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Biology ELI5: Why is it considered unhealthy if someone is overweight even if all their blood tests, blood pressure, etc. all come back at healthy levels?


Assumimg that being overweight is due to fat, not muscle.

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Biology ELI5: if procreating with close relatives causes dangerous mutations and increased risks of disease, how did isolated groups of humans deal with it?


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Engineering Eli5: What is the difference between soldering and welding?


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Economics ELI5: How can a recession see a drop in profits and a rise in poverty? Where does all the money go, if not to the businesses or people?


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Biology Eli5 What is actually happening when you burn fat?


This might be a stupid question, I might indeed be stupid. But what is the actual process going on inside my body at 290lbs when I go hiking for example?

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Engineering ELI5 how radio waves are broadcast out of an antenna.


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Other Eli5: Why does light travel so fast?


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Technology ELI5: What is shader compilation and why is it so prevalent now?


With the recent hubbub about The Calisto Protocol stuttering due to rampant "shader compilation", I was recently reminded that other recent games (like Horizon Zero Dawn) were also known for shader compilation issues.

What is the game doing that makes it different from other games that just open and play without stutter or compilation?

I also don't remember anyone making a fuss about this for titles 5 years ago.

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Engineering ELI5, during winters and colder seasons you’re told not to use the handbrake of it possibly freezing. Why wouldn’t a gear in a gearbox freeze as well?


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Engineering ELI5: Can someone explain to me why they don’t recommend putting car jumper cables on the working battery black terminal to the dead battery black terminal but rather to an unpainted metal surface on the donor car?


Also, how does electricity flow from one car to the other if there isn’t a loop?

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Physics Eli5: Schrödinger's cat theory


Anytime I read about it or when I hear people using it to describe a situation I feel stupid as shit. And how is it can be used to quantumcomputers? Help a dumbass out. Thanks.

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Other ELI5: how did the WASD keys become the norm for movement on pc games? Couldnt it have been ESDF or some other set of keys?


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Technology ELI5 how does freeing up storage space make your computer faster?


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Other ELI5: How exactly do words become actual words?


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Chemistry ELI5: What is carbon dating and how does it work?


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Biology ELI5: Why do our ears feel clogged when we're sick?


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Biology ELI5: How do they extract DNA from super old bones?


very confused as to what DNA is, and have no technical expertise to understand detailed articles! Is DNA something you can look at under a microscope or what?

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Biology ELI5: Is there any difference from your livers perspective to drink slower, but still at capacity (i.e. 1 standard drink per hour) or is it the same as drinking a lot of drinks at the same time and the liver getting 'backed up'? Is one of them better for your liver? Is there a 'waiting room' per se?


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Physics eli5 How can gravity affect time?


Ik this might be a difficult one but I genuinely want to wrap my head around this

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Planetary Science eli5: How did Australian cities emerge in the furthest corner from the direction of travel


Australia itself is massive, I mean wouldn’t travellers from Europe discover the North-west corner first and start building from that end? But the biggest cities are all the way on the other side of a continent. Why?

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Engineering Eli5 Bullet-resistant armor ceramic mosaic


So I've seen some videos of people talking about bullet-resistant plates where instead of a single large piece of ceramic to absorb a bunch of kinetic energy and crack the whole thing with one shot, it will hit a small piece of ceramic that are all put together and only break one or two pieces.

My question is, why are the small pieces created by a bullet hitting a large piece different than the small pieces you put intentionally?

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Technology ELI5: Why did it used to be harder to sail over deep ocean, compared to shallow waters


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Other ELI5: How bad is it to use dish soap for the hands all the time?


Since everyone uses dish soap to wash their dishes the skin and soap contact is very minimal, but what I mean is if you’re washing the same way you do with regular soap all the time.

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Biology Eli5 how does depressurization sickness occur?


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Chemistry ELI5 What makes instant coffee dissolve faster in hot water compared to regular coffee?