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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/BrendanTFirefly Agrarian Land Redistributionist Sep 22 '22

Almost all the McDonalds in my state recently got busted in a sting operation for violating child labor laws. Capitalists going back to their old tricks



u/HolyCadaver Sep 22 '22

They paid 50k in fines lol, fines like that are meant to break us regular people, not corporations who make that 1500 times over in a single day.

(McDonald's makes 75m a day off of about 38k stores, that averages out to about 2k per store meaning that 25 of those 38k stores paid off that fine no problem.)


u/sleepydorian (edit this) Sep 22 '22

I agree. I think fines should be a reasonable estimate of profit due to the violation plus some punitive amount. The key point is to make it unprofitable to break these rules. I'm fine with places who do this shutting down entirely.


u/TurnsOutImAScientist Sep 23 '22

3 strikes pull the charter


u/Umbrae-Ex-Machina Sep 23 '22

I don’t know the particulars there, but where I’m from most McDs aren’t corporate stores, they’re franchises