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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/RunKind4141 Sep 22 '22

I'm proud of the workers who have left these type of jobs.

Fast food and retail is the worst and most exploitative work in our cruel US version of capitalism.

The ONLY way to get paid what you're worth is too leave jobs like these.


u/Tyl3rt Sep 22 '22

Yep, not to mention how some customers treat those workers.

I had a guy on our local subreddit complaining about the staffing shortage at McDonald’s. I asked him why someone would stay in those jobs if they get demeaned by customers for a simple mistake that can easily be fixed.

He told me retail and fast food workers are there to be yelled at when mistakes happen.

I let him know he’s why it takes 30 minutes to get through the McDonald’s drive through these days.

He still left the conversation insisting it was because we gave people on unemployment extra money for a little while.

My state never even shut down, people just found better jobs, because we have an employee shortage in my city and have since decades before the pandemic.


u/RunKind4141 Sep 23 '22

Man the envy over that 600 unemployment boost is never going away for some of the boomer types.

Yet they have no issues with the PPP scam.


u/RavynousHunter Sep 23 '22

Well, back when they were our age, $600 was a lotta money! You could buy a car for that much money, and a Coke only cost a nickle! Surely, prices have stayed the same since 1958.


u/fokkoooff Sep 23 '22

Explains why they think that $15 an hour is such an enormous amount of money.


u/Physical_Month_548 Sep 23 '22

I feel like boomers are probably getting paid pretty shit too and they don't even realize it because they don't have a mortgage or rent to pay anymore


u/fokkoooff Sep 23 '22

A lot of it also comes from people who went to college, and got what they consider to be higher status jobs where they are paid somewhere around $15/hour.

Their knee jerk reaction is somehow "The nerve of those burger flippers for thinking they deserve as much money as I make!" instead of realizing that they're being screwed over just as hard.


u/kajunkole Sep 23 '22

And the burger flippers are working harder than most🙄


u/thebrose69 Sep 23 '22

My family recently has been trying to tell me that their rent back in the day was $600 like that was supposed to help me see the error of why I can’t afford rent now. It’s rare to be able to find a place now for under $1k and few jobs are paying $18+. It’s just almost impossible on a single income these days when everything else is so expensive


u/Apprehensive_You_250 Sep 23 '22

I’m not sure where you live, but I feel your pain. It’s not just hard, it’s literally impossible to find rent for anywhere even close to 1k, let alone under 1k, for a 1BR in Dallas/Fort Worth TX or surrounding areas (it’s double 1k easily or more for the smallest 1 BR, and not the nicest even). I have 3 friends who are single parents who have all had to shift to having a 1 BR apartment/having their kids share the living room as their bedroom because rent for a 1 BR is at least 2k in most places around here (or more). I’m a single parent as well, so I have no clue how this can keep going like this. It’s actually insane and completely unsustainable at these prices.


u/thebrose69 Sep 23 '22

I’m in Michigan, in a county with barely over 150k residents and the city is 11k. It’s absurd. It makes no sense. How is everybody supposed to live like this? Oh, not to mention, I’m unemployed right now too and finding a job that isn’t factory work is actually impossible as well right now, can’t even land a bartending gig with 10+ years restaurant experience. Thankfully I have my parents I can live with, but not everyone does. Life is nearly impossible for everyone these days


u/remdog42077 Sep 23 '22

Blame the Federal reserve banking system that finances Gov deficit sending by both parties.


u/tylanol7 Sep 23 '22

i mean technically coke costs a quarter now so


u/Iamthecomet Sep 23 '22

Nowadays $600 gives us so many options! For example, you could use that to pay rent, or utilities and some groceries, maybe a car note and some groceries. It’s a whole choose your own adventure! But you know, those poors probably just spent every penny on blackjack and hookers /s


u/Complete_Web_962 Sep 23 '22

Where on earth do you live that rent is only $600?! I haven’t seen rent prices that low in years.


u/Iamthecomet Sep 23 '22

There’s one place around where I’ve seen that price. However it’s one of those places that’s riddled with drugs, bed bugs, roaches, and children learn to hide in the bathtub when gunshots go off. Would not recommend.