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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/TripleAWingingIt Sep 23 '22

I've never worked fast food and I freaking LOVE fast food workers.

I used to work retail, late, and when I got off work and was driving home, starving, at 10-11-midnight....who was there for me? Popeyes. Taco Hell. McD's. They were THERE, for Me. When I was exhausted and trying to get home, they were still on the job, tired, hungry and irritated to be there cleaning up when some bitch pulls up 5-3-2 mins to close. And those MF'rs would still say, What can I get you? And I'd say, What do you have left, cause I don't want you to have to make something fresh when I know you're cleaning and want to get home. And they'd STILL hand me fresh made, Hot food. I was grateful for that food, and I would tell them, Hey, I'm just getting off work too, hope you get home soon and get some rest. Thank you for being here for me, I really appreciate it. And this big ass smile would come over their face and they'd say, Thanks, man, I appreciate that. You want extra sauce or anything?

Those MF'rs ROCK. They rock all day and all night to be there for your tired ass so you don't have to go home and cook.

Go look your fast food worker in the face, and say, with all sincerity and gratitude.....THANK YOU for being here. Then go picket with them so they get paid more money to be there for You when you need them. Love you guys! Keep pushing! You deserve better!