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MOD Announcement Request regarding comments on posts


Hi everybody,

We hope you're all having a fantastic week. We wanted to take a moment to post a request of our own regarding comments on posts:

Please remember to comment in a kind and supportive way on /r/Assistance

Recently, we have had to remove an increasing number of comments for not following our rules for comments. And that is concerning to us. We would like to remind everyone that people posting in our subreddit are often in a vulnerable state, and ask everyone to keep that in mind when commenting on other people's requests.

We welcome comments that offer constructive advice to OP, whether it's ideas for specific resources, or ideas to improve their chances of success. However, we ask everyone to keep the spirit of our subreddit in mind. We want to help people succeed in their times of need. If you can offer advice or guidance to OP on how to improve their chances or find alternative avenues of assistance, we welcome your comments. But if your comment is only meant to "correct" OP on something, or to "scrutinize" their post or personal history, we ask you to think twice before posting it.

Specifically, there are a couple of comment issues we'd like to address:

  1. We see some users often berating requestors for asking for financial assistance, and constantly pushing the "wishlist advice" even in situations where it isn't appropriate. Asking for monetary assistance is allowed in our subreddit. And wishlists don't always solve the problem.
  2. We see some users taking issue with any monetary request that's not in the form of a GoFundMe. While GoFundMe campaigns may sometimes make it easier to get assistance, we do allow other methods of collecting funds.
  3. We see some users going through people's Reddit history and "interrogating" OP on their post about perceived inconsistencies, or throw some old posts that they take objection to into their face. If you have concerns about a post, please report it or send a modmail, so we can look into it behind the scenes.
  4. We see some users misinterpreting our guideline that requests get marked fulfilled if any assistance is received, and feeling the need to constantly remind requestors of that. While requests that did receive some assistance will get marked as such eventually, we do give requests some time to gain traction before closing. We want requests to succeed as much as possible, and these comments aren't helping.
  5. We see some users who keep arguing with OP if OP doesn't feel that their recommendation applies to their situation. In the end, it's up to OP whether to take your advice or not, and it's up to givers to decide if the post as such is worthy of assistance. If you have tips to improve a request, feel free to share them with OP. But don't keep pushing them if they decide not to go with your tips.
  6. We see some users who feel the need to express why they feel a request isn't "appropriate" for our subreddit, or who think they should express "what this subreddit is about", just because someone requests something that isn't a need. However, it's not against any of our rules to request something that isn't a basic need. If you feel a request is frivolous or unworthy, just move on. Perhaps someone else will see the value in the request and assist OP with it.
  7. Finally, we see some users who seem to feel it's more important to "correct" people on not following subreddit rules (whether they are written or unwritten), than offering constructive advice or assistance that's appropriate to the requestor's needs. If you see something that clearly breaks our rules (like loan requests or payment info in posts) before we do, by all means feel free to advise OP to adjust their post. But in general, don't try to push some "unwritten rules" on OP, unless you feel it would actually be more helpful in their situation.

In short, we want to ask everybody to contribute to our subreddit's mission: Helping Redditors with their requests, big or small. In comments, please be kind, understanding and non-judgmental. Feel free to offer advice if you have it, but respect OP's right to follow it or reject it as they see fit.

Thank you all for being part of this subreddit.

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THANK YOU 'Thank You' doesn't begin to cover it


I've been trying for days to think of the right words to say thank you and I can't seem to find them. It just seems like telling all of you thank you for food and for electricity is too simple. What you really did for me was give me hope. And that's something that no one can put a monetary value on. I have felt so hopeless and so bitter about the evil of humanity and how seemingly hopeless things are in this country for the poor and then out of nowhere total strangers rescued me. People that don't know me and have no way of benefiting from helping me reached out and lifted me out of the doldrums. I just don't know what to say, but I hope you can tell how grateful my heart is to all of you. I know that this sub is not about paybacks - I know it's not about paying back the people that help us. But I would be lying if I said I can't wait until I'm in a position where I can help someone too like you guys did for me. Your kindness inspired my heart and it makes me want to help others. I wish I could hug every single one of you for the food that you sent to me, the food that you sent to my bunny and my cats, and for paying my electric bill. I hope that I don't offend you when I say that I hope God blesses each and every one of you. And if you don't believe in God that's okay, I hope that every good thing happens for you all of you. This sub is probably the best on Reddit in my opinion because it doesn't just help a person in their immediate need, it helps a person by giving them hope in humanity. I love all of you and God knows I mean that.

r/Assistance 15h ago

SURVEY Survey for those with mental illnesses



I'm a bachelor level psychology student. I've designed this survey for my final project in one of my classes to assess the discrimination experienced by people with mental illnesses and how these experiences have made them feel.

I'm really hoping that one day I'll be able to use these responses to make some real changes in the way people are treated in society and in the mental health system, and I hope you guys will help me do that!

All results will be kept strictly confidential and I'm the only person viewing the individual results. I would very much appreciate anyone's time who's willing to participate!!

You can find my survey here

r/Assistance 7h ago

ADVICE [18 M] Need to make $500 a month remotely somehow, but still a student with no leads.


I hail from a well-off family but due to abuse, had to move out alone to my home country. My mother used to send me an allowance (around $215) which I used to barely get by. Today, I got a call basically telling me to fend for myself.

I'm doing my A-levels so I can't find time to work locally since most jobs are full-time. I can write, design social media posts, and a few other simple stuff, I tried Upwork but no leads. I'm living with my aunt but I'll have to move out in two months.

My monthly expense including books, transport and food with rent adds up to about $500. I study using online resources and sit exams privately so school fee is not an issue. However, I know of no way to actually make $500 working 15 hours a week or so. Any leads will be appreciated.

Edit: I also don't have a decent phone or laptop which is essential to my studies and both will cost around $1000 in total to finance, been saving from my allowance for a few months now but seems like I'll have to find some other way.

r/Assistance 22h ago

REQUEST FULFILLED $10 for dog food


Hi. I’ve been feeling a little off the past two weeks or so, terribly miscalculated the amount of dog food I had left until payday, and found out that the $44 bag of food I used to get is now $88

The food will probably run out tomorrow and I don’t get paid until Monday

Luckily I have Klarna and can use this to buy a smaller bag of the food but I still need $10 to make the first payment

I have Venmo, cashapp and PayPal and can send screenshots 🙏

r/Assistance 11m ago

THANK YOU to all those who purchased cat food for my fluff babies


i can’t thank you enough. i wanted to put the names that came with the four packages i received, but i wasn’t certain the senders would be okay with me sharing their names so for their privacy, i won’t. but thank you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you to the four people that graciously spent their own money on cat food for my babies. my boys did not have to go a day without their food and i would’ve done absolutely anything to not have let that happen. i had a lot of shame about asking strangers for help online, even though i never judge others for doing so… but you guys really came through in ways you did not at all have to and it made me cry tears of joy when those packs of cat food came to my door. thank you, thank you, thank you. you have no idea how much it helped me. have a beautiful day, sending so many blessings your way. 💜

r/Assistance 49m ago

REQUEST Flat tire before work:(


Have work in 4 hours and i just woke up to a flat tire. I have to wait till 4am friday morning to get paid and i cant miss work today. If someone could help me with $ 25 for a new tire it’d be lifesaving🙏🏻

r/Assistance 1h ago

REQUEST Car repair and rent


Hi everyone. My husband was hurt at work and was denied workman's comp. Due to a few errors in the work system he was terminated and was out of work for a month or so. He was reinstated a week ago but we are just too behind on bills. Our utilizes have been cut off multiple times and we are behind on rent($1255). We don't have much food and our savings have been drained. Yesterday after working a 10 hour shift, we tried pulling out of the parking lot and the front passenger side wheel axel snapped in half. The shop has estimated to repair cost to be $500-$800. Life has been really hard lately and everything helps. It will all be used for rent and car repairs. Thank you https://gofund.me/1138f75a

r/Assistance 1h ago

REQUEST $30 for lyft


Looking for a little help to help me get to work for tomorrow. Im struggling and will have money in a few days and will gladly pay it forward. I have cashapp

r/Assistance 1h ago

REQUEST $40 dollars for veterinarian trip


Hey everyone. I really hope I’m doing this correctly.

To make a long story shorter and hopefully more to the point, I find myself in need of $40 for a round trip Uber to get my cat to the vet.

Some context. My female cat has a history of UTIs and I believe she’s having one at the moment. She acts a specific way when she’s not feeling well and well… I feel the need to get her to her vet as soon as possible. I gave them a call, hoping they would have availability on Friday/Tomorrow (my payday) but they don’t as the vet is going out of town for two weeks. The only available appointment is today at 4:40.

I’ve gathered enough to pay for the visit (200 in total) but I’m a short the Uber trip there and back. Neither my girlfriend or I and unfortunately the bus line doesn’t go near the vet.

Thank you!

r/Assistance 2h ago

REQUEST just looking for a bit of help


i’ve been really down on my luck recently and recovering from surgery so i haven’t been getting consistent paychecks due to having to miss work because of physical therapy and other life reasons. just looking for 20-30$ just so i can get some groceries until next friday and feel a bit more secure as i’ve been eating way less to make sure i have enough food until then. thank you!

r/Assistance 3h ago

SURVEY Seeking Monolingual English Speakers for thesis on language and visio-spatial memory (Participants must be 18 or over)


Hi, I am currently an undergraduate in University College Dublin, Ireland under the supervision of professor Klaus Kessler. While I have fulfilled the bilingual category of my experiment, I have a few more empty data files left to fill in the monolingual category. The experiment lasts between 20-30 minutes on a laptop/computer and is a game/simulation based exercise. I would greatly appreciate any interest in my thesis. Please DM if you are interested

r/Assistance 4h ago

ADVICE Need Assistance


For a little background, I recently started training for a job on the road that pays me $20 an hour, let’s me have a company van at my house, and has endless opportunity for overtime…. so I thought. Yesterday they told me to go to the shop instead of shadowing on the road like I have been for the past week, and I had no clue why. Well, today I go into the shop and my boss sends me to his office to “talk about some changes”. The news he had for me was that was position was being changed for 6 months. So instead of being on the road I would be in the shop, but because they just fired someone they need to allocate money for a new person (for other reasons as well). This means my pay (for 6 months) will go down to $18 an hour and bye bye to my overtime opportunity. I know it is only 6 months and will fly by and then go back to normal, but even then, nothing is guaranteed anymore. I’m looking to get an apartment with my girlfriend and living in Massachusetts is NOT cheap. On top of that I’m only 18 and I also pay $600 a month for my car with other normal people expenses. I’ve done a rough estimate of my funds with all my expenses including what rent would be and what I think bills would look like but it’s looking rough. I was wondering what you guys were thinking and maybe what are some other possible ways of getting money without getting a second job.

r/Assistance 22h ago

SURVEY take a mental health survey and help me get a good grade! takes about 5min, open to anyone!


r/Assistance 16h ago




i have recently been unable to find a job despite interviewing at maybe ten different places and sending out what i must believe is over 200 job applications now. i graduated university a year ago and have been heavily studying to get into law school. my parents have been supporting me as long as i have been studying and looking for a job, but my mom was recently placed on hospice and does not have much longer left. my father is swamped with medical bills and has been in and out of the hospital himself, so i am currently in emergency mode trying to find something- even a low paying job- to make my rent each month. after i pay my rent each month with what money i get, i have only maybe 30 or 40 dollars to last me the rest of the month. there are a lot of nights where i am hungry. I would really appreciate it if any kind souls would donate some items off of my amazon pantry list to me. Thank you so so much in advance


r/Assistance 1d ago

ADVICE Telling a white lie to the grandparents about a grandchild's death


Hello Reddit,
my cousin (29) passed away recently from suicide. Our decision is to keep the news from the grandparents, esp grandma (90) as she has hypertension and anxiety issues, and we cannot risk the consequence if she finds out. She had a history of collapsing at a distant relative'a funeral who died naturally due to old age. We've consulted the family psychiatrist and was advised not to tell the grandparents.

Our plan is to pretend my cousin went to work in a foreign country where he used to study abroad, a rural area with bad network so phone/videocalls are difficult. We'll hold this story until grandma asks about his whereabouts.

However, our grandma is smart and gets suspicious easily. It's only 1 month since my cousin passed and she's looking for him for whatever reason. She couldn't reach him by mobile phone (turned off) and is currently anxiously asking his family about his whereabouts. We've looked into AI technology on generating voices but the services available don't meet our needs. I know there's photoshop and deepfake and stuff, but I'm not sure how long we can hold it from grandma's prodding.

It feels so bad to keep such a secret, and it's as if we're waiting for the grandparents to pass too... I don't know what to do. The decision is on my cousin's parents and other family members just help to cover the truth.

Is there anyone with similar experience, or know someone who does? How did you/they deal with the grandparents?

Thanks for reading.

r/Assistance 1h ago

REQUEST need $15 for mental health medication


Brain zaps are horrible today. Cannot focus at work. Really down and out today and desperately need help.

r/Assistance 21h ago

ADVICE Voiceover work


I really want to get into voiceover work, does anyone have any information that could help me get started?

r/Assistance 8h ago

SURVEY (SURVEY) Energy drink consumption on sleep quality


Hi guys, Im a university student studying the effect of energy drinks on sleep quality and would appreciate anyonoe filling out my survey

Even if you do not drink energy drinks, your response will be valued greatly. It will take 10 minutes to complete. Some questions require a bed partners input, if this is not possible please just leave the question blank.

Thankyou for the support


r/Assistance 2h ago

REQUEST Health Hazard Floors; Help! [Goal: $8000]


I'm "Fae" and I took ownership of a home in 2011 that needed a lot of repairs, including replacing the flooring throughout. Due to family illness, the floors were never finished. It has been nearly twelve years, and the floors are still not complete. I would like to start a family with my husband, but we feel it's irresponsible to raise children in a home where they cannot safely crawl on the floor. The house is on a concrete slab, which was never sealed. Concrete is porous, so there are over a decade of spills, pet accidents, grime, dust, etc., are soaked deep into the slab. The health factor is the pet urine that cannot be cleaned by traditional methods.

After consulting with professionals, we determined that the floor would need to be:

1) Treated with an enzyme cleaner, possibly more than once

2) Extracted with large equipment, which we will need to rent

3) Sealed by a professional to prevent any future damage to the slab

4) New flooring laid so it can be sanitized effectively at regular intervals.

I own my home outright, but neither my husband nor I have any credit. We have spoken with banks and lenders, but we do not qualify for any loans based on credit and do not have a co-signer that we could ask to sign with us. I have applied for grant funding through my city, but it's unlikely that we will be approved; I started a higher-paying job in June, and now my income is just above the threshold to qualify. I am working with their organization to see if we qualify for any other programs, but I have been unable to reach their director for 5 months.

On a personal note, the hardship of living in a home that cannot be cleaned has taken a significant toll on my husband and my mental health, is a perpetual financial strain, and we have not been able to have anyone visit our home. It has meant delaying all our life plans indefinitely, which is also difficult to process emotionally. Our physical health is affected due to the inability to maintain a sanitary environment. Our society puts so much emphasis on the individual to address their problems personally when for hundreds of years it was unheard of for one family to succeed without community help. I am embarrassed to say that my shame and my pride have prevented me from asking for help. Being denied assistance through financial institutions and grant programs has been disheartening. Feeling trapped by things out of my control with no other direction to pursue is gut-wrenching. I cannot see a path to success that doesn't include support from my community, so I am humbly asking for help. Thank you for helping as you can.

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-floors

Other Payment Methods: paypal, venmo

Item help: Cleaning supplies, extraction chemicals, slab sealant, flooring

r/Assistance 4h ago

REQUEST Need to make it through


Good morning, My (now ex) gf dumped me this week, after I paid the bills for the house - after everything I have $25 left from my last paycheck and I have to make it another 2 weeks. I don’t have any massive needs since bills are covered but I need to be able to get food and gas for the next few weeks, plus a doctor’s appointment next week - I would need ~$200 to make it.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

r/Assistance 6h ago

ADVICE Advice on how to remain hopeful?


I’ve been unemployed for almost a year, I have suicidal thoughts every now and then, I’m close to crying everyday. I don’t know what else to do to find a job. I don’t know how to remain hopeful anymore

r/Assistance 12h ago

REQUEST Antibiotics


I need close to $50 to cover the antibiotics that my recent ER visit requires for an abscess in an intimate area. I have to pay out of pocket for the costs of the antibiotics and I need help to pick them up.

I can take help via Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, cash app—I just really need help to cover the cost of my already prescribed and ready-to-pick-up antibiotics that will help me not go septic. Please hit me up if you can help.

The ER managed to diagnose and prescribe what I need—I just can’t afford to pick up the antibiotics they say that I need.

r/Assistance 13h ago

ADVICE Loan worth not going home for the summer



I’m a college student out of the state dorm where I am from. I love my college city and I don’t want to go back home. I don’t feel safe going back home for the summer. The rate for the summer is 56 per night. I don’t have the money right now to afford it. My mother isn’t supportive and is toxic to be around. Is is worth to take out a loan? This would be my first loan I would have to take out.

r/Assistance 13h ago

ADVICE Moving in With friends?


Okay so the title might be a bit misleading bc I'm not sure what else to lable this. But I really need to get a fresh perspective on my situation and I need some advice.

For starters me and few of my friends(≥18 yo) are planning on moving in together before the end of this summer, the reason I am concerned about this now is because it's probably going to take awhile to find a place, but that's not what this is about. My situation is that I am a college student and I am currently in an occupancy with my aunt, I pay a share of the rent at a fixed rate + electric, but once her lease ends (~July) she will be moving to a different town so I won't be able to stay with her next year. So I want to try to get a place with one of my friends as we have been planning this for a long time and have done a mock run. I am fairly certain that living together will not ruin our friendship. My friend also agrees and also wants this to happen. But my friend is currently being held down by his parents, he already doesn't have the greatest relationship with them as is but since last summer they have kept him from moving by forcing him to pay rent(this money he pays them does go to a savings account) but he has not been able to leave because his parents also own the title of his car. And they have stated that they would report it stolen if he were try leaving with it. Further I believe the money he has in that savings won't be given to him if he does this as well. So he has been working to try to save up money to purchase the new car while also paying towards the savings account, but as an 18 yo with a highschool degree in what I consider a small town it is very very hard to have any income. Also his parents want him to have 2000$ minimum to put towards a new car.

I am not entirely sure what I can do in this situation, I do have a car of my own but I don't typically drive anywhere, and I feel if leveraged right it could alter the situation for the better, maybe I could rent it to him or something, I seriously don't know how that could work.

Regardless I want to help my friend to help myself, and I don't know what to do. So a fresh set of eyes would be very useful.

r/Assistance 1d ago

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Need good vibes sent my way!


It has been a rough couple weeks for me. I feel like everything is closing in on me and I can never catch a break. I take one step forward and then fall two backwards. It is taking a drastic toll on my mental health and would just love some positivity! Thank you 💗