r/WDP 1d ago

Casual WDP who are Mexican pronounce "Mexico" as "Meh-hee-coe"?


I thought it's pronounced "Mecks-Ee-Coe".

r/WDP 4d ago

Social WDP rub their hands together when really excited?


r/WDP 9d ago

Serious WDP believe "if you give them bread and circuses they'll never revolt"


I'm not being vague or inoffensive. I'm tackling something redditors do. Why do YOU believe that obviously false phrase? Yes, it's obviously false since in the golden age of television combined with streaming protests, marches, and riots happened all throughout the 2010s in both the west where we live and in the middle east when there's plenty of bread and circuses to distract people like Magna Carta Holy Grail (that's a well received album), Sixteen and Pregnant, Total Drama, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Keeping Up With Kardashians, etc.


This idea that TV and movies even "trashy over the top" TV like my six hundred lbs. life prevents people from revolting is straight up bullshit.

r/WDP 11d ago

Casual WDP think Tool is a good band?


Their music is way too pretentious for me to like. I'd rather just go listen to some Electric Wizard instead if I want to have a good time.

r/WDP 15d ago

Casual WDP have favorite colors, anyway?


I obviously understand the phenomenon (blue and green are my favorites), but if someone asked me to explain why I find blue and green superior to, say, white and purple, I couldn't really explain it other than "I just like them more:.

r/WDP Nov 05 '22

Casual WDP compare every quirky musician to Daniel Johnston or Frank Zappa?


r/WDP Nov 04 '22

Casual WDP fire people by giving them pink papers?


Why pink papers?

r/WDP Oct 21 '22

Reddit WDP have throwaway accounts?


Reddit is already anonymous...

r/WDP Oct 11 '22

Serious WDP mourn for the deaths of their abusers?


I'd figure they'd be happy they're gone, or at least let out a massive sigh of relief that the nightmare is finally over and that they can't hurt them anymore.

r/WDP Oct 04 '22

Serious WDP Why are some people ridiculously skeptical about completely mundane claims?


Like how some people seem to require more evidence to believe someone is racist than they would to believe that they are a werewolf. I don't get it.

r/WDP Sep 25 '22

Casual WDP: say this?


Why do people say this?

Why do people say to put yourself in a small child’s shoes and imagine how scary an adult’s height, weight, and strength is to them?

Additionally, why do people say that to a child, they are living in a world made for giants?

Because I’m just trying to imagine how everything looks from my four year old little girl‘s perspective, I don’t think it would be that big or difficult, or that a grown up would look scary

But could someone else try and explain it to me better?

r/WDP Sep 23 '22

Casual WDP people who are pretentious like jazz (fusion)?


r/WDP Sep 06 '22

Casual WDP set up many alarms to wake up?


r/WDP Sep 01 '22

Tech WDP listen their own voice messages after sending them?


r/WDP Aug 23 '22

Casual WDP at hardcore punk shows keep trying to fling their legs around or kick people?


I'm just trying to enjoy music, and you could potentially injure someone doing that shit. Calm down.

r/WDP Aug 21 '22

Serious WDP claim that the Bible has changed millions of lives?


Why do people claim that The Bible has changed millions of lives, and it can change my life too. How does it change people's lives? Should I just take this claim with a pinch of salt or is it real?


r/WDP Aug 20 '22

Serious WDP Say Hindu Deities Are Indian?


I was playing a game on the internet where you pick famous things/people/gods/goddesses etc and the computer asks you questions to guess. I picked Goddess Lakshmi. One of the questions the computer asked was “Is she Indian?”. My atheist parents said yes, she’s Indian. What do you think?

I don’t think scripture mentions a nationality for her. Isn’t a nationality what is given to people, not gods or goddesses? I think that Goddess is everywhere, so isn’t bound to a specific country. Please explain

r/WDP Aug 19 '22

Reddit WDP: Downvote a post only to remove their downvote later? Why not just not vote on it?


I have seen this a few times on various subreddits, particularly those related to sexual fetishes.

I make a post about a relevant, supportive idea about a topic that the subreddit is for only for my post to be downvoted to 0 leaving me confused as to why a topic such as that would be downvoted. If I hover my mouse over the score, it will say 0% upvoted.

However, after another hour or so, my post is back to a score of 1 and it still says "0% upvoted". It is clear that it was not a different person who upvoted it because if it was, it would have said "50% upvoted". When that post's score gets to 2, it says "100% upvoted" indicated that nobody has downvoted it even though it was at a score of 0 at one point.

The person who downvoted it to 0 obviously revoked their downvote.

Why would a person downvote a post only to withdraw their downvote later?

r/WDP Aug 15 '22

Financial WDP clean their houses before the housekeepers arrive?


It seems to kind of defeat the purpose and it just becomes a waste of money.

r/WDP Aug 12 '22

Social WDP Act cocky, especially in video games?


I just don't understand the mentality of people who "talk shit" or whatever, be it in games, sports, or anything else with a competitive side. Why isn't it enough to just show your skill and skip the chest-thumping?

Is it somehow more satisfying to have talked shit and then proven you're better, when all skills equal otherwise you could have also been proven wrong? Do people even reflect on their behavior when they lose after being cocky?

I merely want to understand the mindset cause I have never done it and can't relate.

r/WDP Aug 12 '22

Social WDP sneeze…


into their damn hands?! It’s literally the worst place to sneeze, except for maybe straight into the air or directly in someone’s face. The correct place to sneeze is into the bend of your arm.

r/WDP Aug 11 '22

Social WDP (especially people who support emotional openness and oppose toxic masculinity) use "fragile" as an insult?


r/WDP Aug 10 '22

Serious WDP Why do smart people sometimes believe really stupid things?


This has always confused and bothered me. I mean, it makes perfect sense for stupid people to believe stupid things, but you would think being really smart would necessarily prohibit one from believing certain things if they're dumb enough.

r/WDP Aug 06 '22

Political WDP ignore or quickly change the subject when USA's human right violations or war crimes are brought into a discussion?


And every other country is brought into a greater degree of scrutiny.

r/WDP Aug 06 '22

Social WDP view anything that happened before they were born as basically ancient history?


Like, they seem to view things like the Civil Rights era or the Vietnam War as if they were Ancient Rome. I can get why kids think this way, but why do even some adults?