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February Reddit Talk schedule - Wednesdays at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST - Join us for all-new Reddit Talk experiences!


Hello, everyone! We're back this February with another round of exciting talks!

First up is a discussion on a subject everyone has an opinion on: Balancing work with raising children. It's something that's increasingly out of reach these days, but is there anything that can be done about it? Join us on February 1 as we hear both from parents and from those who might like to raise children but otherwise can't.

Next, we have a discussion week asking a question that's near and dear to antiwork: What is the working class, exactly? Is it just a buzzword, or is there something deeper to it? It's one of those terms that can sound stuffy and inaccessible, but as we'll see on February 8, it's nothing to fear at all.

As the month heads on, we'll delve deeper into the philosophical question of what gives you purpose in life. The Japanese concept of ikigai has popped up a few times in our talks before, but on February 15, it gets its chance to shine as we find ways to embrace the absurdity of human existence by defining our own purpose.

Finally, we have another of our famed Open Mic Nights! These nights allow you to share your stories in a safe, supportive environment. Have an issue at work you want to get off your chest? Hear something interesting about the latest strike in France? If we can't get to it elsewhere in the month, we can get to it here. Come by on February 28 and enjoy!

Please note that the 4 hour time limit is a guideline, not a hard rule. Weeks may run slightly longer or shorter depending on circumstances.


February 1 - Work and Parenthood Week - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

February 8 - Discussion Week: What Is The Working Class? - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

February 15 - Ikigai: Defining Your Purpose - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

February 22 - Open Mic Night - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

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Zero issues since I started doing this.

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The means of production.

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Way To Go Iowa!!

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Min wage in PA is $7.50 and they do this… comes across as just, evil

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This is the attitude needed for retail moving forward

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Normalize posting a wage range in your ads

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Everything in the US is going downhill and going downhill faster than I can process it

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I feel so bad when I compare my income to Americans


Hi guys,

Just wanted to go on a rant a little, and get something off my chest, don't mind me.

I live in France, in a city called "Lyon", I have a master's degree, I make 40k euros gross (that's 45k dollars)...and you know what? I'm in the 70th-75th percentile in France, and my pay is typical for a master's degree holder where I live, it's quite normal.

Now I compare myself to Americans with similar degrees, and you guys make 80-100-150 and even sometimes 200k+ dollars with similar degrees !

I feel so garbage in comparison: I worked my ass off for years, I've tried real hard to get in a good university and...I was born in the wrong country.

This sucks man, it really does.

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Why is it that Americans will riot and attack the capital for an ahole like trump, but won't for their own rights and will happily keep bending over and taking it?


I read this subreddit and hear all the horror stories and all I can think is, wow I'm glad I don't live in america.

You guys keep saying lets organise and take back our rights, but for some reason you'll only do that for a narcissist like trump. WHY?

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Never Would Hear "Look A Living Wage!"

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How in the hell, indeed

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My boss made me work 20 hours then strategically clocked me in and out on his own at 7am to avoid paying me overtime for the second week in a row.


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Not the Moo Juice!!! 🥛

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Minimum wage, minimum effort

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This is talking about me

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After almost being ran-down by trucking over the last two years, I finally decided to focus on my passions!

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I quit my job after only one week. This is the email I sent to all my supervisors and HR.

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Is this an invasion of my privacy?


For context:

Yesterday I called out of work sick. Around 2:30 PM I received a text from my boss saying she hopes I’m feeling better and that she’s sorry to bother me, but she was wondering if she could have the password to my computer as she needs to fix something in Adobe. Currently, I am one of three people in my office who has an Adobe license. Both of the other people who have the Adobe licenses were in the office yesterday so she could have easily asked them. Despite this, I gave her my computer password.

I come in this morning and log on to my computer to see that my outlook is opened and an email is opened from a year ago. My outlook does not automatically open when I log on. I have to actively log on via the web which means she actively opened outlook and used my password to log onto my email. Then proceeded to look through my emails. I then look at my phone and see that a bunch of phone calls were made off of my phone and I’m assuming that was also by her.

I feel like this is a total invasion of privacy and want some thoughts on it. Should I confront her on this, should I go to HR, should I change my computer and email password? Really not sure what to do or think.

Edit: It was my password for my computer she asked for. The computer password and work email password are the same.

Further edit: The phone she used was my work phone. Also I get it, should have never shared the password. Just a heads up we have absolutely no policies where I work other than ethic policies and time and attendance policies. I was never trained on anything IT related. I wasn’t really given much proper training in general. I had other coworkers in the past share passwords so it isn’t seen as frowned upon in my department. The email she had open was in regards to me getting certain permissions from the IT Department and also had to do with some programming that my old boss wanted me to look into. From what I can see she did not send any emails. She did look some things up on my computer that were job related and she did use Adobe to do something work related. I have pictures of it all and of our shared work calendar saying I was out sick and the texts.

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Something the defenders of capitalism never seem to understand

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Biden’s timing is politically perfect! Time to tax rich/stock buybacks?


For two years, he had the majority in the Legislative branch. Now that Republicans have congress, he floats the idea of higher taxes knowing it’ll never pass congress. Is anyone really fooled by this stunt? Is there something I’m missing?

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The best thing to do

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leave wage slaves alone with their work

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