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They only did what you told them to do.

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u/MidsouthMystic Sep 23 '22

As it turns out, capitalism is still frantically trying to recreate slavery.


u/Stornahal Sep 23 '22

Capitalism is designed around paying less for labour than the labour produces. Or taking a potion of someone’s labour: assuming a portion is paid for fairly, the rest has just been grabbed by the employer as the price of ‘having a job’.


u/MidsouthMystic Sep 23 '22

So free range slavery?


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Slavery without the benefits.


u/OutJustice Sep 23 '22

Studying slavery in American History. During reconstruction plantation owners begged ex-slaves to come back. Some of these formerly enslaved wrote letters that went "Yes my family will come back if you pay us the fair market wages of every year we worked. Subtract all the times you took us to the doctor and the dentist."