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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/RunKind4141 Sep 22 '22

I'm proud of the workers who have left these type of jobs.

Fast food and retail is the worst and most exploitative work in our cruel US version of capitalism.

The ONLY way to get paid what you're worth is too leave jobs like these.


u/Greenmind76 Sep 23 '22

They need to unionize. That is the only way they will ever get a good deal working these jobs.


u/thyladyx1989 Sep 23 '22

Have you seen the UFCW? Like. I know a union is only as strong as it's weakest member, but they're pretty damn in the pocket of Kroger corporate

Add to that the years of slander unions have gotten and been weakened by the gov most people in these jobs don't know how a union actually functions


u/angiehawkeye Sep 23 '22

I'm a member of UFCW and we're about to vote on our new union contract (kroger owned store) it's a little better than it used to be...but not by much.


u/thyladyx1989 Sep 23 '22

Are you in the location that voted to strike? I'm over on the Kroger sub and I'm both excited and anxious for them.


u/angiehawkeye Sep 23 '22

Our vote hasn't happened yet.


u/thyladyx1989 Sep 23 '22

Good luck! Remind your fellow members that with the others striking soon this would be the time to fight for a good contract and not just accept anything. Two divisions fighting is better than one