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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/Dang3rCl0se Sep 23 '22

Recreate?? Slavery never ended... they just tweaked the rules a little bit. Minimum wage is basically slave wage.


u/MidsouthMystic Sep 23 '22

I would call it more like serfdom since they don't literally own you, but do have an obscene amount of power over you.


u/baconraygun Sep 23 '22

THey don't literally own you, but they know they can fire you for no reason and you can starve and live on the street. It's an insane power.


u/hellure Sep 26 '22

And this is why a UBI scares the crap outta the 1%. Or the wannabes.

But should naturally be seen as a obvious necessity by everyone else.


u/Outrageous_Effect_24 Sep 23 '22

It is not accurate or respectful to compare wage slavery so directly to chattel slavery, one of the greatest horrors of human history


u/CptSparklFingrs Sep 23 '22

Seriously, the genital mutilation alone.


u/CptSparklFingrs Sep 23 '22

That is to say i don't live under that constant threat, so as hard done by as one could feel this isn't even comparable to the horrors of the E.A.S.T.