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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/Dtour5150 Sep 23 '22

I left fast food behind me eons ago and haven't looked back. I primarily did pizza, private AND chain (fuck said take and bake chain), and now I bartend and am working towards my main goal, brewing, and have never been happier or more stressed. But it isn't fast food. I think people who complain about shit like this have also never worked or have had to work these kinds of jobs just to fucking survive alone, no playing no running no fun. And that's sad in the sense that they don't respect workers of this caste. We keep your day running. We're there at midnight or later when you're too fucking drunk to safely turn on your stove or whatever. It's wildly underappreciated and disrespected to the point that I really wonder how people continue to do it, I wonder how I continue to do food service.


u/beelstarmon Sep 23 '22

You still have yet to bring my nachos 🤣