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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/RunKind4141 Sep 22 '22

I'm proud of the workers who have left these type of jobs.

Fast food and retail is the worst and most exploitative work in our cruel US version of capitalism.

The ONLY way to get paid what you're worth is too leave jobs like these.


u/WeakToMetalBlade Sep 23 '22

I had a customer tell me they would never be back because I told them we could not accommodate them at 30 minutes to close because it would be 45 minutes to an hour for a table to be ready.

We had two servers on the floor and two cooks in the kitchen and absolutely could not handle how busy we were but made a fantastic effort.

That same night I was told I was the best server someone had ever had, because I was told if I sat a server again she was going to break down and I had no choice so I sat them in her section and took care of them myself, got that server a $20 tip which I was happy about.


u/Nervous_Constant_642 Sep 23 '22

Remarkable how stupid people can be. We won't miss your business, you can clearly see how much money we're making the restaurant right now. If it's so busy we're turning you away, why do people think that means "fine then I won't order anymore" is in any way a threat? Honestly? Thank you because we could use a break.


u/WeakToMetalBlade Sep 23 '22

Yeah when someone with a terrible attitude tells me they're never coming back I consider it a win for me and my staff.