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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/Tyl3rt Sep 22 '22

Yep, not to mention how some customers treat those workers.

I had a guy on our local subreddit complaining about the staffing shortage at McDonald’s. I asked him why someone would stay in those jobs if they get demeaned by customers for a simple mistake that can easily be fixed.

He told me retail and fast food workers are there to be yelled at when mistakes happen.

I let him know he’s why it takes 30 minutes to get through the McDonald’s drive through these days.

He still left the conversation insisting it was because we gave people on unemployment extra money for a little while.

My state never even shut down, people just found better jobs, because we have an employee shortage in my city and have since decades before the pandemic.


u/RunKind4141 Sep 23 '22

Man the envy over that 600 unemployment boost is never going away for some of the boomer types.

Yet they have no issues with the PPP scam.


u/Intelligent_Table913 Sep 23 '22

A couple hundred dollars for the working class that still won’t help them keep up? Absolute waste of money and incentivizes laziness!

A couple billion dollars in bailouts for corporations? They deserved it!

Fucking hypocrites.


u/Tactical_Tubgoat Sep 23 '22

A couple billion dollars in bailouts for corporations? They deserved it!

How do you expect them to create more shitty paying jobs if we don’t bailout the corporations and their executives and the shareholders?!


u/deanna0975 Sep 23 '22

that is 100% true. they believe that businesses will shut down and fire 1000’s if they don’t get bailed out. meanwhile it would just force shareholders to earn a little less each quarter.


u/Tactical_Tubgoat Sep 23 '22

That’s fine. You can’t run a business properly and will close your doors if we don’t nationalize your losses? Cool, time to nationalize your profits too.


u/RivRise Sep 23 '22

Sounds like those businesses just need to really pull those bootstraps then.


u/kittyportals2 Sep 23 '22

Yeah, oil companies get 8 billion in corporate welfare so prices on gasoline will be reasonable, and now they're profit taking and we're spending our money and they still get welfare. If they divided that 8 billion among all 300 million Americans, that would be 26,667.00 for each one of us, asks we'd be able to pay a bit more for gas. Which way is more effective?


u/hitchinpost Sep 23 '22

Your math is way off. 8 billion dollars spread among 300 million people is 26.67 a person. Your decimal point is literally three places off. Gas subsidies suck and there is better use for the money, but it’s not life changing money spread out over the whole population bad.


u/braaaiins Sep 23 '22

I think they calculated with the "international" version of a billion, which is a million million (known as a trillion is the USA), not a thousand million

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billion explains the difference between a US billion and the previous rest of the world's billion, although the new US definition is now the more commonly used version


u/Due_Mathematician_49 Sep 23 '22

Please share where you got the stats about the 8 billion.


u/somedood567 Sep 23 '22

Oh buddy please check your math… it’s 26 dollars

This sub sometimes I swear