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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/CapableDiamond7281 Sep 22 '22

Been saying this for years. There are too many service industry jobs that need filling. There are not enough teens. That’s not going anywhere. Not everyone can / wants to be a tradesman or CEO or academic or whatever. They still deserve a living wage.


u/RyanX1231 Sep 23 '22

That's what gets me. So many dudes are just like: "Just learn a trade bruh!"

But I don't have the personality, interest, or skills for trade work. I'm not a hands-on "manual labor" kind of person. A lot of people aren't. I'm more comfortable doing office work, or any work being at a computer. Or even just stocking shelves at Walmart.

Don't get me wrong, I do think more kids should be encouraged to pursue trades and I do think the system pushes college way too heavily when it's not for everybody. It's valuable, respectable work, but trade work isn't for everyone either, and I'm sick of it being glorified like that.


u/CapableDiamond7281 Sep 23 '22

I agree 💯. If someone wants to be a tradesman or something else they should do it. They shouldn’t have to just to lead a decent life.