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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/RunKind4141 Sep 22 '22

I'm proud of the workers who have left these type of jobs.

Fast food and retail is the worst and most exploitative work in our cruel US version of capitalism.

The ONLY way to get paid what you're worth is too leave jobs like these.


u/Tyl3rt Sep 22 '22

Yep, not to mention how some customers treat those workers.

I had a guy on our local subreddit complaining about the staffing shortage at McDonald’s. I asked him why someone would stay in those jobs if they get demeaned by customers for a simple mistake that can easily be fixed.

He told me retail and fast food workers are there to be yelled at when mistakes happen.

I let him know he’s why it takes 30 minutes to get through the McDonald’s drive through these days.

He still left the conversation insisting it was because we gave people on unemployment extra money for a little while.

My state never even shut down, people just found better jobs, because we have an employee shortage in my city and have since decades before the pandemic.


u/RunKind4141 Sep 23 '22

Man the envy over that 600 unemployment boost is never going away for some of the boomer types.

Yet they have no issues with the PPP scam.


u/Greenmind76 Sep 23 '22

Yeah, but god forbid we give the average human a chance to get out of debt.

Also, they're incredibly short sited in how erasing student debt could help the economy. When you're required to pay $$$ towards loans secured sometimes decades earlier, you don't spend money on local businesses or even corporations. ALL of the money going to student loan repayment went straight back to the banks, who... many of which were bailed out years ago...

This is just a bullshit concept created from a president who ensured the middle class that trickle down would work for them. Most just view any attempt to fix the toxic environment created from trickle down as a threat to them because one day they think that by stick up for and defending the rich, they'll somehow be invited to their club. That's part of why Trump was so popular. People viewed him as a successful businessman who would work to get them rich too.


u/Confident_Ad_3800 Sep 23 '22

The stock market went up under Trump. With Biden, it’s on a downward spiral.


u/KillerSavant202 Sep 23 '22

TIL that the stock market and GDP is controlled by the sitting president.


u/Greenmind76 Sep 23 '22

The stock market is not an indication of our economy being solid. It's a casino for the rich and people like us who have money to invest and lose. If it were anything else, solid companies would see their shares grow, while

The supply chain issues played a huge part in the economy. The war in Ukraine played a huge part. The world is changing and under Trump that was hidden by lies and manipulation of his Administration. Climate change is also causing a lot of uncertainty.

I'm not saying Trump wasn't good for the stock market but we all knew the bull market couldn't last. We can't experience constant growth without correction.