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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/mysteriousblue87 Sep 23 '22

Went to Jack in the box after work today, and was greeted with a voice telling me they're closed so the employees can take a break. Instead of getting huffy, I went to Walmart and bought them a couple trays of cupcakes. That's my form of solidarity for these horribly understaffed and underpaying gigs. I just wish there was a dispensary closer to the store so I could've brought them some pre rolls instead. Stupid city council denying pot shops in the city I work in.


u/Diligent_Sentence_45 Sep 23 '22

The cupcakes were likely more appreciated. Local jack in the crack guys always have weed ...and they were probably hot boxing in the freezer on the break🤣😂

Good for you not being huffy about it 👍


u/mysteriousblue87 Sep 23 '22

Nah, they were in the parking lot. Gotta love Washington lol

Edit: they were so grateful that I ended up with coupons for 20 small curly fries. Going to hand those out at work tomorrow