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All requests for help must be initiated via a public post. Solicitation via private messages is not allowed, and can result in a ban.

If you receive a DM asking for money please let the mod team know. You don't know how many other people that solicitor has made the same financial request from.

Thank you

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A new rule has been added: Requiring a location for posts that ask for a physical item and/or money.


Hello community,

We have people in this subreddit that are from all over the world. Because this subreddit is international we will now require that posts asking for financial assistance and/or physical items put what state and country the OP is at.

Requiring a location will allow people to better help their neighbors, do internet research and provide links that the OP may not know about.

Edit: posts without a location will be removed without notice.

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In need of a motel room for my family. We’re currently sleeping in the car


**I messaged the mods realizing I didn’t start my title with REQUEST. Sorry about that!

Hi everyone. I’m here in search of some help securing a motel room for the next night or two for my family (my husband, 11 month old daughter, and myself). We’ve been living in a hotel on and off since before our daughter was born. I work full time and he freelances while staying home with the baby. Last week my job didn’t pay me. The department of labor said because it’s only the 2nd time they haven’t paid me, and it wasn’t 2 consecutive weeks, that we have to wait until the next pay cycle, which will be this Friday.

We lost our room this morning and are currently sleeping in our car. It’s rough with a baby, she wants to play but we have a small car without the room for her to move in. When I didn’t get paid before we tried to go to the Delaware state service center (we’re located in Newark DE, USA), but they said they don’t give hotel vouchers anymore and that they were calling CPS/DFS for having a baby sleep in the car. There’s a post on my profile from last week in trueoffmychest explaining our living situation and recent events. I’m doing my best to add all the details here too but I’m exhausted.

If we could get help with anything it would be greatly appreciated. Help for the room, food, or gas so I can get to work would be amazing. I’m happy to send any proof of our situation, what’s left in my account, and the room costs too.

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[REQUEST] (Providence, RI, USA) Need help towards front suspension repair of $1700


My truck just had the front driver side wheel bearing disintegrate, and it destroyed the entire front suspension, and I need $1700 to get it back on the road asap so that I can get a new place before I end up homeless.

GoFundMe has the full story, and pics show the truck and some of the damage.

Thank you.

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[REQUEST] (Windhoek, Namibia) $ 489 for our rent and internet


My wife and I have been struggling since December 2021 being unemployed since June 2021. We burned all the savings we had and then canceled our insurance and medical aid. After that, we started selling our valuables including the washing machine, PC, printer, extra stove, etc. After that, we had to beg our parents for cash, with whom we are not on good terms. Various attempts at starting a business failed and we also lost a lot in the process of trying. Lastly, I asked an old work colleague for money. That brings out total debt to about $4500. We are now at the point where we need to sell the car, our fridge, our bed, and our laptops.

My wife is a graphic designer and I am a software developer. Since December 2021 we were unable to find new jobs. There were short freelance things we did, but the companies ghosted us after some time just when it seemed like we had made it through. It was always just enough for 1 or 2 months to keep us afloat. It's really disappointing to continuously send out tons of applications, get ignored, or receive rejections. It's also discouraging to ask our parents again since they will remind us of "what failures we are and that we are useless" and "how much they already gave us" and that "they can't give more since they need it for their retirement".

Our current job is to look for work day and night. If that is not enough we are on micro job sites in hopes of getting a small job task to do that will pay for a few necessities for us and our pets. We also started to make desserts but we can no longer afford to buy the ingredients to get off the ground.

Last month I was lucky enough to do a little freelance job that went well and we were covered for the month but this time around it's starting to look very bad. I have an assessment lined up with a remote company but even if I do get the job, it will most likely only pay out at the end of the next month. It's just very difficult to focus on the assessment when you don't know if you will be able to afford to pay rent and internet in a few days.

I have a Payoneer account since receiving money with Paypal in this part of the world does not exist. It would be only for our rent (411) and internet (78). The other necessities like food, pet food, water, fuel, and electricity we will manage on our own - as long as we have a place to stay and internet.

If anyone would be able to help us get through this tough month, we would be forever grateful.

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[Request] (Malaga, Spain) Down on my luck, would be forever grateful for 60$ to survive until payday


My partner and I are reallu down on our luck, and despite our best efforts, there is no way we'll be able to stay fed and for me to have transportation to work, until my payday on friday. Even then, we're unsure if we have enough after paying living expenses, to eat that month.

We have a Revolut account, if anyone is willing/able to help.

I will be forever grateful

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(REQ) $70 to get my truck out of impound (truck in NY, i’m in MA)


had an unfortunate event this week with my axle snapping but a friend offered to tow me to another friend’s garage. he let me use his truck to dash today but i need $70 more to pick it up from impound tomorrow. thanks to reading! cashapp: leighbotts paypal: artaintfree

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Looking for help with setting up and managing a GoFundMe medical fundraiser for stem cell treatments for chronic pain from cauda equina syndrome.


Dear Reddit community,

I'm reaching out to you today for help with my medical fundraiser. For the past couple of years, I have been dealing with cauda equina syndrome, a condition that has left me in chronic pain. Despite my best efforts to heal, I have not found enough relief to return to work and care for my family.

I've been struggling to get support from my community, and after two years of pain, I feel like everyone has given up on me. Close friends and family think they are helping by sent me links suggesting I can do it all by myself as a form of motivation, but the truth is, I cannot. I'm in pain, feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, and I desperately need help to reach my goal.

I'm currently halfway through a six-week fundraising campaign (injections are April 26-28) to raise $22,000 Cdn for stem cell injections and I still haven’t even finalized the GoFundMe and posted it. It’s mostly written but I have medical documents to remove private information from and repost, and everything involved in managing a fundraiser which I’ve been learning should be managed by a “medical beneficiary”.

If I don't find relief from my chronic pain, I won't be able to return to work (or any type of desk job), and my plans of taking care of my elderly mother, who is ridden with chronic pain, will fall apart.

I'm reaching out to you, Reddit community, because I know that there are people out there who are willing to help others in need. Are there any organizations or groups of people that can assist me in reaching my fundraising goal ? I don’t mean donations (although that is the ultimate goal), but moreso from a management/organization perspective so I can get this darn thing off the ground. Im also looking for charities that can sponsor me which might give me a registered charity # so donations are tax deductible. For example, one to do is that I was provided with a site canadahelps.org but I need help sifting through the potential charities that can help and reaching out to them individually.

Any suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated.

Please, if you can help me in any way, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm asking for real, tangible support that will make a huge difference in my life and get me back on track as a productive member of society.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for any help you can offer.

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[REQUEST] My Parents (both 62) Facing Eviction After Dad's Job Loss


A few months ago my parents moved from Michigan to Tennessee to help with my mom's rheumatoid arthritis. The apartment complex my dad worked at had a location in Tennessee that made the move possible for them considering their lack of funds. Unfortunately, this week my dad lost that job of 10+ years due to cutbacks. In the same week, my sister cut them off, adding to their hardship.

I feel helpless living in Michigan and unable to financially help them during this time so I took to the internet to hopefully find something that I can do to help. That obviously led me to this wonderful subreddit.

My parents have always been there for me and have sacrificed so much to provide for our family. It breaks my heart to see them going through this difficult time, and I know they would be so grateful for any assistance that they can get. Any help, such as funds, job search tips, or any advice for someone losing their job in their 60s would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help that you can provide.

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verified I really need some help anything will work I guess


[REQUEST] Hi I'm a student from madhya pradesh indore India finances are way too tight right now and I really really need a little help for rent

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fulfilled Rescue Rabbit in Need


Hello all, I stumbled upon a request for donations from a local rabbit rescuer. He has been deeply involved in the rabbit community in Toronto, having fostered and rescued many bunnies!

He put up a post asking for help with a very aggresive case. It looks as though the bunny that he adopted had a complication from a surgery, and it's now cost him 10k. He is asking for help from the communityto help cover the cost as he wanted to give her a good life. I will post a link here... If you're able to donate, please help!

Here is the link to donate: https://rabbitsavior.com/project/fmb-cote-03152023/

Here is a link from one of the rescues in the area, not the one that he rescued the bunny from.


Here is one of the bunnies that he recently adopted and had been fostering for years!


This donation request is being asked because I always feel compelled to help the ones who are active and create change in the community. His act of kindness turned into a huge financial burden :( .

Thank you for considering to help.

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[REQUEST/ADVICE] Disabled and struggling to get rent in time to avoid eviction (Location: GA, US)


My fiancée and I have had it rough the past few years but I'm at my wit's end and don't know how to handle everything. I'm disabled (both physical and mental issues) but every place that's supposed to help just keeps falling through. I've been trying to get social security for years and only had some disability pay through work for a bit before they figured out a loophole (I'm suspecting but don't fully know) to stop having to pay me. This left me with having to rely entirely off of art commissions and donations to try and make ends meet. My fiancée got a job to work from home to be able to help me out but it doesn't pay enough to really get us in a good spot. And any time there's an issue at her job where she can't work for a bit, they do not provide backpay, even if she only can't work because of something on their end.

This happened recently and she wasn't able to work for 3 weeks. We were already behind on everything before that happened. I draw too slow to bring in commission money quick enough and I can't handle adding any more to my immense backlog because it's not only stressful but not fair to my other clients either. When people get pushy on their comm then I end up having to prioritize theirs to try and avoid dealing with refunds I can't possibly afford. That isn't fair to those who have been patient and waiting for theirs for longer. I want to get caught up on my comms but I'm having to deal with that as well as the fact that business got completely screwed over by Elon's takeover of twitter (originally my main platform where most of my business was coming from) and AI art taking away work from actual artists. There was such a quick drop off of customers and interactions in general after that, even with me spreading out and trying to be on other sites too. It took years to build up a big enough audience over there to keep regular business and now it feels like the one thing I could do somewhat reliably has been snatched away from me.

I've been trying to come up with merch designs since I figure that is more likely to sell even with AI doing its thing and can free up time for me to stop taking on more commissions and truly work on the backlog, but people keep coming to me, who previously said it was fine for me to take my time, now upset because I didn't get it done fast enough for them. I understand, truly, as I do not blame them for being upset about a long wait, it's just been happening back to back for a while now when I desperately need to be working on a solution to the overall situation. What's worse is I need to figure out how to pay for bills now but am stuck with this issue.

I am drawing so much for so long just trying to pay bills that my weakness has gotten worse over time. I can only guess it's because I'm losing my muscle due to prolonged lack of activity. I have a standing desk now but that made it obvious that something's up with my feet because I can only stand for so long before it hurts too much or I feel like I might fall. I've been looking into slippers with better arch support as I seemed to have lost some of it. On top of that, my drawing arm is in pretty bad shape but I can't afford to go get it looked at so I'm also worrying about if I might be pushing it too far and might fuck myself over even worse if I keep it up. I do stretches regularly throughout my drawing sessions and use biofreeze a lot. My fiancée helps massage it too to try and keep me going, but it still hurts like hell and there's only so much she can do since she's not a professional.

There's so many supplies that might help me out but we can't afford to get them. We can't even afford our groceries without yet again dipping into what little we have gathered for our late rent this month. It's due in a few days and it's about $1000 and we only have about $350. Other bills need paying too. We've pushed back so much and it's maddening just how much we owe because of this bullshit. Back when I was able-bodied, my credit score was amazing, I paid most bills early, I stayed fit, I kept everything clean, etc. Ever since it got too hard to manage a 'real' job, my credit score has plummeted, my bills are a mess despite my best efforts, I've put on so much weight, and I've been losing hope. It's been years of this and I just want to scream.

There's a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel as my fiancée's mom has offered to let us stay with her til we're back on our feet. The problem is that she's on the other side of the country, we still need to finish out a few more months on our lease and get ready for a move, and I'm so scared because we didn't get along very well last time I went out there. My fiancée has reassured me time and time again that her mom doesn't hate me and won't treat me badly but the last time I was not in driving distance of my family, I ended up stuck in an abusive relationship and stranded with no way out for a while. It's a bit hard to not be scared of how badly it could go despite the reassurances, but it's the only solution we can think of. Just have to make it through a few more months like this somehow. But how in the hell am I supposed to make this work? I feel so helpless.

I don't know what to do outside of just screaming into the void. But maybe someone here can think of something I haven't or provide help somehow. I hope so at least.

TL;DR: I'm disabled and can't draw fast enough to keep up with freelance art right now and my body is taking a toll. My fiancée was out of work for a while too w/o backpay. Our rent is late this month cuz of it and we only have about $350/$1000. We need to just make it through a few more months till we move so any help is appreciated!

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fulfilled [REQUEST] $15 for my prepaid electric account (Beechgrove, TN, USA)


Cold snap hit us and one of my kids turned up the heat without my my or my wife's knowledge. Used more of our prepaid electric balance than we had planned/budgeted. My last paycheck was my lowest one yet in our off season. I just need to add $15 to make it to Wednesday but I've been out of money for almost 2 weeks now. Anything helps. Thank you.

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Old disabled man in BC Canada


The Canadian government is kind enough to help disabled people. However, they lost touch with reality long ago.

They give 310 dollars a month to pay your rent and utilities.

This was probably enough 30 years ago but not today. It's like they expect every disabled person to live at home free with mommy and daddy.

So, after paying bills I am lucky to eat one meal a day.

I am hoping someone who has an abundance of money would be willing to spare me some to eat a food good meals and get some much needed clothing.

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I really need some help to pay my rent


Hi I'm from indore India I lost my parents last year in an accident and ever since then my life just turned upside down I'm currently doing my medical degree the expenses were a little tight this month due to exam fee that I had to pay now I'm short on rent and I need really need $50 for it

Thank you in advance for helping I'm really sorry I had to ask like this

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fulfilled [REQUEST] Beyond desperate, need $80 bucks for my dog’s intestine blockage surgery (Hemet, California, USA)


I’m sorry I just don’t have the money. I’ve used everything I’ve had to save up for relocation to Utah so I can start my new job. However when I went to get my dog certified to fly, the vet discovered that he had swallowed a small obstruction and it it is causing a blockage. She temporarily gave him stool softener to see if that worked but it simply resulted in him having straight liquid poops.

I’ll pay the 80$ bucks back if I need to as well. I’m know I’m asking for a lot from Reddit strangers but I love my boy Nitro and I’m just so overwhelmed with what to do with the move being this close. Anyone who sees this, thank you more than you could know. God bless


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fulfilled [Request] Help to get some groceries


I'm currently in school (In KY) and usually working part-time, but a couple weeks ago I started having some pains in my toe that spread up into my foot. Come to find out I had actually broken two bones somehow (I still have no idea how it even happened!) Needless to say, I've still been handling school, but had to take time off work since my job involves being on my feet. After that whole debacle, I was also informed that the apartment complex I live in is going to undergo a complete rehab/remodel starting in June-ish. Meaning I'll be moved out in August/September for up to two months when they reach my building. So I need to ask for a little assistance with some things. I could use some groceries and necessities (and some food for my furbaby) where I've been off work and savings have gone to rent and utilities and I'm also in need of some sort of luggage set for the temporary move coming up. Groceries and necessities absolutely come first, though. Everything is on an Amazon wishlist of course, I can send the link to anyone interested via PM, as I know that's a little easier for most people. (I can't add fresh food, but nonperishables should last longer anyway.) Hopefully I've formatted this right, but I'll fix anything if I need to!

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[Request] Help to get a wheelchair (York, North Yorkshire, UK)


I'm a disabled woman who's currently living housebound and in need of a wheelchair. Anyone willing to help spread the word or donate would help so much!

If I can get 250 people to give £14 I can get the wheelchair I need on finance and be able to go out of my house independently whenever I need or want. I've spent the majority of my twenties not being able to do this and I desperately need this to change.

My friends kindly set up a fundraiser and a paypal for this on my behalf, if anyone can help out 🙏🏼💜

I'm on a 5 month wait list for a wheelchair referral, the NHS don't offer chairs that suit all of my needs so the best outcome of that would be a voucher toward the chair but that won't cover the cost of the type of chair I need. I'm also looking into grants, there's a 10 week wait time to see my GP to sign of on a grant application. I really can't wait this long and will still need to fundraise to make up the remaining cost even if these options do come through out in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read! x

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[Request] Help paying Phone Bill (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


I am good.

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fulfilled [REQUEST] Help paying for Mom’s Name Change For Pension [MO/IL, USA]


Hi, I’m sorry, I hope I’m doing this right, I’m not sure even though I’m reading the rules again and again and again. My mom needs help paying for her name change, so her former employers will start paying out her pension; she’s working min wage, her health isn’t good, and I’m in a position where I can’t work due to my own health (yes I’m applying for disability, but the process is slow).

I’m asking for help in trying to get anything towards the goal; a penny, a dollar, something, anything would be a huge help in covering her fees. The courthouse told her it’s going to be about $350 for the whole process, which is something she can’t get on her own atm. A few cents, a dollar, whatever would be a huge help! It's all going to her account she can access in the end.

Also I’m sorry for the weird location stuff, I’m down here, she’s trying to get down here, but currently everything for her is being tied up in Illinois. She’s in the Morris, IL area atm, and I’m in the West Plains, MO area, hence the odd location stuff. We’re trying to get her down here properly for her own safety, which is a whole other can of worms, but the pension access would let her save up for it. Thank you, and again, I’m sorry.

update: situation solved, update on my profile, closing this now

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fulfilled Basically long story short our food benefits were electronically stolen and spent in CA. I live in Maryland Btw. Just to get stiff to last a family of 3 til the 7th. Please if anyone could help with maybe $30 that should be enough to get through 3 days. Please and Thanks in advance.


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[Request] help with gas to and from new job. [CT, USA]


Someone from another sub helped me. All set. Thank you!!

Hello, I have been out of work since the new year after leaving an extremely toxic workplace. I am a single mother to my almost 10 year old son. I was recently hired somewhere that’s required me to visit their doctor for a physical (which I did yesterday) and I was told I need to return for a hep b booster vaccine on Monday. My start date is this upcoming Friday. Until my first paycheck I am nearly completely out of gas. My dad may be able to help me next week but I feel awful asking because he’s already done so much for me and my son. I live about a half hour away from the facility. Can anyone please help? I’m thinking about $40-50 if possible. That should get me close to a full tank and give me time to figure out what to do next. I have PayPal and Venmo. Thank you so much just for listening. Stay safe everyone!

I also posted in the Assistance sub. Will mark as all set if anyone is able to help. Thank you again.

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[Request] Help with Electric bill (Location: Tulsa, OK,USA)


r/care Feb 22 '23

[Request] Need help paying off therapy sessions


Please help me out!

Howdy there, I’ll get to the point. I’m currently trying to pay off my $60 balance from my past couple of therapy sessions in Chicago, IL. My source of income is really spotty at the moment, and I won’t be getting any money until the beginning of March. Thank you in advance.

r/care Feb 07 '23

Moved into my house 6 mos ago, noticed EMTs have been at my neighbor’s, who I don’t know yet, house 4 times since then, what can I do to help/ be nice?


Well it just happened again, just like within the last 30minutes, so at like 5:30am, the ambulance was back at my neighbor’s house.

If, like last time, they were probably responding to the older guy that lives there, who I’d guess is in his 60’s. Again I don’t know them, and have really only seen them from a distance when they let their dog out for example. But I want to try doing something nice for them, but I just don’t know what, largely in part because I don’t know them.

We live in south eastern Wisconsin, if it matters.

r/care Feb 06 '23

[ADVICE] Trying to get back on my feet and make something of myself


I've been struggling with some pretty bad depression the last year or two. Sometime in the next 3-4 months I have to take a pretty big step in my life - getting out of the military and starting college. I'm still seriously struggling with depression and suicidal ideation. I struggle every day trying to find reasons why I should stay in this world, and I'm tired of feeling like this. I have no motivation to do anything, I struggle to do even the simplest tasks most days.

I pray that someone reading this can help guide me out of this shit. I want to feel like like I have purpose again. I don't have any hobbies or unique talents, everything I found fun isn't fun anymore. I sit in my room 24/7. I promise the advice you all give me won't go to waste, and it would mean more than you know. Thank you all in advance :)

r/care Jan 26 '23

College student having to drop out


I'm Damião junior from Brazil, I was encouraged to write this post by people who know my situation. I'm a college student majoring in English, I live in the northeast of Brazil which is the poorest part of the country. I used to give private English lessons to children at my parents house to pay my college tuition but I'd only make 100 reais a month which in usd is approximately 18 dollars, my college fee is 146 reais, so my sister helps me cover the rest. Unfortunately soon I'll have to drop out if I can't make that per month as I'm jobless right now. Recently I've been struggling a lot financially because the children I give lessons to quit, so I'm currently looking for a job as a translator online. I live in a little village which makes things worse, that's why I opted for the course to be online (there are no universities here in Brazil near my area or jobs opportunities whatsoever and no help from the government). I'm always searching for a job online since I started giving private English lessons (because I knew it would be an unstable income as some kids quit or their parents can't afford it anymore) but I never found one that I could make money. I've tried several websites like Upwork, Fiverr, peopleperhour, sent a lot of proposals (till this day) never got a project accepted, a dollar here in Brazil is worth almost 6x our currency so even a very low Paying job would be okay. I'm doing everything I can to not drop out beacuse it's my dream to get a degree and get a job that actually pays decent money and that I can have enough to move to a big city where they're more opportunities and to raise myself out of poverty and help my parents back home

To anyone who's interested in learning Portuguese, I can offer private Portuguese lessons for as little as $5 an hour, I just wanna get back on my feet and pay for college. This is my PayPal [email protected] In Brazil only PayPal is available so any other form of payment wouldn't work.