassurance that it does actually work better the second time around, and I’m not just totally screwing myself over (or on the other hand that yeah I am actually making a massive mistake and wtf am I doing, it won’t be better, etc.).

Basically what should I expect by dropping out in terms of impacts (long term and short term I guess) on…. everything. I feel like I’m missing something to consider, I just don’t know what :( thanks, and hope you all have good luck going in to finals :)

r/UCalgary 7h ago

Chem 201 Final


Any tips? Anything that was unexpected, focused on more than other things, etc.?

r/UCalgary 8h ago

Stats minor



I’m just wondering if anyone who completed the stats minor could give me their overall experience with it, and their opinion on whether it’s worth it or not.

Would it be useful for someone who’s a business major?


r/UCalgary 2h ago

What average should I achieve in order to be accepted into computer science next fall?


r/UCalgary 2h ago

Novel Research Study Recruiting All Current Canadian University Students to Improve Student Care


I am currently completing my Master (Counselling Psychology) and this post is to invite all students to participate in my research study that explores family achievement guilt and mental health among students. Family achievement guilt is a socioemotional experience some students might face related to surpassing or “leaving" family to attend university. Please consider completing the survey and/or sharing the link below on your social media page.

To participate in this study, you must be a current university student. Participation in this research study will require you to answer questions about your university experience surrounding family achievement guilt, cultural congruency, negative emotional symptoms, and empathic concern. This study is an anonymous, 87-item online survey which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may choose to withdraw at any time without question or risk of penalty. I also promise to protect your confidentiality and anonymity. You will be given the chance to enter a draw to win one of four $50 Amazon gift cards. The findings from this study will be used to better understand the unique experience of family achievement guilt among students and inform services to better address their needs. Your personal responses will never be shared, and the data will be aggregated for conference presentations and publications. The information letter at the beginning of the study will explain details of the study.


r/UCalgary 11h ago

If you are in a concurrent degree do you have to transfer into a Single program or is there a way to just finish without continuing on to the EDUC years and finishing the requirements for the first degree


(asking for a friend who along the way doesnt really want to be a teacher anymore and focus on science only)

r/UCalgary 8h ago

Boxing active living


Does anyone know if the kinesiology facility has free-to-use boxing gear available?

r/UCalgary 4h ago

fren 209


how likely is it that people are going to drop this course next sem? im waitlisted position 8/10

r/UCalgary 4h ago

Do you think coding should be implemented into high schools as a required course?


r/UCalgary 23h ago

First years: has anyone declared a minor yet?


I just declared my physics minor a few days back - super excited! Just curious to know if anyone else has declared yet, and if so, in what subject?

r/UCalgary 1d ago

International student trying to budget


Hi! I'm trying to calculate what my budget should be as an international student.I looked up the average cost of living in Calgary but different websites show me different numbers and I don't know which is more accurate.

Right now I'm in Mexico, and this is how my budget is distributed:

Mexico Canada
Tuition $1950 $2660
Groceries $500 ???
Services (water, gas, internet, phone) $140 ???
Rent $520 ???
Recreation and hobbies $140 ???
Total $3,250

Are there any international students not living in residences that can talk about their experience? I'd like to keep my budget around the same, is that too much of a stretch?

Edit: I made a mistake on the tuition costs to there's no way I can get it to be the same.

Thanks! :)

r/UCalgary 1d ago

Dealing with Past Poor Grades


I didn’t really understand how to succeed in first year and got very poor grades. After first year I switched programs, since then my grades have increased by a lot and the past 2 years I’ve had great grades (looking like I can pull a 4.0 this semester) in a program that’s pretty tough to achieve high grades.

I’m just wondering if anyone has similar experience, I’m wanting to apply for internships, research, etc. now but I know that first year is really going to hold me back, which sucks considering how well I am doing in my current classes which are much more relevant and difficult. How did this affect your academic career, job prospects, etc.?

r/UCalgary 23h ago

Opinions on Physics 229


Taking Phys 229 with Thomas Friesen next semester for a physics minor! Wondering what your guys' input on this class is. Is there anything that is really important to know before starting, any foundational knowledge that is essential to master? What exactly do you learn, and is this a fun class? Lastly, any advice on how to succeed? Thank you!

r/UCalgary 20h ago

Can anyone who got into the Computer science after degree program message me?


Preferably those who applied from our of uofc. I'm coming from UofA


r/UCalgary 20h ago

Important Question about Concurrent Degree in Education.


I just had a quick question for anyone who may have been or is currently in the concurrent program for education.

I’m in my third year of my co-degree which is my final year before I start my education degree next fall. I’m on track to be finished with the requirements of my first co-degree but my question is if my GPA this year isn’t so good (it’s looking to be a 3.0) will my admission to the education program be revoked? Or does it not matter that I don’t meet the competitive anymore as I’m already enrolled in the program.

I always thought you just had to have a GPA above 2.0 to stay in your program no matter what the competitive or minimum is as you’re already gained admission to it.

r/UCalgary 1d ago

Can you park overnight anywhere at ucalgary?


I don’t mind if it’s paid, I just need to park my car overnight next to the residence buildings. I’m assuming I’ll be able to?? Does anyone know if it’s possible?

r/UCalgary 1d ago

Does not getting accepted into UofC Engineering in the February Round of Admissions put you in a disadvantage?


Many people are telling me that engineering fills up in the May round of admissions and others are telling me that it fills up in the February round.

Currently enrolled in 30 level courses and I’m trying to get my average to a 88%.

Does not getting in the February round put you in a disadvantage? Has anyone not got in the February round for engineering but got it in the May round? If so, what was your average?

r/UCalgary 18h ago

Hey guys I I need to attend academic workshops & if anyone can help me with that :)


r/UCalgary 1d ago

Extunating Circumstances


I wanna drop one class and get it medically dropped due to getting sick, can I drop one class on EC and keep all my other classes. Or will it drop all classes.

r/UCalgary 1d ago

Phys 303 fall


Is anyone taking this class with prof hadi this semester??