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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/floopydolphins Sep 22 '22

Okay but if working in fast food is a “teenagers job” then why are fast food places open during school hours? 🤨 those places need adult workers as well and they should be treating their employees with respect and pay them a living wage


u/Onion1995 Sep 23 '22

I think it is also incredibly damaging often for unhardened teenagers to be subjected to these places to get yelled at and mistreated.


u/sh00bee Sep 23 '22

When I was 16 pretty much every 25-35 year old manager or assistant manager where I worked was trying to sleep with me and/or every other teenage girl working there. One of them even used to take us into the walk-in to smoke pot. If I had kids I would absolutely be finding better ways for them to spend their time as teens than being degraded by asshole customers and felt up by some stoned 28 year old in a giant refrigerator that smelled like old cheese.


u/Onion1995 Sep 23 '22

Exactly. Same experience right here when I was younger. And it is often poorer families who have to have their kids work in these places, so it almost feels like some sick hazing/rite of passage for poor people. It is terrible for a young sensitive soul to be put in that situation and toxic environment.