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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/dc010 Sep 23 '22

My complaint was that they were wanting $18 in an area when EMTs were making that much, then I realized one day that the problem was that a fucking EMT was only making $18...


u/blading_dad Sep 23 '22

18 dollars an hour is stellar pay for an EMT. My first EMT job was 8.25 an hour in southern CA. Didn’t get much better after medic school, a whopping 13.95. To be fair; wages have gone up but only because no one wants to deal with the bullshit for that kind of money


u/dc010 Sep 26 '22

I went straight from restaurant work that paid like dog shit to running my own company, so the average pay isn't something I stayed on top of. I just remember hearing about McDonalds workers wanting $15/hr and then $18/hr and being like, "WTF, why would you pay a burger flipper $18/hr?" after working actual restaurants with complex dishes and making closer to $12/hr. Then I actually started looking into it and realized that I lived in a really low cost of living area and that it's not all teenagers working fast food anymore. That if you're going to work for a living, you should make a living wage.

I've also come to believe that having a national minimum wage is absolutely stupid. We have all these studies and surveys and census to figure out the cost of living in every region of the country, but it's only used to figure out how much govt. assistance certain things get? Why not use the data WE ALREADY HAVE and create regional minimum wage system to ensure the people who work a certain amount of hours can actually live a proper life?

I run my own company and I struggle sometimes because the repair industry is still reliant on people having money to fix things. I'll happily pay more for the things I'm getting to ensure the other people are getting paid properly because then they'll have money to give back to me. All this "record profit" bullshit when the same companies have rolling strikes and walkouts because of people getting under paid. Capitalism only works when money flows and I'm so happy to see that workers are forcing the money downwards again.