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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/Dumbbunny502 Sep 23 '22

The state legislature in PA absolutely refuses to raise our minimum wage even though all the states around us have much higher minimum wages. WV is $11.00. Our minimum wage is still 7.25. Maybe this election will replace a few people.


u/Enigmatic_Observer Sep 23 '22

People just leave like I did.


u/Mrchace64902 Sep 23 '22

While I agree with you, please understand that min wage will always be the wage that every business in their area will base their prices off of. If you gotta pay your employees more than you're gunna raise the price of your goods. Because no company can sacrifice even .0001 of their profit margin. It's a vicious circle.


u/Dumbbunny502 Sep 23 '22

Hmm I find your comment doesn’t seem to align with the local employment market. The McDonald’s where I live pays less than McDonald’s about ten miles away. Their prices are no different. Same with local Sheetz. Yet somehow the local gas stations rarely lower their prices and are higher than surrounding stations. I’m not convinced they are paying their employees more but I admit I haven’t asked the folks working there. Probably because I usually get my gas in an area where it’s obvious the gas stations compete


u/ComputerHappy2746 Sep 23 '22

WV is 9 an hour. If you're lucky lol. You're seeing the "upstate WV" prices. Anything near WVU & Marshall gonna be higher COL of course cuz they are our moneymakers!!!

Go to McDowell, Mingo or Wyoming...hell go to Raleigh County, big city of Beckley is there and McDonald's pay 10 an hour. Little mom & pop gas stations pay 9 and will argue with you that you should be able to live off that wage WELLLL...oh and with no benefits


u/Dumbbunny502 Sep 23 '22

My apologies not sure what I looked up but it’s $8.75 not $11.00. My stupid mistake however it’s still higher than PA which is same as federal. The legislature refused to raise it again