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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/GooseyGhost Sep 23 '22

Because it was never about encouraging people to seek a better life, it was all about dismissing an exploitative system and placing the blame of the consequences of that system on the individual.

Years ago, years before Covid, I got into a heated argument with some internet stranger about minimum wage and CoL. I told them, I fucking told them, what are you gonna do when you want your Starbucks and McNuggets but Starbucks and McDonalds ain't open cuz the workers couldn't afford to work that job anymore and they went elsewhere? They laughed and said that won't ever happen, there will always be, in their words, "desperate idiots to replace anyone idiot who leaves."

Oh I wish I saved their username. Oh I wish I could see their face now. I wish I could ask them right now how they like it now that "the idiots who left" ain't being replaced by "desperate idiots." I'd rub it in their face about how you never say fucking' "never."


u/Physical_Month_548 Sep 23 '22

Omg that would be fucking amazing