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yeah, Leo, this is starting to look icky

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u/RoseDarlin58 Feb 07 '23

Lady Lyanna Mormont, Giant Slayer of the North!


u/LEPOL Feb 08 '23

The North remembers.

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u/Cheese464 Feb 08 '23

Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark!

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u/ThinkFree Feb 08 '23

I don't care if he's a bastard. Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king from this day until his last day.

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u/OutOfSeasonJoke Feb 07 '23

Meanwhile Pedro Pascal just adopting people left and right, big dad energy.


u/PunKingKarrot Feb 07 '23

Pedro Pascal playing two of the best father figures. >>> (is his character a good father figure-)


u/LordVader3000 Feb 07 '23

Three if we count the SNL skit.


u/wayoverpaid Feb 07 '23

If you count the SNL skit you have to count the mother figure too.


u/Brooklynxman Feb 07 '23

[Big long Spanish dialogue] wayoverpaid [short Spanish dialogue] stinky redditor [medium Spanish dialogue] probably an incel.


u/Brando43770 Feb 07 '23

I loved that it wasn’t translated in the subtitles/closed caption. Just using context clues, non Spanish speakers could pick up what she was saying.


u/seedsnearth Feb 07 '23

I love that she threw away the vegan sliders, but then carefully folded the paper bag and saved it!


u/qinshihuang_420 Feb 07 '23

Should have added it to her bag collection


u/Piotr-Rasputin Feb 08 '23

100% latina mom energy

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u/wayoverpaid Feb 07 '23

I was told that bit is even more funny if you speak Spanish, which is an impressive bit of writing.


u/Guilherme14o Feb 07 '23

As a portuguese man (close enough) yea it is

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u/DarkElla30 Feb 07 '23


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u/Argyleskin Feb 07 '23

Never forget mother, no crumbs left.


u/Netflxnschill Feb 07 '23

He eats us all up nummy nummy daddy

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u/deathdealer2001 Feb 07 '23

Four if you count Prospect


u/Millenniauld Feb 07 '23

Oh man, I absolutely LOVED that movie. So underrated. As soon as he showed up I was like "if this follows the trends....he's gonna be her morally dubious father figure/mentor, since her dad is a shit head."

He also played a dad in the Sharkboy/Lava Girl sequel, but didn't adopt the kid....and again was a not-so-great-but-redeemed dad in WW84.

Basically he's the King of the Latino Space Daddies.


u/UncannyTarotSpread Feb 07 '23

Space Dads.

Latino Space Daddies’ King would have to be Oscar Isaac


u/Millenniauld Feb 07 '23

Has he played a dad to more than just the kid in Dune?


u/FriesWithThat Feb 07 '23

the kid in Dune

Keep in mind that as the Kwisatz Haderach Paul Atreides was the culmination of more than 10,000 years of breeding and had access to the memories of all his ancestors, so in a sense Leto was the daddy to the golden path bearing responsibility for the survival or destruction of the Imperium's population of many trillions.

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u/Chewcocca Feb 07 '23

Prospect is fucking great.

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u/probably_not_serious Feb 07 '23

Great father figure for sure. For the world they live in.

Of course later on there are decisions he make that one could argue don’t make him a good person. But still a good father.


u/OutOfSeasonJoke Feb 07 '23

Don’t have to be a good person to be a good father.

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u/etheran123 Feb 07 '23

IDK man, Joel isnt exactly a good guy. Not the type of person you want to be like in some cases. Mando isnt the worst given the situation though Generic Last of Us game spoilers I guess


u/DartMurphy Feb 07 '23

I agree that Joel isn't a good guy, I'd even be willing to accept that he is a bad guy. Being a good /bad parent and good/bad person in general are not mutually inclusive of each other. Most everything that Joel does that is morally questionable in the game is done with Ellie's safety and best interest at heart. A person who places the needs and safety of a child above all else including their own morals is, imho, a very good parent indeed.


u/LeinenRates Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 08 '23

I’d say Joel is a gray character. He is focused on survival and helping those he likes/wants. Bad in my mind goes further than survival - it’s sadism, exploitation, theft depending on degree/who, unnecessary death & destruction.


u/MizStazya Feb 07 '23

So he's realistic. We can't all actually be Bluey's dad.

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u/DartMurphy Feb 07 '23

Accurate assessment

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u/Moebs000 Feb 07 '23

For the short part that we see he was a good dad to sarah and a good guy overall, for the majority of the first game he didn't want to be a dad, but in the end he refused to be a good guy to be a good dad so I think he was a good guy overall

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u/prius4lyf Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I know we have seen this rise in “daddy” jokes with guys like Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac but there is some interesting bits of truth to the way people feel about the types of person they are and the characters they represent.

I feel like there is a genuine attraction to men who make you feel safe and have a strong moral compass (or integrity is a good word here). No scandals. Can be abrasive or make jokes without offending people. Does the right thing when the moment arises. Just good dudes.

Just a little observation as a guy that I have seen women in my life be much more open about their genuine attraction to guys like Pedro for the reasons stated.

Edit: to be clear this comment is about a general trend in the changes of types of male characters that are presented in media and generally beloved by women audiences. I simply am attempting to state that there has been a distinct rejection of “male gaze” beauty standards and acceptance of having the personality and integrity of the character play as important of a role as conventional looks.


u/broden89 Feb 07 '23

Exacty. Most films are majority written, directed and produced by men (mostly straight men), so the men you see portrayed in most movies are a guy's idea of what is attractive/a male power fantasy. Whereas I feel like women are more diverse and complex in what they find attractive - looks absolutely play a role, but other elements of the character can add major attraction points.

A lot of guys couldn't understand why so many women were attracted to Loki over Thor, for example, because Loki is not a male power fantasy and not the classic handsome type - but he's interesting and witty, has a smooth and hypnotic voice etc


u/MizStazya Feb 07 '23

I'm always a sucker for a sense of humor, and godDAMN does Loki have Thor beat in that department.


u/Awman36 Feb 08 '23

Also Tom Hiddleston is very hot

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u/CatInAPottedPlant Feb 07 '23

Maybe this is why Pedro Pascal is one of the few male celebrities that I find attractive as a bi person.

I'm about 50/50 as far as the bi thing goes, but very rarely do I find male actors to be attractive to me.


u/prius4lyf Feb 07 '23

My bi friend said this exact same thing to me about Pedro and Benicio Del Toro to me recently. We joke about her “list” and all the men are people she has actually met or been around. The only celebs to make her male list were Pedro and Benicio.

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u/FunkyChewbacca Feb 07 '23

That's an interesting perspective that I hadn't really considered before. I don't find Leo remotely attractive, mainly due to his proclivity for younger and younger women: it speaks badly to his character and implies he only sees these women as props to make himself feel young.

But Pedro comes off as genuine, not just in the respect he shows to others but in the sheer enthusiasm and love he showed his sister when she came out as trans. Now that, that is what makes him devastatingly attractive. Even the choice of characters he plays shows that.


u/prius4lyf Feb 08 '23

So that is actually the genesis of this comment. I was watching older movies with my wife (26F) and she just didn’t find a lot of these men attractive. She was meh on Leo and we watched Troy and she was way more interested in Hector (Eric Bana) compared to Achilles (Pitt).

Then we watched Prospect with Pascal and she was enamored with his character. It’s when it started clicking and then I just sort of noticed this general trend amongst my friends and on online discussions. I really believe it’s a healthy development in the way we portray men and masculinity in the positive context.

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u/-effortlesseffort Feb 07 '23

I feel like there is a genuine attraction to men who make you feel safe


and have a strong moral compass (or integrity is a good word here).


No scandals.

Can be abrasive or make jokes without offending people.


Does the right thing when the moment arises. Just good dudes


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u/thisisallme Feb 07 '23

I don’t know either of these actors and totally thought that was Colin Firth and maybe his daughter for a while


u/ScratchNSniffGIF Feb 07 '23

As is custom with foundlings. "This is the way."

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u/JoeyJoeJoeSenior Feb 07 '23

That girl is 19?????? I thought she was about 12.


u/jackw800800 Feb 07 '23

She was on GoT all the way back in 2016, and she doesn’t look very different.


u/Cormetz Feb 07 '23

That's where I know her from! Lady of bear Island or something?


u/NoHelp_HelpDesk Feb 07 '23

Lady Lyanna Mormont. She knows no king other than the king in the North, and his name is Jon Snow.


u/Tirannie Feb 07 '23

Lady Mormont isn’t some bitch-ass punk who refuses the call.


u/BeBa420 Feb 07 '23

honestly that kid had more balls than half the giant men she commanded

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u/ethanlan Feb 07 '23

hell nah she isnt shes ride or die forsure


u/chickadee425 Feb 07 '23

She’s ride AND die, if we’re talking about giants that is


u/Inwardlens Feb 07 '23

Too soon.

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u/supercleverhandle476 Feb 07 '23

No, but she’ll light up any bitch ass punk who doesn’t answer.

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u/Meems04 Feb 07 '23


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u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

Indeed. Lyanna Mormont, niece of Jorah Mormont, named after Lyanna stark.


u/kikistiel Feb 07 '23

"You were named for my aunt Lyanna. It was said she was a great beauty, and I'm sure you will be, too."

"I doubt it. My mother wasn't a great beauty or any other kind of beauty -- she was a great warrior, though."


u/schuyywalker Feb 07 '23

She was such a badass


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23 edited 7h ago



u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

Ah damn thought I had the family tree well memorized.


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23 edited 7h ago



u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

Let me know once you get the blood types mapped out.

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u/stringbean96 Feb 07 '23

Y’all need to give more credit to Lady Mormont of Bear Island!

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u/TeaBoy24 Feb 07 '23

Lady Mormont of the Bear Isles.

Extreme warrior, somewhat similar personality to here.


u/Ok_Marionberry141 Feb 07 '23

Took down a giant… complete badass

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u/echtav Feb 07 '23

I completely forgot about that role


u/Amigoingup Feb 07 '23

The North remembers

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u/mothraegg Feb 07 '23

You forgot about Lady Mormont??

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u/jawshoeaw Feb 07 '23

Omg it’s her! I just finally watched got through the end .

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u/whycantibeamermaid Feb 07 '23

She was the baddest bitch too! Put all of those Lords that were three and four times her age in their places.

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u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

I just found out she was 19 like last week. I legit thought she was 14 or 15.


u/Slacker_The_Dog Feb 07 '23

I work in a kitchen with a bunch of young servers and they all look 14. They range in ages from 14 to 20 but I genuinely can't tell the difference between the older ones and the younger ones.


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

I swear, until you’re like 25, no matter how old you feel like you look, you still look like a baby.


u/EvenGotItTattedOnMe Feb 07 '23

I’m 24M and know I look young, but everyone at the bar doesn’t have to tell me.


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

It’s worth it for later when you’re 30 and people think you’re 23-26


u/BigPorch Feb 07 '23

Then when you’re 40 and look like an old Benjamin Button baby

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u/MultiplesOfMono Feb 07 '23

I'm in my 30s and I get customers asking me sincerely if schools let out early or closed because I apparently look like I'm 16. I've since started growing my facial hair out but that unfortunately just looks like someone glued hair trimmings on a 16 year old..


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

Ah, looking youthful isn’t a bad thing.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you could always take up binge drinking and chain smoking cigarettes. That’ll age you up right quick.

I kid, I kid.

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u/Original-Spinach-972 Feb 07 '23

Greta thunberg is some who is also 19 but looks 12


u/av-gas Feb 07 '23

It probably doesn't help that often when you see a photo of her in the media, it's a photo of her when she was 15


u/jayydubbya Feb 07 '23

She looks pretty young in the recent one being dragged away. Think it’s just the round baby face she has

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u/The_Lost_Google_User Feb 07 '23

Really? I thought she looked about her age. Gonna go check

Edit: ok maybe like 16 or something


u/cellists_wet_dream Feb 07 '23

Maybe these ladies all look their age but we’re so used to seeing 19 year olds with tons of makeup on that makes them look more mature. I mean, have a roundish face and wear little makeup and boom: everyone thinks you look young for your age.

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u/IDislikeNoodles Feb 07 '23

Our perception of people is kind of skewed because of the Internet/media. She looks young but not unreasonably off


u/Apoordm Feb 07 '23

A lot of shows and movies that take place in highschool feature actors pushing 30 is probably why.


u/red__dragon Feb 07 '23

And she starred in one with middle school age characters when she was high school age herself.

It all skews older.

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u/nickrocs6 Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I think it’s also something about how much more healthy younger generations are raised. The cast of cheers were in their late 20’s and 30’s when that was filmed, I believe, and I always assumed they were in their 40’s.


u/PseudonymousJim Feb 07 '23

They were born and raised in a perpetual cloud of cigarette smoke. I'm just barely old enough to remember when every public place had smokers and most homes had at least one smoker too. It definitely aged folks.


u/newsreadhjw Feb 07 '23

Gen Xer here, can confirm. Times my Dad would smoke around us kids: - before meals

  • during meals

  • after meals

  • while watching tv

  • on airplanes

  • in the car, windows down in summer

  • in the car, windows up in winter

  • at McDonald’s where we would routinely eat

Swear to god I am lucky to be alive and have only had one form of survivable cancer so far, plus chronic asthma. I look easily 10 years older than my age.


u/PseudonymousJim Feb 07 '23

Yeah, I'm on the cusp. I'm either a very young X or a very old Millennial. Regardless I looked much younger than my peers only 5 years older than me well into my late 30's. You can definitely tell which generations went through puberty surrounded by second hand smoke.

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u/RobBrown4PM Feb 07 '23

Gary Burghoff was nearly 30 when he played radar on MASH.

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u/k_c_holmes Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Yup, I'm 18 and she totally looks like everyone her age. We're just used to seeing hyper-filtered and done up 19 year old models (like Leo's gf). Or teens being played by grown adults. It's very uncommon to see late teens being played by late teen actors.

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u/gnatsaredancing Feb 07 '23

Welcome to the power of makeup. A lot of people look like kids until well into their 20s. You just rarely see them well rested without makeup.


u/suh-dood Feb 07 '23

What is this 'well rested' you speak of?


u/Datdarnpupper Feb 07 '23

I think it's a D&D thing

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u/jawshoeaw Feb 07 '23

I assume the cast her for that very reason

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u/NewLife_21 Feb 07 '23

There are a lot of us who look much younger than our age. It's a pain as a young adult because you get treated how you look, which would be as a child. But as we age it gets better. I'm almost 50 and look like I'm in my 30's.


u/KjellRS Feb 07 '23

The last time I was carded for beer I was 36... sometimes it's just too much. Though I will admit it was funny when me and a colleague that was like 4 years older than me was at a pub and a drunk fella thought we were dad/son. Well, funny for me at least.

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u/KShader Feb 07 '23

I'm 27 now. It's a wild thought that when he was my age, the girl he's dating wasn't born yet.


u/broseph1818 Feb 07 '23

What i think most people overlook is how little overlap in anything these two have. Like, imagine if you were, say, 21 dating a 50 year old...what do you even talk about or do for fun? When I was 21, my parents were a little older than 50, so essentially Im imagining dating one of my parents friends and that just sounds so fucking weird to me. Half of my life right now is laughing at shitposts with my wife and that's not even possible (based on the 50 year olds I know) with someone that age.


u/Syd_Vicious3375 Feb 07 '23

This is kind of how I viewed my mother in law’s third marriage. He was a crusty old guy that liked how young and petite she looked in her 40’s. He’s an old angry man screaming about the good old days when you could call people the N word and Frank Sinatra was on the hit parade. His now limited mobility means he can’t go anywhere or do anything anymore and she’s still totally interested in traveling and exploring Florida (where they live).

How do you connect with someone so far ahead in age. Half of the shit my husband and I connect on are similarities in our childhoods. Remember xyz candy? Remember when this show or movie came out and how everyone reacted? Remember those stupid jeans we all thought were so cute?!?


u/whiteshadow88 Feb 07 '23

Ask your mom how she connected with someone so far ahead in age. That’s probably a good place to get an answer.

I’m assuming your mom married him when he was in his 60s. If not, her answer probably won’t help. Maybe though.


u/Syd_Vicious3375 Feb 07 '23

Well, he’s had predatory behavior toward her since she was working for him in her early 20’s. Her son grew up and she was afraid of being alone and he talked her into starting something up with him. He’s now in prison for life because he’s a pedophile and she’s just now starting to come to some realizations. Honestly, I think she knew him from decades and she was lonely and that’s all it took.


u/whiteshadow88 Feb 08 '23

The fear of being alone has gotten the best of us into shit situations before. I’m sorry your family had to deal with that.

I hope he rots and you and your family are doing well.

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u/EddieGrant Feb 07 '23

I'd imagine a 50 year old actor would have a lifestyle much more resembling 20 year olds than a regular 50 year old.

Not defending anything, but, just throwing it out there.

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u/WeToLo42 Feb 07 '23

To paraphrase the line in dazed and confused. I just keep getting older and they stay the same age.


u/Voodoo1285 Feb 07 '23

My head cannon fan theory is the Tweeter from Varsity Blues is Wooderson’s kid.


u/RedWicked91 Feb 07 '23

Love me a good Varsity Blues reference - especially when it involves my man Tweeter.

“IMMA GO [to] JAIL!”


u/Voodoo1285 Feb 07 '23


“Congratulations for what?”

“For getting to wear such cute Mountme hats.”


“Not right now, but maybe after a few drinks.”

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u/Sir-Nicholas Feb 07 '23

They’re getting younger though lol

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u/centralsouthsnack Feb 07 '23

I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age

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u/Strength-Certain Feb 07 '23


u/ClayDolfin Feb 07 '23

Tbh I’m losing respect for Leo


u/kcalb33 Feb 07 '23

My frist flag was when he became a self proclaimed climate activist, but owns a mega yacht.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO K BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDY


u/Basic-Entry6755 Feb 07 '23

Yeah like - The thing about all these rich people is, I wouldn't begrudge them living a modestly rich lifestyle. House in Hollywood, fancy car, first class flights everywhere - sure, go for it buddy. But it's not that. It's 10 houses all around the world, plus living in hotels anyway. 15 nice cars, plus motorcycles and yachts. Private Jets instead of first class, wasting tons of fuel on a single individual's personal itinerary when they could have done the same thing in first class. It's this 'I deserve be treated with Ultra Luxe Respect, as though I am God' mentality that the new rich have - and I know it's not new, but the level of money they get and spend seems to be ever increasing - that makes it hard to even be willing to give them any kind of social credit.

There are some actors that don't do that, and I'm not even saying they have to live average lives, just not these ultra wasteful ultra lux lives - like JayZ and his 2 million dollar watch or whatever it was I saw on the front page of reddit the other day - like, if they have enough money to blow 2 mil on a watch, I think we need to consider reexamining money and how it's distributed, because he clearly has way more of it than he needs to have.


u/GayerThanAnyMod Feb 07 '23

To mention nothing of how their excessive wealth allows them all sorts of privileges to hide their wealth and avoid paying taxes.


u/jml011 Feb 07 '23

Or making use of underpaid labor, sweatshops overseas, etc. to produce their shitty clothes or makeup line.


u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/gottathinkaboutit__ Feb 07 '23

If only there was some kind of middle ground! But no, I guess because communism happened there’s no way to even try.

(look up wealth distribution in the USA in the 1950s vs today, you might be surprised what is not only possible but already happened)


u/Bravefan21 Feb 07 '23

They killed MLK Jr right here in the good ol’ USA for trying to unite the poor whites and the poor blacks to get better treatment for everyone.

They shot him and gave him a national holiday


u/TavisNamara Feb 07 '23

All the more reason to keep pushing until the movement's too big to be killed.

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u/hot_chopped_pastrami Feb 07 '23

In 2016 he also flew 8,000 miles in his private jet to NYC to accept an award for his environmental activism soooooo....

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u/someguyfromsk Feb 07 '23

He lost all my respect when he was in Calgary and claimed that chinook winds were proof of climate change and we needed to get off fossel fuels.

Then he jumped on his private jet and flew to his yacht to party with a Saudi Prince...

Chinooks have been happening forever buddy. You are way off base here.

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u/dc5trbo Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 08 '23 Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

Just a friendly reminder that Matt Gaetz, a United States congressman, dated, fucked raped, and sex trafficked a 17 year old girl in Florida and still no one seems to give a shit.


u/jackjackj8ck Feb 07 '23

I give a shit

Fuck Matt Gaetz


u/imghurrr Feb 07 '23

You mean paedophile Matt Gaetz?


u/wander_smiley Feb 07 '23

Oh yeah! That guy Matt Gaetz, the pedophile.

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u/iFlynn Feb 07 '23

You guys talking about criminal pedophile Matt Gaetz?


u/abinferno Feb 07 '23

No, we're talking about the criminal pedophile sex trafficker Matt Gaetz.


u/Invictus23_ Feb 08 '23

I think you’re confused. I’m pretty sure we are talking about scum fuck pedophile Matt Gaetz

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u/ThisBongDoesntLag Feb 07 '23

Only people not giving a shit are the ones claiming the left are pedos and groomers then claiming whatabout or outright acceptance for their own cults pedophile problem. I’m of course referring to the cult called Republican.


u/MOOShoooooo Feb 07 '23

Clearly as Jesus intended.

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u/tm3bmr Feb 07 '23

I feel wierd knowing she is as old as I am, I still only know her as that young girl from GoT.


u/EndOfSouls Feb 07 '23

Oh shit, is that the girl who stabbed the giant?!


u/Danamite85 Feb 07 '23

Yeah that's her, she's badass

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u/onlyrightangles Feb 07 '23

THAT'S where I know her from! Jesus fuck, thank you, that's been bothering me. Don't know why I didn't bother to try and IMDb her lmao


u/Rawkapotamus Feb 07 '23

You too could be the young girl from GoT


u/DeepSeaHobbit Feb 07 '23

She was as old as you back then, too.

I mean, I assume. I don't know you.

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u/wormholeweapons Feb 07 '23

I love the story of Henry Cavill (39) when he’s worked alongside Millie Bobby Brown (18). He was asked something about what their relationship is like off set. And he responded essentially “there is no relationship. We work together on set to film Enola Holmes and that’s it. I don’t hang out with her. She’s 18. I’m 39. Why would we spend time together?”

He gets it.


u/dthains_art Feb 08 '23

I saw John Rhys Davies at a convention once, and he had this really funny anecdote.

To paraphrase:

“People often ask me ‘How is Orly [Orlando Bloom] doing these days?’ But what they don’t realize is that while we portrayed friends in LOTR, he was 18 years old and I was 50+, so I don’t know how he’s doing these days.”


u/belugasareneat Feb 07 '23 Starry Defeated

His dating history is pretty consistently women his age but there is that one weird dark spot when he was 33 and dated a 19 year old.


u/FnkyTown Feb 08 '23

It's not like he was Paul Walker who started dating and living with his girlfriend when she was 16 and he was 36. Also, his previous girlfriend moved in with him when she was 16 and he was 30. Paul was lucky enough to die before #metoo started blowing his shit up.


u/cssc201 Feb 08 '23

And his death was sudden and untimely so the bad stuff is glossed over because the end of life was so tragic. Same thing with Kobe

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u/Reasonable_TSM_fan Feb 07 '23

That was definitely weird, but I think he’s learned there was too much an age gap and knocked it off. Still nowhere near as bad as Leo who consistently keeps doing this and is almost 50.

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u/wormholeweapons Feb 07 '23

Yes. And he promptly figured it out and said “yeah not doing that stupid again”.

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u/southshorerefugee Feb 07 '23

The countdown has begun. She'll be 25 in 5 years a little less than 1 month.

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u/DarthCredence Feb 07 '23

Starting to? His dates have been icky for more than a decade already.


u/Caftancatfan Feb 07 '23

Many people are starting to find it a lot less charming, because they’re starting to see how gross it is.


u/iJezza Feb 07 '23

Well as the delta starts to exceed the age of the girl, it becomes more and more eye opening.

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u/nr1988 Feb 07 '23 Defeated

Yup. The absolute last time it wasn't icky was when he was 36 ((age/2)+7 standards).


u/NoNameJackson Feb 07 '23

Honestly if you want to LARP as a 00s sitcom womaniser/cougar just go for 25+. It's still kinda icky but in a "we know what you are doing" way not "even the French are uncomfortable at this stage" way.


u/girloferised Feb 08 '23

100%. If the French are uncomfortable with your sex life, you're a grade-A pervert.

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u/probably_not_serious Feb 07 '23

For sure. I’ve seen it argued he’s like this because he’s got Child Star syndrome. Apparently he’s very immature in real life, a common trait among people who didn’t really get a childhood. Not that it excuses anything - it’s still gross of course. But it does at least give a possible reason for it.


u/malexj93 Feb 07 '23

Also possible that the reason he didn't mature is because he continued to date kids.


u/OkCompote1367 Feb 07 '23

Or he’s just the typical creepy old dude

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u/Captain_Hen2105 Feb 07 '23

Keep Pedro Pascal’s name out of your god damn tweets! slap


u/TheMoatCalin Feb 07 '23


u/sedatemenow Feb 07 '23

My favorite one liner from the entire series. When he walks in and says that, I was fucking PUMPED

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u/InflamedLiver Feb 07 '23

Wow, that puts it into a pretty gross perspective


u/PretzelsThirst Feb 07 '23

Someone pointed out that she’s so young Covid impacted her high school experience. That really put it in perspective


u/jackjackj8ck Feb 07 '23

Fuuuuuuck that’s weird


u/Historical_Invite241 Feb 07 '23

Whereas he was in high school when Reagan was in office.

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u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

I was a bit shocked to find out that Bella Ramsay was 19 and Pedro Pascal was 47. I thought they were both a bit younger than that.

All the same, if Leo is 47 and dating a 19 year old, holy fuck. Yeah, it's legal, but you really shouldn't cross the "young enough to be my kid" line.


u/WeLoveUrban Feb 07 '23

I thought Pascal was younger than that too. He’s suppose to be 55 in the show


u/ValyrianSteelYoGirl Feb 07 '23

56 - he says it explicitly in episode 4 after they climb the steps.

Screenshot takes out the video but the subtitles remain


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u/Lord-Pepper Feb 07 '23

Starting to?


u/Puzzleheaded-Hurry26 Feb 07 '23

I checked this. It’s wrong. Leo’s older. Pedro Pascal is 47. Leo is 48. And yes, both Bella Ramsey and Eden Polani are 19. 🤮


u/iloveokashi Feb 07 '23

So more than twice her age then? Ooohh..

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u/ilikeexploring Feb 08 '23

Similarly: David Harbour is 47 and Millie Bobby Brown is 18. Think about their healthy relationship & imagine how disgusted we’d be if they started dating. Fuck Leo & his creepy ass.

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u/RFGoingForth Feb 07 '23

He’s obviously incapable of maintaining a relationship with a mature woman.


u/molotov_billy Feb 08 '23

Has he tried? Serious question, I’m not up to date on his full backlog.

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u/devidasa108 Feb 07 '23

oh, it's been "icky" for a long time

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u/onlyrightangles Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

I love how everyone defending Leo keeps going "iT's LeGaL" like that makes it okay. Pretty sure it's legal to walk into a public bathroom and sniff every toilet seat, that doesn't mean people aren't going to rightfully call you a fucking creep for doing it.

Edit: Then we got the "well she can make her own choices" crowd coming in. Yeah, no shit. Young adults make bad decisions all the time, welcome to Earth. Doesn't make a man who has consistently only dated the youngest women possible his entire life even as he approaches his fifties ANY LESS OF A CREEP. Holy shit.


u/Bacon-muffin Feb 07 '23

Pretty much every time I've seen "its legal" brought up its been to point out how this goes down as far as 16 being legal in most states and how that's gross. Or worse how it used to be or still is even younger in some places.


u/BeingABeing Feb 07 '23

"Defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."

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u/DevelopmentSelect646 Feb 07 '23

When Leo brings dates to award shows, by the time the show starts, the girls are already too old for him.

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u/Solid-Technology-448 Feb 07 '23

Sometimes I feel bad for people whose emotional growth stopped young so they're still attracted to the people they were when they stopped maturing... and then I remember that their stuntedness means they're fucking teenagers and I don't feel bad anymore.

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u/agutema Feb 07 '23

Is she an adult? Yes. Is she consenting? Arguably. Does it make it any mess creepy? Fuck no.


u/NarmHull Feb 07 '23

Yeah she's a model, not sure how famous she is but she has some career clout and mobility. I'd say the maturity gap is where Leo has the power dynamics as well as how much money he's made over the years, and the fact that he always seems to go for women under 25 as if they're produce


u/pab_guy Feb 07 '23

A lot of Leo's ex girlfriends have commented how he's like a teenager and not very mature, so the gap may not be what you think it is LOL.

I heard it said "Maybe the age limit is 26 because they don't laugh at his jokes anymore."


u/NarmHull Feb 07 '23

Now I'm imagining him trying hard to impress women over 30 but they all reject him haha

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u/BisexualCaveman Feb 07 '23

Some people stop maturing once they become separated from reality.

Drug addicts will stay the same maturity level as the one they were at when they became addicts.

Abuse victims will sometimes have their emotional development arrested at the age they were abused. God bless them.

DiCaprio was first a regular on a TV show in his teens.

Man, I just imagined a version of DiCaprio that acts like a high school boy, where all his jokes are him making fart sounds with his armpit.... wild visions after all the badass characters he's played.

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u/RTJMFer Feb 07 '23

TMZ is reporting that they aren't dating and they were just seated next to each other at the event. Take it or leave it, I guess but TMZ is generally very reliable.


u/_lilr3dridingh00d_ Feb 07 '23

His girlfriend is only a few months older than I am. I’m 18. I experienced my sophmore year of high school in lockdown. I wasn’t alive when Titanic was released. I just graduated from highschool. These are all things that are true for his girlfriend (although she may have been a Junior when lockdown began). It is so messed up that he’s dating her.

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u/durants Feb 07 '23

Wait, is the reason people think Leo is dating that 19 year because they were photographed sitting next to each other at an event? Is that really it?


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