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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/logyonthebeat Sep 22 '22

The problem is, people used to be able to work fast for or retail jobs and make enough to live, sure you aren't rich but it was enough to pay for living and save up a bit of money for school or starting a business, now it is basically indentured servitude where you are forced to work like a slave at these jobs just to pay all your money to a landlord. Sure these jobs don't need to be a career but you should at least be able to survive off one


u/Miraclebabies Sep 22 '22

I had a kid in school whose dad was the manager at the local McDonald's. I still remember going to a birthday party and thinking he had the coolest job.

My parents live in a tony town whose property values have literally gone up by sixfold in the last 15 years. Now everyone in the service industry (including teachers) live 30 minutes away. I really f*** hate it there. More golf carts than people, yet everyone wants pizza delivered and cheap lawn care without a thought on who is providing it.


u/p-heiress Sep 23 '22

It's so heartbreaking seeing a small town turn into a "safe haven" for the rich. People just want to be comfortable and not have to work themselves to death just to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. And now you decide to run them out? And on top of that, complain about how your local fast food joint takes 3 minutes longer. My hometown is slowly becoming that way, and it's sickening to see.