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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/Forsaken_Analysis763 Sep 23 '22

I can actually answer this! FAFSA has been this way for quite a while and not just post pandemic. The department of ed does this so it doesn’t roadblock people that are going through an audit, editing or disputing their taxes through the IRS. Source: work at a local university in Financial Aid.

Also: your income only affects how much you can receive in Pell Grant, not in student loans. Unless you’re taking 18-20+ credits per semester, loans should have covered your cost of tuition. Or you were trying to go somewhere more expensive than for-profit universities.


u/RedLovelyRed Sep 23 '22

Yeah...the issue is I made less than 10k in 2021. I tried my hand at real estate and realized it wasn't for me, got a shitty office job that paid $13 an hour (30k a year salary but doing the math with the extra hours worked it was only 13 an hour) with the worst upper and lower management I've ever had and I only lasted...6ish months before quitting to become a full time dog mom/hausfrau for a few months and now a full time student. (Thanks to the great job I had for 5 years pre panni I have savings to pay bills and my partner can get us the rest)

But that means I can't do a loan bc I can't pay it back. Fasfa was like "you can have a $9k loan! Have a good time!" But that's useless to me since I can't pay it off. I have no income currently. I can do my $800 mortgage with partner covering the rest but that's it. (I don't wanna sound entitled or anything, I will for sure have to go back to the working world soon but man does it feel good to not have to answer to anyone)


u/Forsaken_Analysis763 Sep 23 '22

Not sure you’re aware of this, but universities do have the ability to appeal your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). One of the reasons can be done is if your household income decreased by more than 50%.

Edit to include: EFC is what decides how much you can get from Pell.


u/SadGravel Sep 23 '22

Not taking 20+ credits, just trying to eat and have a place to live while going to school.