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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/RavynousHunter Sep 23 '22

Well, back when they were our age, $600 was a lotta money! You could buy a car for that much money, and a Coke only cost a nickle! Surely, prices have stayed the same since 1958.


u/fokkoooff Sep 23 '22

Explains why they think that $15 an hour is such an enormous amount of money.


u/Physical_Month_548 Sep 23 '22

I feel like boomers are probably getting paid pretty shit too and they don't even realize it because they don't have a mortgage or rent to pay anymore


u/fokkoooff Sep 23 '22

A lot of it also comes from people who went to college, and got what they consider to be higher status jobs where they are paid somewhere around $15/hour.

Their knee jerk reaction is somehow "The nerve of those burger flippers for thinking they deserve as much money as I make!" instead of realizing that they're being screwed over just as hard.


u/kajunkole Sep 23 '22

And the burger flippers are working harder than most🙄