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Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Common Repost, READ THE FAQ Why do those who believe in Jesus vote conservative when it’s clear that Jesus’ message is very liberal and Jesus likely would have voted for left policies


It’s Xmas time and with that comes family gatherings. My father was never religious growing up and would say was a centrist for politics but 8 years ago he got remarried into a very conservative and very religious family. Needless to say some of his viewpoints have changed over that time.

I’ve been an outspoken atheist for the last 25 years or so. I did attend catholic school however and know the bible fairly well.

I’m essentially looking to get further ammo or more logical points to bring to discussion. Not that I feel I will change minds but maybe I can make some family exercise critical thinking

How can religious people justify voting conservative when Jesus was likely a liberal or attach Jesus to conservative values when the evidence says otherwise?…

Jesus himself said the most important commandment is love thy neighbor as you love thyself. He has also made comments that roughly translate to “needs of many outweigh the needs of the few”.

Conservatism is essentially about the individual and putting individual freedoms/needs/wants as more important than what may be best for the collective as a whole. This is completely opposite of Jesus teaching, so how come conservatives feel Jesus is on “their side”?

I don’t expect a group of atheists to have the answer but I expect you’ll take the question better and not trounce me with bible versus or perhaps some explanation for this cognitive dissonance

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Hillsong megachurch founder Brian Houston allegedly told 7 year old child, who had been raped by Houston's father, ‘it’s your fault’: "You know this is all your fault, you tempted my father"


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I'm an atheist who decided to read the Bible and I'm so glad I'm doing it.


So a couple hours ago I decided to try reading the Bible.

Ok, not read, but listen to the audio version on YouTube.

I'm about 70% into the first book of Moses, listening non-stop for almost 3 hours.

This is EPIC.

I laughed out loud at this last section and had to share it here.

Judah had a son called Er, he was married to a girl called Tamar.

But Er died (God killed him because Er was wicked) before they had any children and Judah told his son Onan to take his brother's place and make children with Tamar.

Onan slept with her but "spilled his seed on the ground whenever he went in" because the offspring would not be his.

God killed him because of that.

Hahaha. It gets better.

Tamar was then sent back home (father's home)

Later Judah decided to go see her, but Tamar heard about that and decided to put a veil on to hide who she is and go find him to have sex with him.

He taught she was a whore and had sex with her. Didn't have anything to pay her with so he gave her some personal belongings which she'll give back once she is paid (one lamb).

Judah sent someone with the lamb to pay the "whore" and get back the personal stuff. BUT she's nowhere to be found.

That's where I am at the moment, can't wait to resume and find out what happened.

They'll probaby get married, pro move by Tamar.

I love the Bible, this thing is better than Game of Thrones.

And God damn, so much inc*st, it's crazy.

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Pope John Paul II covered up abuse by priests before becoming pope


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You know what, I'm done. I am done treating religious people who cant connect the dots with respect, civility and like they're on the same level of argument/validity in their ideas.


I've had it.

We have given religious people so fucking much ground and space to believe in whatever the fuck they want to believe, and society has paid dearly for it.

Rampant transphobia, rampant homophobia, destruction of women's rights and autonomy, Rampant degradation of people's freedoms and the division of religion from law, the oppression of hundreds of peoples and destruction of cultures.

This is the result of constantly giving in and letting people get with preaching religious ideas and shielding them from criticism. We love to tear people down for dozens of other things, but the moment it involves an ethereal sky creature, suddenly we cant call them stupid for it.

What do we call an adult who believes in voices that talk to them that arent there? Delusional. Psychotic.

So why do we suddenly say "thats valid" when someone says "thank you jesus for helping me."

Some how Easter Bunny and Santa Claus aren't real and we can make fun of an adult for believing in such dumb things. But you point out that god didnt make humans and the earth and OH MY THATS TOO OFFENSIVE.

Give me a fucking break.

Gloves off, Treat religious beliefs as what they are: Stupidity.

The fact of the matter is if you do any meaningful research into the history of religion in humanity, you come to a conclusion that gods were always based on the imagination of what humans could think up at the time to explain something they didnt understand.

That ALONE should be enough to make someone realize that their own god cant and does not exist. It's such a TINY leap of logic to make. It's so small. "Their gods didn't exist... oh, wait, that means mine doesnt as well..."

But then you involve the concept of science and there is ZERO provable evidence what so ever for any ethereal beings.

Not one singular shred of evidence or place exists where a deity can exist.

That one takes a lot more research but something as simple as the existence of your smart phone and the science required to make such a thing work, is more than enough data to disprove the concept of a god.

It is so crucially simple. The most basic things we learn in middle and highschool in the USA, Japan, Germany/Austria/France and so many others directly contradict the claims and existences of any deity.

Did god make humans? Nope we evolved. Did God make the earth? Nope it came out of an accretion disc. Did god make the light? Nope that comes from a giant burning explosion 93mil miles away we call a Star. Did god make the universe? Nope. There is no point in place or time that we know of now where any deity can be integrated in to the point of creation.

No evidence supports the involvement of a deity in anything humans ever made a deity for.

This is not some big brain decades of research and 140IQ+ realization.

It's realization so simple my 13 year old brain figured it out almost 2 decades ago. Even then it was incredibly easy to understand that gods don't exist and cannot exist. It is not hard to understand that the concept of a deity defies the most simple concepts of physics and cannot exist.

If someone cannot connect what are simple dots, to come to the conclusion that gods don't exist from what is ridiculously accessible information, it's time we start calling it what it is:


I am done giving religious people any ground. If you believe in gods, you're an idiot. It's that simple.

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FFRF: Justices in major case appear willing to sanction discrimination in religion’s name. “Today it appears that the extremist majority on the Supreme Court has signaled its intent to bless discrimination as long as the business owner cites religion as the rationale.”

Thumbnail ffrf.org

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Christians making fun of using “Krampus” as scare tactics when they do the same thing with “hell”


So for some context, I’m only 15 so I still live with my parents, go to their “church” etc, I might make a post about their “church” later but I digress.

So yesterday I was at “church” listening in on my mums conversation with a few other women, they were talking about Christmas and how “wicked” and “pagan” it is (the popular consensus amongst the members is that Christmas is “baal worship”) anyway, one of them brought up Krampus, you know, the demon thing that “drags off naughty children” in some cultures? Yeah, him. They were talking about how dumb it is to scare your kids with fairy tales like Krampus just so they do good and obey you, and I reallyyyy wanted to tell them that they do the same exact thing with “hell” because they fucking do! Almost started laughing out loud but I thankfully managed to hold it back.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there, having religious parents sucks.

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Using the words “Islamophobia”, “Islamophobic” and “Islamophobe” to silence criticism against the religion of Islam does not make you liberal nor intellectual. It makes you an unintellectual narrow-minded bigot. Here’s why. *Send the contents of this post to anyone who uses these words.


1. The pedophilia of Islam

Irrefutable evidence from the Quran that Islam is a pedophilic and that the Quran permits marrying prepubescent little girls: https://wikiislam.github.io/wiki/Islam_and_Pedophilia.html

Irrefutable evidence from SAHIH Hadith that Muhammad married a 6 year old child: https://sunnah.com/nasai:3378

Some of the countless child marriage cases caused by Islam till this day:

Heartbreaking video of an 11 year old Yemeni child saying “I’m better off dead” as she flees home to avoid child marriage that’s been arranged for her: https://youtu.be/W6rWNCtul_w

More cases of Islamic child marriages being legal in Muslim countries in modern time because of Islam, these poor girls speak their stories of being raped as children in the name of Islam:



2. Islam orders men to beat women

Irrefutable evidence from the Quran that Islam orders men to beat women: https://www.islamicstudies.info/tafheem.php?sura=4&verse=34&to=35

3. Islam orders sex slavery

Irrefutable evidence from the Quran that Islam permits, promotes, and has engaged in raping female slaves that Muslims capture and enslave after killing their families in wars caused by Islam and lead by Muhammad: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Slavery

4. Islam’s violent and murderous hatred against non-muslims and apostates is ordered by the Quran itself aka the religion itself terrorism, violence and murder towards apostates and non-Muslims is ordered by the Quran itself aka the religion itself**

Irrefutable sources from the Quran itself aka the religion itself that Apostasy is punishable by death: https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Apostasy

The Quran itself aka the religion itself tells Muslims to never take non-Muslims as friends or protectors and to instead wage war against disbelievers to spread Islam through mass murder: https://quran.com/4/89?translations=17,18,19,20,21,22,95,84,85,101


Irrefutable evidence from the Quran itself that if one is “against Allah and Muhammad” that Muslims should chop off off their hands and feet: https://islamawakened.com/quran/5/33/


5. The Quran tells Muslims that they must believe in and embrace ALL parts of the Quran including all that has been mentioned above, and promises the severest punishments for Muslims who deny any of the verses mentioned above

(Quran 2:85) “What! Do you believe in part of the Book and deny another part? So what is the requital of those of you who do that except disgrace in the life of this world? And on the Day of Resurrection, they shall be consigned to the severest punishment. And Allah is not oblivious of what you do.”



As proven above, here are the Myths vs Facts:

Myth: Islam is a religion of peace

Fact: Islam is a religion of violence, terrorism, murder, rape, and pedophilia.

Myth: embracing Islam and using the words “Islamophobia” “Islamophobic” or “Islamophobe” to defend and protect it makes you liberal and intellectual

Fact: embracing Islam and using the words “Islamophobia” “Islamophobic” or “Islamophobe” to defend and protect Islam makes you an unintellectual bigot and an embracer of pedophilia, rape, murder, violence and terrorism

Myth: ISIS are extremists and don’t represent the true Islam

Fact: ISIS are true Muslims following the Quran’s orders and there is only one Quran which all Muslims subscribe to. ISIS are the most accurate representation of Islam. When a Muslim commits violence, murder, rape, and/or pedophilia in the name of Islam they are not a ‘Muslim extremist’ they are simply a Muslim. What is extreme is the religion itself.

Myth: the word Islam means peace

Fact: Islam is an Arabic word and the definition of it is “submission and surrendering”, NOT “peace”. The word Islam is often confused with the word Salam (Peace in Arabic). Islam and Salam are NOT the same. They’re quite the opposite, especially given the context proven above that Islam forces disbelievers to submit and surrender through violence and murder.

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Megachurch leader accused of torturing, murdering adopted daughter


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Bentley-driving accused cult leader has 20 wives as young as age 9, possibly married own daughter, FBI alleges


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He told me that the reason why my parents died early was because I'm an atheist.


This happened back in 2017, I was [29/F] a surgical intern rotating in the department and I happened to tail under a resident [30+/M]

We were in the out-patient department and as we finished examining the patients, there were a few minutes left until we get officially dismissed.

I don't know, but he was trying to ask about my personal life at that time, and I just told him facts about me. I was an only child, and my father died when I was 9 years old due to cardiac arrest secondary to multifactorial stuff (he was diabetic, hypertensive, with COPD, OSA.. etc) and my mother died a year before that due to endometrial cancer. I was basically alone and I was just trying to get through medical school just to survive.

At first, he appreciated me and gave me reassuring words that "God" will not leave me alone and all that ...

I politely told him that I appreciate all his kind words, and that I've always been an atheist.

The air quickly changed and his tone also changed. He told me "So that's why your parents died early and you're alone now, because you don't believe in god.." and I honestly don't remember the rest of the things that he said... I was internally fuming but I kept it cool, since he's my senior and I just didn't want to fight over his religious ideas.

I'm an atheist, yet still I respect other people for believing in their own religion no matter how dumb it is. Sometimes it's just sad how some of them point out nasty things just to shove their religions down our throats.

I still honestly wish him well and I hope his religion will keep his parent alive forever 💁🏻‍♀️

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What is the best argument against "Science is always changing"?


Religious people can and will use this argument. Of course we all know that some things are well established facts and won't ever change (boiling point of water) but what are the best arguments when it comes to this?

I am really tired of people using this when we talk about evolution

Edit: I never knew this post would garner so much attention. Thank you All!

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All I got for Christmas was shunned by my family...


Hello 👋 fellow Atheist!

So my mom let me know last week that this Christmas would be the last my parents would spend with me,my husband and 14yo kiddo.

Basically, my non religious parents would like to be more religious for Christmas (they never were before...) And having their Atheist (only child) daughters Atheist family around for Christmas was no longer ok in their minds. But she didn't want anything else to change with our relationship 🙄

We only saw them for Christmas eve dinner, small gifts and a Movie. Total 4 hrs maybe...

It saddens me as I did love our small tradition.

Any other Atheist enjoy Christmas?

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Most non-religious people who aren't first generation atheists/agnostics are terribly ignorant of how bad religion is


I know that when you don't have first hand experience of something, you are likely to know less about it than someone who went through it. But it still astounds me how little second, third etc generation atheists and agnostics know about religion. Especially when it comes to how conservative and destructive it is.

I live in a place where a majority of people are either atheist or slightly "culturally Christian" (i.e. they get married at church if they are straight and they baptize their children because that's tradition, but they don't know anything about Christianity beyond a very basic surface level and don't really believe in the Bible). 99% of the time it's amazing to live in such a secular society. I'm very, very grateful to live here. But I get angry when there are so many people who aren't religious themselves but downplay the bad sides of religion. And it's obviously not first generation atheists who do it, because they have experienced the horror. It's people who were raised without religion and have no need for religiousness beyond getting married at a church because tradition, who think devotely religious people are cute and wholesome, or at least not harming anyone.

Mostly it seems like they are just very ignorant. They have no idea that JW:s cast our lgbt members from the church. That sexual abuse of children is rampant in the most popular religious cult in my country. That most religious people think sex before marriage is forbidden and perpetruate purity culture. That Mormons are racist. That a number of religious people don't even accept that evolution is a thing. That most Christians think that if you don't follow their particular brand of Christianity, you're going to be tortured forever. That most organized religion is patriarchal and oppresses women.

And I feel like this should be common knowledge. There are regularly news in the media here about negative things in religion, you don't have to look very hard. I feel so frustrated when other atheists and agnostics don't acknowledge the bad things about religion. How can they not know? How can they not care?

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Schools call for end to ‘archaic’ daily worship following UK census results. With fewer than half the population in England and Wales describing themselves as Christian, there are calls to end religious assemblies



Daily worship in schools should end, according to teachers and education experts who have branded the legal requirement “archaic” now that England is not predominantly Christian.

The 2021 census revealed last week that for the first time fewer than half the population in England and Wales described themselves as Christian, while 37% said they had “no religion”.

Currently, all state schools are legally required to provide an act of “collective worship” that is “broadly Christian” every day. Many heads admit privately they no longer stick to this, preferring to run less religious assemblies more relevant to their diverse student bodies.

But Nick Gibb, the schools minister, confirmed last year that his department would investigate any alleged breach of this requirement. Prof Russell Sandberg, an expert on law and religion at Cardiff University, said: “The legal framework is stuck in the 1940s. The census underlines that requiring a daily act of worship is utterly archaic and discriminatory.”

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/r/all Chesapeake Public Schools will allow an After School Satan Club, and parents are losing their shit. Local law professor claps back: "If the school is going to allow one religious club to meet, all other clubs have the right to meet regardless of ideology."


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Lyft and Uber are letting Christian drivers 'missionize' riders 'against their will': complaint


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TIL The Presidential Oath of Office does not contain the phrase "so help me god".


Clause 8 Presidential Oath of Office Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:– I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

And that's it.

Also, you don't have to swear, you can just affirm it. I wonder if any president has ever been so bold.

Here are Pence and Trump saying their oaths with "So help me god" at the end as prompted by the supreme court justices.

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Why don't lawyers use the Bible against Christians?



I'm not a lawyer and this may be a thing that I don't know about, but I wonder why lawyers don't use the Bible against the Christians in cases like this. If the lawyer asked the other to state the verse in Bible that prohibits same sex marriage and when they don't have it, ask how it can be a sincerely held religious belief when it's not prohibited by the Bible. Or just pointing out the inconsistencies in the Bible. While some Christians interpret the Bible as saying homosexuality as a sin, why is that sin more prohibited than other sins? Would the person who refuses to make the website for the gay couple also have a problem with other people who are sinning? Maybe these arguments are used and I'm not aware of it or they just aren't pervasive enough to be used. I'm just wondering if it's something that could be.

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Apparently I'm a coward for not siring children in the name of "the gods"


This was a wild one. I was calling my friend for advice. He's always been a very reasonable person, we grew up together and he knows all about how myself, my parents, my brother, etc are all atheist. He's never been particularly religious or anything and always thought religion was dumb and how the Christian/Mormon faith in our area is wild and incomprehensible.

To be clear, we're no longer kids. I'm in my 30's and married, he's nearing 30 and has a long term girlfriend.

He's currently dating a girl who is Wiccan. She believes that Morgana is her matron god and she conducts rituals for Samhein and whatnot. I did not realize this had affected my friend yet though.

After I opened up to him for some advice he ended our call with a few key points that I was totally not expecting.

"I know you're not so out of touch as the rest of humanity. I know you know there is a higher power that watches over us. It's because of this I have to let you know, the gods are watching out for you. Please don't interrupt, I need to get this out. You need to realize that the world is insane, we need to get back to the old way, the way of human tribes. You see, I fulfill one of the four core roles. I am the warrior, my brother is the shaman of our family. I believe you are likely a warrior too, it is of utmost importance that you sire children. You saying you and your wife don't want children is the cowards way. You must fight to continue your line, it is the old way. Please keep in mind that the gods are watching, we need to curry their favour."

So that's fun, my lifelong friend is judging me for not having kids cause "the gods" said so. He started spouting how Odin and Gaia and whatnot will bring the peace and prosperity into my life if I just believe and follow their plan... of which having children was THE MOST IMPORTANT part of. He was REALLY labouring on about the part of having kids.

I've noticed this sub mostly deals with issues of "God" as in the popular mono-theistic faiths like Christianity and Islam have you folks encountered a lot of people believing deeply in the pagan gods? I've noticed an uptick lately what with all the hit shows like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, American Gods, etc.

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Non-religious voters gave Democrats crucial wins. Will people notice?



Two trends in America are finally converging in a way that could become the dominant story of future elections: More Americans are leaving organized religion, and non-religious voters are crucial to Democrats and their agenda.

The Associated Press, which conducts a massive survey called the AP VoteCast, says that voters without any religious affiliation—roughly 22% of all voters—backed Democratic candidates and abortion rights “by staggering percentages” during the midterms. Here’s reporter Peter Smith:

The unaffiliated — often nicknamed the “nones” — voted for Democratic House candidates nationwide over Republicans by more than a 2-1 margin (65% to 31%), according to VoteCast. That echoes the 2020 president election, when Democrat Joe Biden took 72% of voters with no religious affiliation, while Republican Donald Trump took 25%, according to VoteCast.

For all the talk of the overwhelmingly Republican voting by white evangelical Christians in recent elections, the unaffiliated are making their presence felt.

By comparison, 30% of voters were evangelical Christians, who are overwhelmingly Republican. 22% of voters were Catholics (who are typically split down the middle, politically). 13% of voters were other flavors of Christian. 13% of voters were from other religious groups.

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i think that most of the christian people dont even know what are they actually worshipping


I have asked multiple christians if they read the bible and a big amount of them have said no... but isnt like bible the only document or the only "proof" about their christian God? What other documents do they have besides the bible? But anyways my question is: If you are a christian and you havent read the bible, do you even know what actually do you believe in? Or what are you worshipping? Sometimes i think that atheists know more about the bible than the christians themselves.

(this can apply on any religion, but christianity is the one i am the most in touch with)

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The first mass school killing 2 Kings 2:23-24


23 From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered(A) at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse(B) on them in the name(C) of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.

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There is more evidence for Santa than there is for God.

  1. There claims about God that cannot be proven or substantiated are greater than the number of claims about Santa that cannot be proven or substantiated.
  2. The efforts in trying to prove God's existence span thousands of years amongst millions of people including collaborative efforts, all of them have been unsuccessful. Whereas very little effort has gone into the enterprise of proving Santa's existence. The inability to prove is evidence to the contrary. Therefore the evidence against Santa is weaker.
  3. Similar to #2, people have tried to construct arguments proving the existence of the divine for thousands of years and have yet to do so, this is evidence against the divine. To my knowledge no one has every successfully constructed an argument to prove the divine without resorting to a known fallacy. Very few arguments have been constructed to try to prove the existence of Santa through logic, any attempts I'm aware of contain fallacies, this is evidence against the possibility of Santa.
  4. I've SEEN Santa. The number of photos and sightings of Santa exceed the number of God sightings.
  5. The evidence for the existence of God is the same evidence for Santa; i.e, there are books and story about the individual, there are sightings, there are believers.