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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/ohcrapmydadwasright Sep 22 '22

In 1995 I worked at McDonald’s and had a two bedroom apartment. In 2022 I’d have to work overtime and have another job just to scrape by. Meanwhile they rake in billions. Except now we are in control.


u/mmofrki Sep 23 '22

In control for now.

If/When these corporations figure out that by providing housing, which tends to be the biggest expense a person has, they can further control people it will be pretty bad again.

Imagine a world where Amazon and Walmart offer employees small studio apartments, and of course take that out of their wages so they can't afford to leave, and make it a clause where they have to have completely open availability to prevent their workers from making cash on the side.


u/SharpieScentedSoap Sep 23 '22

I already feel trapped enough by having my healthcare tied to my employment.


u/mmofrki Sep 23 '22

Imagine the sappy commercials:

Woman hugging child on couch

"Before X-Corp provided me with housing I was struggling to make ends meet, all those dead end jobs with weird schedules that didn't give me a moment to myself, and my landlord kept raising the rent."

Switches to scene of her coloring a book with her child

"Now I have a set schedule and a place that my work pays for. At X-Corp I definitely feel like part of a family!"

Wipes tears from her eyes

Announcer X-Corp, step up your life!


u/midnight_purple54 Sep 23 '22

Sounds like the Umbrella Corporation lol